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Moments in Vallarta

Life here in Vallarta moves and breaths to its own style and rhythm. That rhythm is like nothing else in the world. Every one who comes here is somehow changed. In the quiet moments of everyday life back home, their minds gently drift back to Puerto Vallarta insistently calling. Something in the magic of its warm bright beaches and sunkist breezes brings forth wonder and a comfortable peace. The total ability to relax and just "be" is yours for life. Vallarta is a gift to humanity. Come experience paradise, experience Vallarta.

PVRPV NOW accepts Visa & Mastercard!


Beginning October 20 PVRPV is the only vacation rental company in Vallarta that now accept Credit Cards (MasterCard & Visa Only). We feel that from feedback from our customers that this is essential and the most convenient what to serve the needs of our Guests. We are excited and looking forward to providing greater service for you.

PVRPV Announces our new
Chat Feature for assistance

Help Center

PVRPV has created a live Chat Feature on our website so you can "chat directly" with one of our exclusive rental agents. This service will be available 10am - 6pm Central Standard Time.

Volunteer Opportunities at PVRPV

ChildPVRPV has a longstanding commitment to giving back into this wonderful community we call home. Several of our employees have participated in several non-profit opportunities for many years and as a company we have chosen to assist those on our midst who need support. We are doing several things that you may want to join us with.

We have identified a large community of mostly women and children who actually live in and support themselves off of the Puerto Vallarta land fill or dump. They actually feed and cloth themselves from the dump. There are organizations that support them with food and clothing. However, we believe that to actually break the cycle of poverty education is a real priority.

So we are doing your bit by working with other local expatriate business and restaurants in PV to bring school supplies to them as well as sponsor several promising students to stay in school. As these folks are desperately poor, they cannot afford the supplies and costs of their education. This is we where you and PVRPV come into action.

On your next visit to Puerto Vallarta please bring an extra suitcase of basic every day school supplies. Talk to your friends, community groups or your faith based organization about the possibility of gathering these for your next trip to Vallarta. This is changing lives and families for generations; your assistance is sincerely appreciated. Each Monday afternoon we head out to the area with some great food from area restaurants and our school supplies and spend just a few hours encouraging and working with many of the older children about school and its importance for the future.

For the low cost of $250 sponsorship per year you can keep a child in school. Most quit by the time they are 12-13 years old and go to work. This has been a rewarding and successful venture and we look forward to your kind assistance. Please call Mike at PVRPV at 206.388.3703 or mike@pvrpv.com for additional information.

PVRPV Concierge! To the Rescue!

PVRPV has also begun including additional concierge services for our Guests, including shopping, tours and information. It is important to us that we become a full service vacation rental agency. In addition to meeting each guest at their vacation condo and showing them all the features of your home, we want to go the extra mile for our guests, even if that means a trip to the pharmacy at 10pm on a Friday night. It is at this level of committed service that we see our guests returning to us and recommend their friends and associates to our service as well.

September belongs to México

Mexican Flag September was an awesome month here. The whole country explodes with Green, Red and White. September 15 is one of the largest holidays as Mexico celebrates it Independence from Spain . Every home, in every pueblo and city is decorated with all the colors of the Mexican national flag.

September belongs to Mexico . "Viva Mexico!" was the cry heard from coast to coast in every town, city and in every home, large or small. The Mexican nation celebrates their "Independencia" from Spanish rule with real gusto and genuine enthusiasm. There are three full days of parades, patriotic speeches, pageants, charreadas (rodeo like events) and more parties than is thought possible everywhere you look.

The celebration begins with the Day of the Charros. The charro or gentleman cowboy, has come to represent the ideal Mexican man. The charro is perfectly dressed in tight black charro swit with embroidered jacket, trimmed in silver. The charro is a brave patriot mounted on a proud stallion. Women charras also are dressed as impeccably as their male counterparts, displaying the unique costume fashioned after the men, though in long skirts, shawls and fine slippers. This is impressive as it is reminiscent to the Mexican vaqueros, this countries original cowboy.

Viva México!

The excitement concludes at 11:00pm on the last day with an emotional re-enactment of the "El Grito", "Viva Mexico!", which is the famous call for independence and revolution from the Father of Mexico, a priest named Father Miguel Hidalgo in 1810.

Father Hidalgo called for the end of slavery, insane taxation, and aggression and for that cry for freedom he was martyred a year later. The Spaniards beheaded him and three other compatriot leaders and then put their heads in baskets which hung in the town square of Guanajuato for ten years. To this day, the baskets remain as a reminder of the faithful sacrifices for ultimate freedom of this proud nation. One of his followers, Father José María Morelos y Pavón continued the work and independence was finally won in 1821.

Upcoming Celebrations!

October 12: Day of the Race (Día de la Raza)- The arrival of Christopher Columbus marks the joining of the Spanish and Native peoples bloods and the creation of the Mexican "race".

Día de los MuertosNovember 1-2: The Day of the Dead (Día De Los Muertos) are celebrated in special ceremonies nationwide. Basically, it is all about having a party in the cemetery. The celebration of the Day of the Dead started in Europe in the ninth century as was brought here by the Spaniards. Actually, it blended very well with the existing Aztec understanding of death and the spirit world. As we have learned, the result is the singular Mexican delicacy of Mole Sauce.

A week or so prior to the start of the Days of the Dead celebrations, vendors set up hundreds of stalls everywhere and begin selling a mirage of items like skeletons arranged and dressed to resemble all types of people and personalities. In addition, there is sugar skulls, coffins, tombs and what ever else the can make into grisly reminders of death. Each home will have an alter as an honor to their departed family and Día de los Muertosfriends. Breads, candies and cookies are baked and offered at the alter. November 1 the souls of the departed children descend to enjoy their treats, and then November 2 nd it is the adults turn to enjoy.

When you visit a home during the Days of the Dead, as a guest you must bring a small gift for the family alters: small candle, miniatures, liquor, food and flowers (especially Marigolds). None of these offerings will be eaten until the all of the deceased loved ones have had their chance to partake.

Website Update: Check this out!

  • Virtual tours on Featured Vacation Homes: Nearly
  • Search mechanism to find that perfect vacation home and location: Complete
  • Pet Friendly homes highlighted: Complete
  • Featuring homes for ease of access for our physically challenged Guests: Nearly
  • Adding pictures to your testimonials of the homes you enjoy and comment on: Nearly
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  • Links page to all the good stuff in PV and beyond: Complete
  • Changing the design and page layout of the site for your ease of use: Complete
  • Adding a current PV weather feature: Complete
  • We will begin to offer Gift Certificates for family and friends: Nearly
  • Even a Live Chat feature to assist you in your searches: Complete
  • We will also be able to offer Car Rentals, Tours-Boats, Canopy and other options: Nearly
  • "First Timer" Suggestions and Hints: Complete

  Your suggestions are taken very seriously, so let us know your thoughts and ideas!

New Agent Brought Aboard PVRPV Staff

PVRPV is pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Frank to our staff. Jeff comes to us with a wealth of customer service experience working and living in greater Southern California area, all of his life. He is an exclusive agent with PVRPV and its properties. Uniquely, Jeff has a genuine passion for Puerto Vallarta as a long time visitor for many years. However, as a vacation homeowner himself right here in Puerto Vallarta himself, he has a deep understanding of the unique needs of vacationers and first timer visitors to our little paradise of Vallarta. Welcome Jeff, we wish you all success. He can be reached at jeff@pvrpv.com.

Featured Properties

Casa De Las Brisas – Three Bedroom Penthouse

This beautiful luxury three bedroom vacation penthouse is now available in the "Playa Bonita" building right on Los Muertos Beach Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The penthouse has everything to make your vacation a phenomenal experience for you and yours. Accommodations include, a fully equipped kitchen, including stainless steel appliances, daily maid service who will also cook and serve you breakfast each day of your time here. Enjoy an incredible view of every sunset everyday. Enjoy a personal massage on the private rooftop patio with a romantic plunge pool. You are only a few steps to the private beach which is only used for the guests for this home. All the bars, restaurants, businesses, tours and art galleries are only minutes away. Whether for that awesome honeymoon experience or the vacation a lifetime this penthouse is Puerto Vallarta at its best. This is the friendliest place in Mexico.
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New Guest Comments!

Here are some recent comments from recent Guests this summer:

Condo – Casa San Jose, Playa Bonita

Casa San Jose, Playa Bonita "We had a wonderful time in PV, the people could not have been nicer. Tim and Mike were very attentive to our being comfortable and went out of their way to change our condo when there was construction on the condo above us, they moved us right away to help with the noise. The condo had not notified Tim that it was being done during our stay and he sure looked out for our comfort! Even though our pool was not useable during our visit, we were only steps away from the beautiful beach and next door to the Blue Chairs, the vacation was great and PVRPV was fantastic to us!"

Larry Green
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Hey Abuelita, What's cooking?"

October's Puerto Vallarta Recipe

Chipotle Vallarta Crab Cakes
Chipotle Vallarta Crab Cakes

What I love about these crab cakes is that the mixture itself does not have breadcrumbs in it and that they are baked instead of being fried. This gives them that chock full of crab quality without the added grease.


1 1/2 pounds of crabmeat cleaned of all shell and cartilage
1-2 cups of bread crumbs, seasoned bread crumbs if for coating
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/4 cup chopped fresh chives
1 red, yellow, or orange bell pepper seeded, ribbed and finely diced
1/4 cup spicy brown mustard
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 large egg, beaten to blend
2 teaspoons seasoning, such as Old Bay, Cajun spice mix, S/P and cayenne pepper

Combine crabmeat and all ingredients except for breadcrumbs. Form crab cakes to desired size, I like to use ring molds and fill one packing it in firmly. Gently press out of mold and coat with the breadcrumbs, and place on a Pam sprayed baking sheet. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours. Preheat oven to 375 F degrees, bake chilled crab cakes for about 15 - 20 minutes until golden. I have placed them directly in the oven after forming. And I freeze them after baking so I can reheat at an event. It is important to not make the mixture too wet or they will not hold their form. I like to serve them with a Chipotle Mayonnaise, caper sauce or remoulade.

This recipe comes to you from the kitchen of one of Vallarta's top private chefs and caterer. Marta Huante Robles creates wonderful moments and wonderful tastes. Her motto is: "Your beautiful home, my delicious good, one fabulous party!" You may reach Marta at esmartapv@yahoo.com. She is available for your private event or a simple romantic dinner for two.

Have a great month and we will see you again the first of November. Christmas availability is very nearly full, yet we do have some wonderful vacation homes still available.

We honor your trust by not ever selling or sharing your email address with anyone and are only used to communicate our email newsletter and other information solely for PVRPV. If you wish to be removed from this list, simple send us an email indication your desire to be removed from the list.

Enjoy the day and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Your Vacation Rental Team at PVRPV!

"Your PVRPV Spanish Lessons will resume in November"

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