The coverages are provided for each insured person. It is important that you refer to the individual Sections of cover in these policy Terms and Conditions for full details of what you are entitled to do if should you need to make a claim. Click here for more information. The sum insured and the deductible applicable to any claim made will depend upon the Plan you have selected. Your policy schedule will show which Plan you have purchased as outlined in the table bellow:

Benefits and Insured amounts

Coverages Insured amounts
Trip Cancellation 1,000
Trip Abandonment 1,000
Emergency Medical Expenses due to accident in the Mexican Republic 10,000
Compensation for Accidental Death and Organ Loss scale "A" 100,000
Compensation for Total and Permanent Disability due to accident 100,000
Civil Responsibility in Travel 10,000
Bail Expenses 10,000
Legal Expenses Reimbursement 10,000

Accidental death coverage applies as reimbursement of funeral expenses due to accident for children under 12 years of age, the maximum amount to be compensated will be 60 UMAS per month (Unit of Measure and Update) according to the current value on the date of the loss.

Maximum covered stay 30 consecutive days. All rates are USD

The Civil Liability coverage covers the cost of repairs made by the contractor due to accidental damage during their stay to the property and / or rented contents, up to an insured sum of $ 5,000 USD. The following conditions apply:

  • Deductible $ 41 USD
  • It is handled via refund. The insured must be responsible for the repair and / or replacement of the damaged good.
  • The damage must be identified before checking out the property
  • Regarding replacement values, 10% will be deducted per year (or part of the same) from the date of purchase for depreciation. The maximum that can deducted is 80% of the replacement value.
  • The insured must provide photographs showing the damage caused together with a copy of the lease contract or proof of reservation and the invoice for the repair and / or purchase of the damaged property.

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