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BeachSummer in Vallarta is a very special time for us expats. It's the time of year we get to relax, spend time with our friends and enjoy Vallarta. The storms this summer have been spectacular, the lightening shows incredible and once again everything in green. September is also an important month here in Mexico as the 15th is Día de la Independencia. (Independence Day). This is the day Mexico gained independence from Spain. The day is marked by many parades and celebrations and culminates with the mayor's speech and grand fireworks display on the Malecón. The event is called El Grito (The Scream) and is the largest and most important fiesta of the year. Thousands of people jam the Malecón shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. Mexicans and foreigners alike wave flags, celebrate the freedom and the country of Mexico and its unique culture.

As the temperatures plummets up north, things in Vallarta are heating up. October is "snowbird" month and we  welcome back the many tourists from the cold north as they make their annual trek back to paradise to avoid the chills of old man winter. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Many are here all season and it is great to see familiar faces returning year after year.  PVRPV helps many snowbirds with Extended Stay Rentals and we can help you too with your planning!

RentalsWhether coming to Vallarta for a week, a month or more we welcome you with open arms.  If this is your first time in Vallarta a big HOLA to you. Very soon you will realize what all the hype is about and before you even return home you will be planning your next trip to Puerto Vallarta... everyone's paradise.

Let us help you plan your return trip. Visit today and browse the hundreds of condos, houses and villas we have to offer. Here you can view pictures, amenities, maps and prices for every type of accommodation in every location of Vallarta. Our trained professional rental coordinators can match the perfect property to your specific needs and ensure your time in Puerto Vallarta is enjoyable and memorable. Don't wait too long as many customers book their accommodations many, many months in advance!

While in Vallarta

Art WalkPuerto Vallarta is the largest art colony in Mexico and has many galleries glorifying the skills and creative visions of the incredible artists that call Vallarta home. On Wednesday October 24th. The Old Town Art Walk commences once again. This has become a yearly event and is a great way to spend the evening enjoying the many galleries and works or art offered by the copious and diverse Vallartan artists. Maps are available at participating galleries and printed weekly in Bay Vallarta and The Vallarta Tribune. 15 Galleries are open to the public every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm until May 2008 and in some cases you can meet the artists themselves. What a marvelous way to enjoy an evening stroll. Free for everyone.

PVRPV Expands

Sayulita OfficeIn a continuing effort to be the best rental company in the Bay of Banderas, we are pleased to announce the success of our branch office in Sayulita. Headed by Neil Harris, a former Torontonian, Neil has been working very hard adding many properties to our growing inventory list. If a quieter, laid back vacation is for you, maybe the smaller towns north of Puerto Vallarta are the answer. Neil can be reached at and will get you the best accommodations to suit your needs. If you are planning a wedding or a business meeting contact Neil, he has some great Villa rentals to the north.

Myths Dispelled (don't trust the media)

Hurricanes: Vallarta rarely, if ever, is adversely affected by hurricanes. The last time we saw a bit of a hurricane was Kenna back in 2001. Before that it was 1950. While there was some minimal damage and flooding from Kenna, Vallarta remained open for business. The Bay of Banderas is a natural barrier for us and deflects most of the hurricane activity on the Pacific coast.

Crime: Puerto Vallarta is the safest city in all of Mexico. When the media refers to crime in Mexico, please remember that this is a big country with 31 states. A crime in Mexico city does not affect us in Puerto Vallarta. The media would have you believe otherwise. That would be similar to saying don't go to San Francisco because the crime rate in New York City is higher this year.

Water: Puerto Vallarta's water is the cleanest in all of Mexico. We have won awards 5 years in a row for our clean water system. While the pipes to our hotels, bars and restaurants are not guaranteed, all of them use purified water and ice cubes in their preparations. So please, do not worry about that tall frosty frozen margarita making you sick.

Shopping Services

Shopping ServicesOkay, so you have just purchased a home in Vallarta. Congratulations. But now it is time to refurnish, upgrade appliances and decorate. Do you know where to go? Can you arrange the purchase and delivery in Spanish? If you answered no, then a personal shopper may be the way to go.

Brischa Borchgrevink is a former Norwegian now living in Vallarta. She has spent many hours renovating and building her home here and investigating the best deals one can get in Vallarta. As a trained decorator Brischa can consult on décor and secure everything needed to make your house a home. She can save you many hours and dollars sharing her knowledge and if language is a barrier for you she is fluent in Spanish.

Contact Brischa and see how she can help with this arduous process.

Brischa Professional Shopper
Contact information: Brischa Borchgrevink
Cell: 044 322 117 4519

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customers

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customersAfter a hiatus to cooler waters up north, the humpback whales return to the Bay of Banderas at the beginning of November. There are many tours available for viewing the whales. It is always wise to embark with a registered tour company as they have the whales' interests at heart. Consult with our concierge to book a reputable firm and enjoy these magnificent beasts as they frolic in the clear blue waters.

Two for one... you want to do a canopy tour and an ATV tour through the jungle but don't have the time? We have the solution. After touring the jungle on our well equipped ATV's you will be ready for the best zip lines Vallarta has to offer. At a height of 1000 feet and a speed of over 35 mph these zip lines are not for the faint of heart but are sure to get the adrenaline pumping in the most adventurous of daredevils. What a thrilling time you will have on the terrific tour. Contact our concierge for times and dates.

A day or evening cruise is the perfect way to spend time with friends, family and loved ones and PVRPV concierge services has a myriad of choices in store for you. Marvel at the beauty of Vallarta as seen from the water. Take a snorkeling cruise or a trip to the Marietas, our oceanic sanctuary. Perhaps dinner and cruising is more to your liking. May we suggest Rhythms of the Night, this romantic cruise takes you too Las Caletas for a wonderful dinner on this remote beach and a traditional Maya show in an outdoor candle lit theatre. Whatever you pleasure, concierge services at PVRPV and make it happen regardless of the size of your group.

For these and many other options and suggestions simply e-mail and add yet another level of enjoyment to your time in Puerto Vallarta.

Acqua Day Spa & Gym

Acqua Day Spa & GymWorking out is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind and we at PVRPV have yet again secured you great discounts to the best gym in Vallarta. Exclusively for PVRPV customers Acqua Day Spa & Gym is offering fabulous deals on all their facilities and services. Do yourself a favor and get fit. Its fun and feels great.

Contact the Concierge Department for more information at

Holiday Availabilities

Holiday AvailabilitiesWe still have properties available for Christmas and New Years. Click the links below and make your selection for these wonderful times of the year.

Christmas Rentals

New Years Rentals

Featured Properties

Casa dos Joyas
Casa Manana
Iguana #6
Sunset Dreams

PVRPV Continues to Grow, Thanks to You!

I knew the concept of PVRPV's business model had merit but I had no idea when I started this business in 2005 we would grow at this rate. More and more people are choosing to avoid the all inclusive resort-type accommodations and have their own place in our paradise.

We have heard you loud and clear. Take a look at the numbers and see for yourself. 

PVRPV Continues to Grow, Thanks to You!

I am incredibly grateful to our customers for coming back to PVRPV year after year. Without you we are nothing. I look forward to seeing you this winter and serving all of your vacation needs in the years to come.

If you want to read what others are saying, please visit

Fun Stuff

PVRPV announces our Bouncing Baby Contest Winners. Congratulations go out to the following people who won our contest.

Cheri Keefe from Washington had an accuracy rate of 64.28% matching baby photos with our employees. She has earned 20% off her next booking through PVRPV.

Michael Zuk from New Jersey guessed a whopping 71.42% correct matches. Michael is now enjoying 50% off his property management fees for October.

We hope you all enjoyed our contest and please stand by for more fun and games.

Spanish 101

Spanish 101With over 2,000 restaurants gracing the cobbled streets, Puerto Vallarta is much more then a beach destination. It is a veritable smorgasbord for the foodie in all of us. That being said, we thought learning some "Restaurant Speak" would be a good idea for you.

The menu = la carta
Table = la mesa
Plate = el plato
Fork = el tenedor,  for salad (tenedor para la ensalada), for fish (tenedor para el pescado), for dessert (tenedor para el postre)
Spoon = la cuchara
Knife = el cuchillo
Glass = vaso, glass of water (vaso de agua)
Stemmed Glass = copa, glass of wine (red or white)  copa de vino (tinto o blanco)
Cup = la taza
Fish = pescado
Chicken = pollo
Beef = res
Pork = cerdo
Vegetables = verduras
Potatoes = mashed (pure de papas), baked (papa horno), french fries (papas fritas or papas a la francesa)
Rice = arroz
Bread = el pan
Butter = la mantequilla
Waiter/waitress = señor/señorita or mesero/mesera

Here's our conversation

You: Buenas noches, mesa para cuatro personas, por favor. Good evening, table for 4 please.
Them: Si señor, claro. Yes sir, I understand.
Them: ¿Que quiere beber? What would you like to drink?
You: Tres copas de vino tinto de la casa y una limonada, gracias. 3 glasses of house red wine and a lemonade, thank you.
Them: ¿Que quieres comer? What would you like to eat?
You: Pollo a la plancha con salsa de ajo, verduras y papas fritas por favor. Grilled chicken with garlic sauce, veggies and french fries.
Them: Si señor. El pollo incluye elección de sopa o ensalada. The chicken comes with your choice of soup or salad.
You: ¿Que es la sopa del día? What is the soup of the day?
Them: La sopa del día es de cebolla. The soup of the day is onion.
You: Si por favor, me gusta la sopa de cebolla. Yes please, I like onion soup.


Them: Buen provecho. Bon appetite, enjoy your meal etc.
You: Gracias señor. Thank you sir (remember your manners) 
You: ¿Señor? Necesito otra copa de vino, por favor. Sir, I need another glass of wine please.  
Them: No hay problema señor. No problem sir.


Them: ¿Listo? or ¿Terminado? (Pointing to plate) finished? 
You: Si, gracias. Toda la comida estuvo muy buena. Yes thank you. All the food was very good.
Them: ¿Algo más? Something else?
You: No Gracias. Solamente la cuenta por favor. No thank you. Only the check please.    

Practice, practice, practice... Spanish can enrich your life and certainly your time here in Vallarta.                 

Philanthropy Continues

Philantropy ContinuesTim Longpré, our fearless leader, once again continues with his philanthropic work. When asked Tim says, "I like to give back to the community that has given to me. Puerto Vallarta's people have allowed me to live and prosper here and it is important to give back to those men, women and children who have made my time here amazing. That's really what it is all about, people helping people".

Philantropy ContinuesLast month Tim and staff visited Manos de Amor (Hands of Love) an orphanage in Bucerías and donated groceries ensuring the children would have healthy meals and one little boy, who is disabled, stole the hearts of everyone. He received a Toy Story figurine. "His strength can teach us all a lesson", remarked Tim.

Philantropy ContinuesFor more information about the orphanage and ways you can help visit Manos de Amor or speak with any PVRPV staff member.

And Finally...

BabyWe will soon be adding a new member to our PVRPV family. Our general manager Jamie and her husband Donny are pregnant with little Ava. We wish them well for a successful birth and healthy baby. We are still working out the details of Ava's job description and as soon as we do you will all be informed of her position. Congratulations Jamie and Donny.


The Back Log is Over!

Passports: The Back Log is Over!The U.S. State Department said Friday that its passport service is back to the usual six to eight week processing time.

Also, the Department of Homeland Security announced this week that as of midnight Sept. 30, it will end the temporary measure allowing air travelers to return to the U.S. with official proof of a passport application instead of an actual passport. Congress approved the new passport requirements in 2004.

The length of time required to get a passport with higher cost expedited service is currently no more than three weeks, the State Department said Friday.

Applications for new passports began to pile up earlier this year. The backlog was caused because the DHS in January required Americans returning by air from Canada, Mexico and Caribbean nations to carry passports. Added to that was the regular swell of applications as the summer travel season approached.

The delays of at least 12 weeks in processing applications and the uproar the backlog caused, prompted the DHS in early June to ease the rules for air travelers and postpone the requirements for Americans returning by land or sea.

State Department personnel were sent to passport offices around the country, and the agency installed high-capacity phone lines to help eliminate the backlog.

The State Department said it plans to expand passport offices and will continue to hire more specialists to speed up processing. By January 2008, the capacity for handling applications at the biggest facility, the National Passport Center in New Hampshire, will double.

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