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Welcome to Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to Puerto VallartaPVRPV is gearing up for another high season, after a quiet, but very busy summer. As most of you are aware, the world's economic problems did not escape us here in Puerto Vallarta. In addition to keeping busy with our usual duties, PVRPV was also very much involved with a local food drive and local charity bingo to help feed families and raise money for those less fortunate living here in our beautiful paradise. We were also involved in an additional 3 weeks of bingo to help make our town even more beautiful. Please see below for more details.

We look forward to welcoming back all of our seasonal visitors and guests. Let us help with your plans by visiting us at In additional to your favorites, we have added many new properties to our website, with many more to come. We have even been upgrading our website, which will be online very soon!

New PVRPV Office Location

New PVRPV Office LocationIf you are already in town, you can now visit us at our new Los Muertos Beach location! Tim and Armando have moved to our newest location to help serve you better! It is located between the Blue Chairs and Blue Seas on Calle Malecon #166, right on Los Muertos Beach. Our Vonage line is 714-265-7507 and office is 322-222-6641. PVRPV Puerto Vallarta Rentals now proudly serving you from two Puerto Vallarta South side locations!

How do I choose my tour?

The first thing that you have to consider is that Puerto Vallarta is located in Banderas Bay, the 3rd largest bay in Mexico, and one of the world's largest bays. Please take note, that many locals will say it is the largest, possibly because it is very deep! And like many other places in the world, it offers spectacular scenery, a fantastic environment, plenty of activities, and overall, lots of fun and entertainment.

Sadly, sometimes you will have moments that you might not find what is the best for you; as I often say, "variety is always good", but not in a short time, that's why here in PV we have many companies offering similar tours around the area and sometimes instead of helping, makes things more difficult for you to choose the right tour, the one that it will fit your needs.

Here are some basic tips to follow to help you enjoy the best tour of your life.

How do I choose my tour?First of all, the Price shouldn't be your only guide: Remember that the most expensive may not always be the best. And the cheapest may well leave you frustrated. Make up to 3 inquiries to see an average price. Also in the price you should consider what is included, such as transportation, meals, drinks, equipment, etc.

Secondly, the Length of the tour or activity (the duration): Some tours might be "full day" or "half day" duration, but not because of the main activity, it will be for the long distance to get there and at the end you might be disappointed. Remember to see if during that time the company includes something else for you, like drinks, snacks, a guided tour, etc.

Thirdly, the Differences of the main activity itself: On Zip Lines, which one is the fastest, the longest, the one with more lines, etc. The location's amenities: is there a restaurant on-site? What other amenities does the location offer? Please keep in mind that there may not be a toilet every 30 minutes, but yes, expect a safe place to keep your stuff. If possible, take a look at some pictures of the equipment and of the location.

They are many other points to review and consider and that's the beauty of diversity. And remember "the best days are made with the person who is next to us to give us a hand during our journey and not at the place where we end".

Please contact PVRPV's Concierge department for any suggestions, inquires, tips and bookings via Skype or e-mail at


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Bingo for Beans and Babies – A Huge Success

Bingo for Beans and Babies – A Huge SuccessBingo for Beans and Babies sponsored by bite me! beach club, PVRPVPuerto Vallarta Rentals and Xocodiva, raised a total of $147,997 pesos for Pasitos de Luz, and the last party was a celebration of the generosity and commitment of so many loyal bingo fans. A big round of applause to everyone who attended, as well as to the many local businesses who pitched in to make this a success, donating both time and prizes.

Singer Kim Kuzma gave another truly terrific performance. Her amazing voice and charisma had the crowd on their feet dancing for most of the evening.

Puerto Vallarta Banderas Bay Food Drive

PVRPV has been involved since May in the local Puerto Vallarta Banderas Bay Food Drive. On Sept 4th, our last packaging party, over 60 people attended to help package over 1100 bags of food.

Food Drive Quick Facts:
  • Each bag weighed approximately 4.5 kg.
  • Approximate total of kilograms distributed: 17,050 kg.
  • Food bags were distributed to 3,789 families.
  • Each packaging party was attended by approximately 65 people. That is a total (throughout the summer) of 260 volunteers which equals 520 hands!
A huge thank you goes out to all those individuals and businesses that volunteered to make this a great success, during some very difficult economic times here in Puerto Vallarta.

PVRPV Blog – Now in English and Spanish
PVRPV Blog – Now in English and Spanish
Please visit our PVRPV Blog for all the latest news and community information, now in both English and Spanish! and for Español
Bingo for Bougainvilleas

Bingo for BougainvilleasXocodiva, bite me! beach club and PVRPVPuerto Vallarta Rentals, do it again. Just after having terminated their previous project – Carol Fast, Charlotte Semple, Grant Hunermund and Tim Longpre came together again to continue with three more weeks of bingo, this time to help enhance our already beautiful Puerto Vallarta. The project called "The City of the Bougainvilleas" is headed by Robert Price of Botanical Gardens and the city of Puerto Vallarta. Its goal is to plant 5,000 bougainvilleas bushes, amapas and spring flowers, from the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport to Mismaloya.

The bingo's were another huge success, raising $22,790 pesos, enough to purchase 1,424 plants for this extremely worthwhile cause.

New Customer Star Rating

PVRPV recently implemented an exciting new guest feedback survey that is sent to each guest, via email, upon checkout. Guests are asked to rate the property they rented and the services provided (e.g. property management, maid service, website, etc.) on a scale of 1 to 5. Guests are also able to leave comments that will eventually be included in the website listings.
New Customer Star Rating
We are very proud, thus far, of the ratings for our properties overall (over 4.5 out of 5) and the participation in these surveys by guests has been over 60%. We feel this new rating system has helped us and our homeowners immensely and we know it helps our guests make the best choice for their vacation.

Just another way we're improving every day at PVRPV!

New Website - New Look

New Website - New LookClients love our easy to use website. We understand your needs and now we're improving it! We will be rolling out a major upgrade to our website very soon!

New functionality will be added, including giving Owners more flexibility to update property profiles, Agents the ability to list their own reservations, and Clients to obtain their own user id and login credentials like mainstream travel sites such as Travelocity.

We will also be rolling out a Spanish version of our website for all our Spanish speaking Owners, Agents and Clients. Watch for that early in the New Year!

Staff Photo

Our staff recently assembled at one of our Owners units at Molino de Agua for a new staff photo.
Staff Photo

Spanish 101

Spanish 101Even if you're just here on vacation, knowing a few greetings will go a long way in making your stay that much more enjoyable. Please see a few commonly used phrases below.

  • Hello (informal) - Hola (OH-lah)
  • Good morning - Buenos días (BWAY-nohss DEE-ahss)
  • Good afternoon - Buenas tardes (BWAY-nahss TAR-dayss)
  • Good evening (when it's dark) - Buenas noches (BWAY-nahss NOH-chayss)
  • Good night - Buenas noches (BWAY-nas NOH-chayss)
  • How are you? (informal) - ¿Cómo estás? (KOH-moh ehss-TAHSS?)
  • How are you (formal) - ¿Cómo está usted? (KOH-mo ehss-TAH oo-stehd?)
  • Fine, thank you - Muy bien, gracias (mooey BYEHN, GRAH-syahss)
  • What is your name? (informal) - ¿Cómo te llamas? (KOH-moh tay YAH-mahss?)
  • What is your name? (formal) - ¿Cómo se llama usted? (KOH-mo say YAH-mah ooss-TAID?)
  • My name is ______ - Me llamo ______ (may YAH-moh _____ .)
  • Nice to meet you - Encantado/a (EHN-kahn-TAH-doh)

Tsunami Warning Towers

You may have noticed the new strange looking towers scattered around town, or even heard them while they were being tested this past summer.

They are Puerto Vallarta's latest addition to improve safety in town for both tourists and residents: Tsunami warning towers.

While very rare here in the Bay of Banderas, the towers will announce in both Spanish and English any warnings of possible tsunami activity.
Tsunami Warning Towers
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