Laundry Service

PVRPV is constantly on hand to provide personal attention and assist owners and guest with any and every request.

During the last past 13 years, due to many same day arrivals and departures of guests, laundry needed to be sent to a local laundry service for a lot of our managed properties and unfortunately, the service did not always meet our high standards.

Since January 2nd, 2015, PVRPV now has laundry services for the general public. Located at 212 Pino Suarez we are opened Monday to Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sunday. In addition, we also offer delivery service to clients who reside within the Emiliano Zapata area. Please contact our office for more information at 222 7011 / 222 0638 or send an email to Us.

The service includes:

  • options of having your laundry washed in hot, warm or cold water
  • capability of being able to wash comforters and large loads of towels with our industrial heavy duty machine
  • option of ironing with starch included or not
  • option to include bounce, liquid fabric softener or none
  • clothes are folded in a laundry bag or hanger option
  • washed clothes return the same day (exception holidays and Sundays)

Please make a stop by our PVRPV office and bring your laundry. It will be a great pleasure to assist you personally and making your stay more pleasurable!

For more information Contact Us!