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Beach CoupleAs the lazy days of summer approach in Puerto Vallarta, we look forward to quieter times and a more relaxed atmosphere. It is our time to enjoy Vallarta and all it has to offer.

Puerto Vallarta is a unique destination as there are tourists here all year round enjoying paradise. Most tours and activities are still running in the summer so there is no lack of things to do. The ocean warms making a dip in the water pleasant and a day at the beach is relaxing and fun.

On May 31, 1918, Puerto Vallarta became a municipality and on the same day in 1968, Vallarta was officially promoted from town to city. Outdoor art displays and cultural festivals abound as Vallartans celebrate these important events.

If your budget is a concern, traveling to Vallarta in the summer is the perfect option as many airlines and homeowners offer great rates to summer travelers. Check our listings for all the terrific specials our homeowners offer.

Make Puerto Vallarta your summer destination.

Philanthropy Continues

Kiwanis ClubOn Saturday, April 5th, the Kiwanis Club of Puerto Vallarta, together with many local businesses --- PVRPV among them --- hosted a fun day at REFUGIO INFANTIL SANTA ESPARANZA, A.C.   The fun-filled day featured games, crafts and a huge feast enjoyed by everyone. Smiles were on every face, both kids and volunteers alike. The event was a huge success and we at PVRPV were privileged to play our part.

R.I.S.E. is a not for profit organization offering shelter to homeless children under the age of 14. They offer a safe and loving place to these wonderful children who have no other options.

While the Kiwanis Day was important there are always things needed for the welfare of these charming and deserving children. Below is a list of items that could greatly benefit their lives at the orphanage. Feel free to bring items to our office and we will make sure they go directly to the children.

  • Bath Tissue
  • Diapers - all sizes
  • Baby wipes
  • Q-Tips
  • Laundry detergent, LIQUID
  • Dish soap
  • Bleach
  • Pine Sol Cleaner
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo/Lice Shampoo + Conditioners
  • Mops & Push Brooms
  • Plastic Kitchen Dishes - Small glasses, dinner plates, Tupperware, small utensils
  • Enfamil - Powdered food (NAN) for babies (Soy products too - some babies are allergic to dairy)
  • White socks, all sizes
  • Bath Towels

Beating The Heat

Beating the HeatAs the temperatures in Puerto Vallarta rise you may want to explore the many towns close to our friendly shores. Let Vallarta be home base as you discover the mountain town of the Sierra Madres and while basking in cooler temps. The former silver mining towns of Mascota and San Sabastian offer history, beautiful vistas, charming shops and restaurants. Outside of Guadalajara is Ajijic on Lake Chapala. It is said to have one of the best climates in the world for year round living. While there you might consider a night or two at the beautiful new Bed & Breakfast Casa de Las Flores owned and operated by two former Vallarta residents, Steve Cross and Fernando Gomez. Casa de La Flores offers privacy, comfort and beautiful gardens.

Visit their website

Acqua Day Spa & Gym

Acqua Day Spa & GymWorking out is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind and we at PVRPV have yet again secured you great discounts to the best gym in Vallarta. Exclusively for PVRPV customers Acqua Day Spa & Gym is offering fabulous deals on all their facilities and services. Do yourself a favor and get fit. Its fun and feels great.

Contact the Concierge Department for more information at

Tourists Helping Animals

Tourists Helping AnimalsAyuda a Los Animales, a non-profit organization, is part of the PEACE charity association. They are gearing up for another season of spay and neuter clinics, and there's an easy way for you to lend a paw if you are planning a trip to the Bay of Banderas.

High-volume spay and neuter clinics use an immense amount of supplies, everything from surgical gloves to stethoscopes and operating tables to hair clippers.

Over the last five years Ayuda a Los Animals has saved millions, yes, millions of unwanted cats and dogs from being born through their aggressive campaign in Nayarit.

Tourists Helping Animals"We've grown so much in Nayarit and have been looking for the right people to work with in Jalisco for a long time," says Molly Fisher, PEACE Director, "So we're really excited about more spay and neuter clinics happening there."

To start a Jalisco, high-volume spay and neuter campaign all the supplies for a mobile animal surgical hospital are needed. And a great way to assist is to bring down a new or used pet crate. Small, medium and large sizes are needed. These can be filled with old sheets or comforters, and old towels. Flea and tick collars, water and food dishes, plus new and/or used collars for dogs and cats, plus leashes and slip leads are needed.

Once the crate is full, tape it up and check it as a piece of luggage. Include a duffel bag for items to take home. This is a super easy way to help in the humane efforts of animal population control in the Bay of Banderas.

For a complete list of the pet supplies needed to make the Ayuda a los Animales M*A*S*H* (Mobile ANIMAL Surgical Hospital) unit possible in Jalisco, click HERE.

To watch the video for this story, check out the November 2007 edition of Banderas Beat

If you will be staying in Jalisco, email me, Laura, at or if you are staying Nayarit, email Molly at for a pick-up.

Spanish 101

The 5 W's

  • Who = ¿Quién?
    - Who is it? = ¿Quién es?

  • What = ¿Qué?
    - What do you want to drink? = ¿Qué quieres beber?
    - What's that? = ¿Qué es eso?

  • Where = ¿Dónde?
    - Where is the cathedral? = ¿Dónde está la catedral?
    - Can you show me where it is on a map? = ¿Puede enseñarme en el mapa dónde está?

  • When = ¿Cuándo?
    - When we get back? = ¿Cuándo regresamos?
    - When is the bus? = ¿Cuándo es el camion?

  • Why = ¿Por qué?
    - Why not? = ¿Por qué no?


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