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Puerto Vallarta

What a great season it has been, thus far, in our little spot of paradise we call Puerto Vallarta. The weather continues to be warm and sunny. Days on the beach are highlighted with whale and dolphin sightings and evenings spent enjoying al fresco dining under starlit skies add romance and wonder. Vallarta continues to grow and a number of new and exciting restaurants, lounges and shops have opened to offer you everything you deserve to enjoy a memorable vacation in Mexico.

At PVRPV, we are very excited about our continued charitable work. From clothing and school supplies for ¨The Kids of the Dump¨ to guest hosting in a popular local restaurant, Banana Cantina, we have raised thousands of dollars to aid local charities. The last guest host evening was especially great as one of our home owners matched all monies raised.  We wish to publicly thank him for his generous donation. If you wish to help the many worth while charitable organizations here in Vallarta go to our web site and click on volunteer opportunities for details.

Are you a frequent traveler to Puerto Vallarta? While you are here drop into our office, say hello and enjoy a free bottle of cold water while we take a few moments to book your next trip. We have found that many of our customers are starting to book 8 months or more in advance to secure their favorite vacation rental unit. Currently we are procuring bookings into December 07 and January 08. So don’t delay as the town sells out quickly.

Here we grow again – Meet the new staff

In a continuing effort to better service our customers PVRPV is expanding with the addition of new staff members. Help us welcome them to our Team.

Jorge Mario Torres Chiquito- Property Management Maintenance – Jorge has joined our property management team as Mr. Fix it. Whatever the problem, large or small Jorge can fix it.

Lee Fenner – Assistant General Manager – Lee hails from Canada and comes to PVRPV with extensive organization skills to aide in the smooth operation of our company.

Ray Lopes – Accountant – The numbers guy… Ray ensures all monies are taken care of and payments made to our vendors and home owners.

Sandra Arbizu – Vacation and rental coordinator – Call Sandra to book your next vacation rental. Her knowledge of our properties and expertise with our system will make your next booking trouble free.

Neil Harris – Vacation and Rental coordinator – With many years experience in real estate, Neil is the perfect person to assist you with your rentals requires for properties out side of Puerto Vallarta. From Bucerias to San Pancho, Neil has the properties and knowledge to help you enjoy different areas to the north.

Luxury living

If you are traveling with a large group, hotels can be expensive and impersonal. Why not book a villa. Many villas offer multiple bedrooms, private pools, staff including cook, maids, chauffeur, and bartender and the ultimate in luxurious accommodations. When costs are divided between all guests, many of these exclusive properties are less then the average cost of a local hotel room. Some luxury villas can sleep up to 30 people making them perfect for a large group or corporate retreat. Treat yourself to the ultimate vacation and book a spectacular villa in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Click this link (Luxury Villas) to view the many villas PVRPV has to offer.

Sunset Sailing

There are many ways to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world. Pegaso Sunset Sail is very exclusive and is designed for those who would like to enjoy the beauty of Banderas Bay at the finest time of the day – Sunset. After leaving port, raise sails and experience the wonderful peace and tranquility of sailing.  Those who would like to help can take a turn at the wheel or help raise and set sails. They’ll even let you scrub the deck! Enjoy sightseeing along the shoreline of Puerto Vallarta while the Tour Guide shares stories and local information.  Keep an eye out for our resident dolphins who like to play in the bow waves of our boats or just relax and enjoy a tranquil time with someone special. 

The crew provides a variety of snacks and drinks throughout the evening and then we’ll pause for Sunset as nature shows off with an incredible show of lighSunset Sailingts and colors. Throughout the course of the evening experience the finest of Mexican Hospitality and Service that has become the trademark of Pegaso Chartering.

Normal cost:  $50 USD
Special offer for PVRPV guest $45 (4 people minimum).
Days: Wednesday – Puerto Vallarta (API Main Marina)
(Other departures available with a Minimum of 6) Meet Time: Wednesdays 5:15 pm.

Visa/Master Card accepted:

Visa and Mastercard is a Hit!!

PVRPV enjoys being the leading vacation rental company in Puerto Vallarta and prides itself at having to best and easiest to use reservation web site in the industry. Visit to view our extensive list of properties, see pictures and virtual tours, and book your vacation rental in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We are also the only vacation rental company in Vallarta that accepts VISA and Master Card on our secure web site making your payments hassle free.
It’s easy, it’s secure, it’s fast and it’s online.

Passports and Identification

Passports and IdentificationAs of January 1 2007 all travelers to Mexico by any means, will be required to show their passport to the customs agent. Driver’s licenses and the like will no longer be an acceptable form of identification to enter the country.

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customers

Five Star Concierge Services exclusively for PVRPV customersYou have booked you vacation rental, arranged your flights and now you might be thinking, ¨I wonder what kind of tours are in and around Vallarta? ¨. This solution is an easy one, simply contact Roger at He can arrange tours, book restaurant reservations, stock your fridge with the essentials for your arrival, have flowers waiting for you in your suite and advise you on the best places Vallarta has to offer. Get the inside scoop on the best clubs and nightlife. Learn where the locals go or find out about the best Margarita in town. Whatever the service Roger can arrange it for you. Just send him a note for all the details of the best of the best in Vallarta. Fees apply for some services.

Spanish 101

Spanish 101As we visit other countries many of us carry quick phrase books to aid us with our communications skills. Therefore, at the request of many of our customers our Spanish lessons are back. While no one expects you to be fluent in Spanish, Mexican people appreciate your efforts and the fact that you try out their language. (All lessons are derived from Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish written by Margarita Madrigal.)

Let us begin with the basics…

Pronunciation of the alphabet
A as in ah
E sounds like a long A think of mate or late
I is always a long E sound as in greet or beet
O is as written like in the word obey
U as heard in pool or cool as in bit or when between vowels it is the softest sounds possible. So soft that infact your lips barely touch.
C before A, O, U is hard as in can. Before E or I is soft as in cent
CC is pronounced as an X. Accion would be axion.
D as in do or when between vowels is a soft TH sounds think of the sound of the TH in THE
G before A, O, U is hard as in Get. Before E or I has an H sound General would be pronounced Heneral
H is always silent. Hotel sounds like otel
J sounds like H as in hen Orange Juice is Jugo de Naranjo or phonetically Hugo day NaranHo
LL is pronounced Y as in yes  Vallarta = Vayarta. Pollo (chicken) = Poyo
Ñ is pronounced NY. Señor (mister) would sound like senyor.
R and RR are trilled or rolled with the RR strongly trilled
Y sounds like Y as in yet. If it stands alone the Y sounds like EE as in beet. Y means and
Z is always an S sound like in son or sent
The rest of the letters are pronounced as we do in English.When dining out in the many great restaurants in Vallarta (Vayarta) instead of using the international symbol of air writing to indicate you want your check why not ask for it in Spanish.La cuenta por favor pronounced La cwAnta poor favoor The accounting please
If you need the facilities try
¿Donde es el baño? pronounced DoondA As Al Banyo? Where is the bathroom?

New Featured properties

PVRPV is constantly on the look out for new properties to offer our ever growing list of guests. Click on these links to see details on these wonderful new units renting exclusively with PVRPV:

Is there a doctor in the house...?

Getting sick while on vacation and trying to find a reliable heath care professional can be difficult and scary. At PVRPV we want all of our clients to be healthy, happy and enjoy their vacation so we have partnered with Intermedica to offer healthcare services to come to your vacation rental unit. Doctors are available 24/7, speak English and offer very reasonable rates.

The cost of the Service for house calls during the day is $100.00 US dollars and during the evening $120.00 US dollars.

Intermedica Medical Group
Address Lucerna 148  Col. Versalles Is there a doctor in the house...?
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

For appointments call 293-1991
For Emergencies 24 hours 225- 5757
(This number will ring to his Cell number)

Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez L. MD
General Physician

Note: Although the medical services offered in Vallarta are first rate and relatively inexpensive it is still wise to purchase travel insurance before arriving. Discuss the various plans with your preferred provider. All providers offer 800 numbers as a form of contact but bear in mind that you can not dial foreign 800 numbers in Mexico so it is best to get a collect phone number for any necessary contact while you are.

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