Shopping in Puerto Vallarta is full of surprises and a reason, all by itself, to visit. You'll find everything from galleries to cigar shops. Even people who hate to shop find it hard to turn down the interesting artisan crafts and unique jewelry found in Puerto Vallarta. Whether you're negotiating the price of a handmade piece of art with a beach vendor, buying a new pair of cowboy boots on the Malecon or selecting the perfect piece of fine art that caught your eye during the famous evening art walks, you won't want to miss the unique stores and vendors in Vallarta. There's something for everyone and every budget!

Shopping Areas

There are several areas which offer a variety of shopping within a few blocks:

  • The Malecon: Actually some of the best shopping is on the streets just off the Malecon. Check out Corona, Morelos & Juarez streets for galleries and other stores.
  • Isla Río Cuale: A charming area of pedestrian walkways with lots of shade trees & beautiful restaurants. Vendors set up during the day here with interesting artwork and souvenirs.
  • Basilio Badillo: Starting at the corner of Insurgentes going towards the beach you'll find more galleries, unique one-of-kind stores and a curious assortment of everything! Be sure to venture of to the side streets and keep prowling. There are new stores opening all the time and bargain shoppers should be adventurous.
  • Olas Altas: Charming street with sidewalk cafes and some of Puerto Vallarta's finest jewelry and clothing stores, runs parallel to the beach starting at Cardenas Park.
  • Workshops & Factories: Relatively new in Vallarta is a growing number of stores where they make their products on site. Everything from blown glass to ceramic tiles.
  • Huichol Crafts: See Galería Pirámide on Basilio Badillo and Colección Huichol on the Malecon.
  • Blown Glass: Mundo de Cristal (World of Glass), corner of Insurgentes & Basilio Badillo.
  • Ceramic Tiles: Mundo de Azulejos (World of Ceramic Tiles).

Art Galleries

Art is a very important part of the culture and lifestyle in Puerto Vallarta. During the winter/high season there are regularly scheduled exhibitions complete with complimentary cocktails called "Art Walks". These events are usually every Wednesday evening from November to roughly May 1. Some of the more popular galleries in town are:

  • Galería Arte Latino América: Josefa Ortiz about 2 blocks up from the Malecon, 222-4406.
  • Galería Pacífico: On Aldama about one and a half blocks up from the Malecon, 222-1982.
  • Galería Uno: On the corner of Morelos & Corona streets, near the light house on the Malecon, 222-0908.

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