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11th. International Symposium on FireworksAs we wind down another successful high season in Puerto Vallarta and prepare for the refreshing rains and the slower pace of the summer, we want to thank everyone who made this another very successful high season for PVRPV. We also want to remind you of the great events and benefits of the summer season like the upcoming International Fireworks Symposium coming April 20-24 and the Restaurant Festival May 15 to 31 with great fixed price gourmet dining. Don’t forget that most properties also offer greatly reduced rates for the summer months.

Safety in Mexico: One Journalist's View
By Linda Ellerbee

A great deal has been written and discussed regarding Mexico's crackdown on illegal narcotics and how the resulting violence has effected Puerto Vallarta. While Vallarta isn't without problems common to any town of its size (300,000 +), if you're wondering if Vallarta is still safe to visit for vacation, of course it is! US and Canada's news media have run wild with some of the news stories, the bulk of which effect the border areas with the US only. We recommend people use the same precautions here that they would anywhere in the world. If you're coming to Vallarta to buy or use illegal drugs, we'd recommend you stay home. If you want to have a great vacation in paradise, use the same common sense approach you would anywhere, and come join us!

But don't take our word for it. Here's a letter from one of our guests that we felt summed up how most of us feel about the situation now in Mexico: http://pvrpvblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/safety-in-mexico-one-clients-view.html

New Featured Properties

The following new properties are now part of our "Featured Property" program. Check them out! We have the most beautiful vacation properties in all of Mexico at PVRPV!

New Customer Star Rating

PVRPV recently implemented an exciting new guest feedback survey that is sent to each guest, via email, upon checkout. Guests are asked to rate the property they rented and the services provided (e.g. property management, maid service, website, etc.) on a scale of 1 to 5. Guests are also able to leave comments that will eventually be included in the website listings.
New Customer Star Rating
We are very proud, thus far, of the ratings for our properties overall (over 4.5 out of 5) and the participation in these surveys by guests has been over 60%. We feel this new rating system has helped us and our homeowners immensely and we know it helps our guests make the best choice for their vacation.

Just another way we're improving every day at PVRPV!

It just keeps getting better at PVRPV: New Website Coming Soon!

Coming SoonClients love our easy to use website. We understand. And now we're improving it! Here are a few of the new features you'll see rolled out in the next few weeks that we're very excited about.

  • Client profiles with unique username sign-in so we can easily keep track of your preferences and history.
  • Special "Discounts" section with properties offering a discount of 20% or more.
  • Advanced search functionality so you can search by price and/or more than one area of town at a time.

Picture Perfect!

It's time to vote. We've put all the photos you submitted on our blog and you'll find a poll on the right panel where we'd like you to vote for your favorite. The winning photos will be used in the upcoming PVRPV calendar. Vote here: http://pvrpvblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/pvrpv-photo-contest.html
PVRPV has sharp new polo-style uniform shirts

New Staff UniformsSo you can easily identify our staff while you're in town, PVRPV has changed our staff uniforms to the attractive blue polo.

So many of our guests love to wear our white PVRPV shirts while on vacation that it became a little confusing to identify us. So, keep wearing your shirts! We have a new one for the staff.

UPDATE: PVRPV's English/Spanish Classes

English ClassesWOW! 13,000 plus pesos were raised through donations from the students who attended the English classes offered upstairs at PVRPV during the high season. Volunteer teachers were George, Monique, Don, Pat, Marty, Patricia, Robert, Mark and Morene. Thank you all for a job well done.

In addition, 5,000 plus pesos were raised from the Spanish class donations. Special thanks to Adriana, the volunteer Spanish class teacher.

All classes ended March 31 and will start up again in the fall. Watch our PVRPV Blog for announcements.

Donations from our Owners and Guests are pouring in!

DonationsThe donations from guests and homeowners have been fantastic at our new location so keep them coming! Escuela Primaria Lázaro Cárdenas del Río will benefit from all the generous donations you've been bringing in. They are just down the street from our offices and many of the children have become our friends as we see them in our neighborhood.

Thank you for your generosity to the community we all love.

Spanish 101

Spanish 101Even if you're just here on vacation, knowing the days of the week and the months of the year will help you not to miss important appointments with friends or that whale watching tour. We've also included a couple of commonly used phrases.

Days of the Week- Días de la semana
  • Monday - Lunes
  • Tuesday - Martes
  • Wednesday - Miércoles
  • Thursday - Jueves
  • Friday - Viernes
  • Saturday - Sábado
  • Sunday - Domingo
Months of the year - Meses del Año
  • January - Enero
  • February - Febrero
  • March - Marzo
  • April - Abril
  • May - Mayo
  • June - Junio
  • July - Julio
  • August - Agosto
  • September - Septiembre
  • October - Octubre
  • November - Noviembre
  • December - Diciembre
Here is an example of a brief conversation using the days of the week and the months of the year:
  • What is on television on Monday? - ¿Qué hay en la televión los Lunes?
  • In April, on Monday and Wednesday you can watch American Idol. By the way, May 14th you are invited to a party. - En Abril, Lunes y el Miércoles puedes mirar American Idol. Por cierto, el 14 de Mayo estas invitada a una fiesta.
  • But your birthday is October 18. - Pero tu cumpleaños es el 18 de Octubre.
  • Yes, my birthday is on Sunday. The party however is for my wedding anniversary which is Thursday May 14. Is your, birthday in June? - Sí, mi cumpleaños será en Domingo, pero la fiesta es por mi aniversario de bodas, es el Jueves 14 de mayo. ¿Tú, cumples años en Junio?
  • No, my birthday is in January not June. - No, mi cumpleaños es en Enero no en Junio.
  • Oops, it is true, what day is it? - Oops si es cierto, ¿en qué día cae?
  • It is Friday - Es Viernes
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