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Summer SeasonThe summer season is upon us and with it comes slower more relaxed days. The beaches are less crowded and many restaurants, shops, tours and airlines offer wonderful deals to make your stay in Vallarta more enjoyable.

While days are sunny and bright and perfect for lounging on the beach, evenings are still cool and comfortable. With summer, come the incredible storms that are truly a site to behold. While it only rains for less then 2 hours a day the accompanying booming thunder and crackling lightening add excitement as the waters wash the city and green the mountains. Clouds roaming over the bay turn into bright magnificent color during sunsets.

At PVRPV we are constantly looking for ways for you to have a great time in our little spot of paradise we call Puerto Vallarta. We have contacted many of our owners and have secured amazing deals on all levels of accommodations. Have a look at our website and see for yourself the savings you can realize by coming to Puerto Vallarta during the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Here We Grow Again!

Carlos Santos
Property Management Maintenance
PVRPV - Puerto Vallarta

Roman Encinas
PVRPV - Puerto Vallarta

Christina O'Grady
Customer Services Agent
PVRPV - Sayulita

Sayulita is Up and Running...

Sayulita is Up and Running...Well as the rest of the area grinds to a slower pace for the summer season things are just starting to happen in the Sayulita office. As you all know we just signed a lease on brand new office space the beginning of April. We started with 18 properties on line and a one man staff. As of Monday, May 28th Christina O'Grady joins us, effectively doubling our staff.

Christina has extensive banking background in Canada, is highly organized and is a great people person. Christina is a welcome and needed addition as already our inventory of rentals has swollen to over 50 and growing daily. You can not miss us, just look to the left as you cross the small bridge entering downtown.

This little town of Sayulita is a buzz of activity, swarming with tourists, friendly and a great relaxing vacation. If you have not been north to this area yet, check it out... you will not be disappointed.

Sayulita, San Pancho, Bucerias... names on the rise, great beaches, real Mexican areas you should explore.

Cruising Banderas Bay!

The Newest Puerto Vallarta GAY Cruise!Cruising on the Bay of Banderas just doesn't get any better. PVRPV has it all from snorkeling on a private beach known as Las Caletas, discovered by John Houston to Los Arcos, Las Animas and Quimixto. Check out the bird sanctuary at Marietas Islands or go snorkeling and scuba diving in one of the rocky caverns. Discover Yelapa far to the south and go hiking to a gorgeous natural waterfall. For a relaxing, romantic evening on the water  take in an amazing sunset cruise and admire this beautiful little town of Puerto Vallarta nestled into the lush green mountainside. No matter what your taste we have something just for you.

RESERVE TODAY! (322) 222 0638 or cell phone at 322-139-0285.

By popular demand PVRPV now offers a fabulous Gay Cruise. Climb on board and enjoy an amazing day of sailing including continental breakfast, lunch, open bar, snorkeling in a secluded cove, dolphin and whale watching (in season). Reviews are already tooting that this is the best on the Bay so get a good night sleep and be ready to meet some great people and experience a terrific day that will leave you wanting to come back for more. All for only $70 USD

RESERVE TODAY! (322) 222 0638 or cell phone at 322-139-0285.

Gold's Gym

Gold's GymWorking out is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind and we at PVRPV have yet again secured you great discounts to the best gym in Vallarta. Exclusively for PVRPV customers Gold's Gym is offering fabulous deals on all their facilities and services. Do yourself a favor and get fit. Its fun and feels great.

Shopping Services

Okay, so you have just purchased a home in Vallarta. Congratulations. But now it is time to refurnish, upgrade appliances and decorate. Do you know where to go? Can you arrange the purchase and delivery in Spanish? If you answered no then a personal shopper may be the way to go.

Shopping ServicesBrischa Borchgrevink is a former Norwegian now living in Vallarta. She has spent many hours renovating and building her home here and investigating the best deals one can get in Vallarta. As a trained decorator Brischa can consult on decor and secure everything needed to make your house a home. She can save you many hours and dollars sharing her knowledge and if language is a barrier for you she is fluent in Spanish.

Contact Brischa and see how she can help with this arduous process.

Brischa Professional Shopper
Contact information: Brischa Borchgrevink
Cell: 044 322 117 4519

Visa/Master Card accepted

Visa and Mastercard is a Hit!!

PVRPV enjoys being the leading vacation rental company in Puerto Vallarta and prides itself at having the best and easiest to use reservation website in the industry. Visit to view our extensive list of properties, see pictures and virtual tours and book your vacation rental in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We are also the only vacation rental company in Vallarta that accepts VISA and Master card on our secure website making your payments hassle free. It's easy, it's secure, it's fast and it's online. It's PVRPV.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Is There a Doctor in the House?Getting sick while on vacation and trying to find a reliable health care professional can be difficult and scary. At PVRPV we want all of our clients to be healthy, happy and enjoy their vacation so we have partnered with INTERMEDICA to offer healthcare services to come to your vacation rental unit. Doctors are available 24/7, speak English and offer very reasonable rates.

The cost for a house call during the day is US $100.00 and during the evening $120.00 US dollars.

Intermedica Medical Group
Lucerna 148  Col. Versalles
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez L. MD
General Physician

For appointments call 293-1991
For Emergencies 24 hours 225- 5757
(This number will ring to his Cell number)

Note: Although the medical services offered in Vallarta are first rate and relatively inexpensive, it is still wise to purchase travel insurance before arriving. Discuss the various plans with your preferred provider. All providers offer 800 numbers as a form of contact but bear in mind that you can not dial foreign 800 numbers in Mexico. It is best to get a collect phone number for any necessary contact while you are here.


Passport and Identification

Passport and IdentificationAs of January 1 2007 all travelers to Mexico by any means, will be required to show their passport to the customs agent. Driver's licenses and or Birth Certificates will no longer be an acceptable form of identification to enter the country.

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customers

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customersYou have booked you vacation rental, arranged your flights and now you might be thinking, "I wonder what kind of tours there are in and around Vallarta?" This question is an easy one; simply contact Roger at He can arrange tours, book restaurant reservations, stock your fridge with the essentials for your arrival, have flowers waiting for you in your suite and advise you on the best places Vallarta has to offer. Get the inside scoop on the best clubs and nightlife. Learn where the locals go or find out about the best Margarita in town. Whatever service you want, Roger can arrange it for you. Just send him a note for all the details of the best of the best in Vallarta. Fees may apply for some services.

Fun Stuff

Passport and IdentificationPVRPV announces our Bouncing Baby Contest
Visit the contest page and match baby pictures with PVRPV employees. It's fun, it's cute and if you guess the most correctly you can win 20% off your next rental with PVRPV.

Spanish 101

Spanish 101Greetings are very important in Mexico; all people use them in everyday life. So here are the most popular ones you will need.

Buenos Dias - Similar to our Good Morning although the literal translation is Good Day. This greeting is use up until noon.

Buenas Tardes - Good Afternoon. Use this greeting from noon until 7pm.

Buenas Noches - Good evening or good night. Use after 7pm when meeting someone or leaving someone for the night.

¿Como esta? - How are you? Use when asking one person.

¿Como estan? - How are you? For use when asking two or more people

¿Como se llama? - What is your name? Literal translation is How are you called?

Me llamo (your name here)

Hasta luego - See you later

Now let's put a brief conversation together:

You: Buenos Dias
Them: Buenos Dias
You: ¿Como esta?
Them: Bien gracias. ¿Y usted? (good thank you and you?)
You: Bien Gracias. Me llamo John. ¿Como se llama?
Them: Mucho gusto John. Me llamo Paco. (Good meeting you John. My name is Paco)
You: Mucho gusto Paco. Buen Dia. Hasta luego. (Good meeting you Paco. Have a good day. See you later)
Them: Hasta luego

Also important is politeness.

Por Favor - Please
Gracias - Thank you
De Nada - Your welcome - literal translation is Of Nothing or Its nothing. Sometimes you will hear Por Nada which means for nothing.

Learning even a bit of the Spanish language can make your stay in Vallarta more enjoyable and when you at least try to speak Spanish no matter how minimal, you will gain the respect of the Mexican people.

New Featured Properties

Puerto Vallarta Office

Philanthropy Continues

Philanthropy ContinuesPVRPV, together with our wonderful customers Zarah Hofer and Greg Jonsen, once again aided a very worthwhile school. A note below explains:


Philanthropy ContinuesWith many thanks to you and your guests we raised over 20000 pesos for the Alfredo B. Bonfil school. Your guests that brought school supplies, back packs, and much more was so needed and appreciated by the kids, teachers and principal.

My friend that knows the principal said she was crying when she told her all that we had done for the school.

Keep up the good work, Together We Can!

With thanks, Debbi"

Staff Structure and Phone Numbers

Sayulita Office
(from Nuevo Vallarta north to San Pancho)

  • Local Sales Team: Direct your rental inquiries for assistance with our "On Location" Sales Team.
    • Neil Harris 322-120-6325
  • Our Concierge: To book your favorite tour, restaurant, private charter and assist you with your check in and check out.
    • Christina O'Grady 322-135-0698

Puerto Vallarta Office
(from Plaza Marina to Mismaloya)

  • Local Sales Team: Direct your rental inquiries for assistance with our "On Location" Sales Team.
    • María Dueñas 322-120-6301
    • Sandra Arbizu 322-120-6297
    • Eric Wichner 322-118-4989
  • Our Concierge: To book your favorite tour, restaurant, private charter and assist you with your check in and check out.
    • Valentín García 322-139-8368
    • Roman Encinas 322-108-9283
    • Roger Dubois 322-139-8365
      Concierge Manager
  • Property Management: To assist your needs with the property you have rented.
    • Alejandra Casas 322-139-8374
      Assistant Property Manager
    • Felipe Martínez 322-108-9277
      Assistant Property Manager
    • Alejandro Lamas 322-139-8366
      Assistant Property Manager
    • Carlos Santos 322-139-8373
    • Armando Sánchez 322-135-6680
      Property Manager
  • Finance: Inquiries into a reservation payment.
    • Ray López 322-222-0638
  • Administration: Inquiries, concerns.
    • Lee Fenner 322-120-6313
      Assistant General Manager
    • Jamie Chartrand 322-120-6355
      General Manager
    • Tim Longpré 322-135-6677
  • PVRPV Website: Concerns or suggestions.
    • Roberto García 322-222-0638
      Manager of Website Support
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