PVRPV has a longstanding commitment to giving back to this wonderful community we call home.

During the past 11 years, PVRPV has played a key role in Volunteerism such as Charity Bingo, DIF Food Drive, Puerto Vallarta first Flash Mob, first Bombero's calendar and again in 2014, Hook the Cure, Mardi Gras, Children of the dump, and the first ever Puerto Vallarta bowling league.

We have identified a large community of mostly women and children who actually live in and support themselves off of the Puerto Vallarta land fill or dump. They actually feed and clothe themselves from the dump. There are organizations that support them with food and clothing. However, we believe that to actually break the cycle of poverty education is a real priority.

PVRPV is helping by working with other local expatriate business and restaurants in PV to bring school supplies to them as well as sponsor several promising students to stay in school. As these folks are desperately poor, they cannot afford the supplies and costs of their education.

On your next visit to Puerto Vallarta please bring an extra suitcase of basic every day school supplies, toys, shoes etc. Talk to your friends, community groups or your faith based organization about the possibility of gathering these for your next trip to Vallarta. This is actually changing lives and families for generations to come; your assistance is sincerely appreciated. As the old saying goes; "It is better to teach a person to fish to care for themselves that to give them the fish." Author Unknown.

Sponsor a Child

In a world filled with so many people, how can one person make a difference? We have the answer.

It's another day, and in Puerto Vallarta, it's another chance to prove that you can make a difference.

If you'd like to come home with something more meaningful than your average souvenir, look no farther. Each Monday, we provide food for hundreds of people in local "colonias" as well as work with local civic organizations, like Rotary International, to provide sponsors or "becas" to area students. Sponsorships start at just $20USD monthly and provide tuition, books, supplies, transportation and uniforms.

If you have some extra time, ask us about different volunteer opportunities. Volunteers engage in various activities including teaching English, visiting and working with orphans, visiting hospitals and senior citizen homes, distributing food and school supplies to needy villages, and much more!

No special skills or foreign language is needed. It often takes so little to make a difference in someone else's life, and we completely understand.

Take the extra step. Show that you care.

Please contact Jorge Zambrano board member of the Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur or Andale's Restaurant on Olas Altas for more information. You may also contact Jorge at Andalejorge@hotmail.com.