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Tony Nominee Sharon McNight sings ‘Songs to Offend Almost Everyone’ at The Palm!

Follow us on: Share this on: // Tony Nominee Sharon McNight sings ‘Songs to Offend Almost Everyone’ at The Palm! Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Tony Nominee Sharon McNight begins her hilarious show “Songs to Offend Almost Everyone” at 10pm on Sunday, March 10 at The Palm Cabaret and Bar (508 Olas Altas, southside/zona romantica). Her show [...]

PVRPV Celebrates their 8th year in business , March 1st 2013, Puerto Vallarta

Follow us on: Share this on: // March 1st 2013 marks the 8th anniversary for PVRPV in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. These last 8 years has been quite a journey filled with hopes and dreams, and this anniversary would not of been possible had it not been for our wonderful staff, our clients, our collaborators and [...]

Homeowner Testimonials

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As a condo owner, I'm very pleased having Tim represent me. His office is conveniently located, his website is the best I've seen for rentals, and most importantly, he and his staff are friendly and available to all who walk through their doors.

Bill Holtz
Property Owner

Tim and Agustin are the best property managers I could find in Puerto Vallarta, very dependable and honest Tim and his team will always be there when you need him. Rick Taylor Property owner

Rick Taylor
Property Owner

I just recently purchased two beautiful condos in Puerto Vallarta. When I arrived in Puerto Vallarta for the purpose of furnishing the condos, I did not know who or where to go for all the help that I needed in order to accomplish this humongous task. In the beginning, I had some very unfortunate experiences with some individuals and was miraculously referred to Tim Longpre and PVRPV. After Tim & Mike spent hours with me hearing about all the problems I had encountered since I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, they offered me unbelievable assistance in helping to complete the task of setting up of my condos. When it came time for me to leave, there were still a number of projects that still needed to be completed in the condos and the staff of PVRPV, Tim, Agustine, Mike, Ely and Paulino have been priceless even invaluable in their efforts to help me complete these jobs. I have been so impressed by their knowledge of the different services and stores in Puerto Vallarta for condo owners. I really do not know how I would have made it without them and I am so thankful. I am also very impressed by their professional business approach to all aspects of managing and renting condos and I look very much forward to working with them both as my property and rental managers. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information or recommendations on PVRPV.

Linda Olvera
Property Owner

Since we are so new in the rental market in Puerto Vallarta, we had no idea which property management company to contact. As we interviewed many of the companies available in Puerto Vallarta, we had a very relaxed and safe feeling about PVRPV, especially when we talked to Tim Longpre. His knowledge and understanding of our needs help us to make the right decision. We are going to celebrate our first year of ownership and rental our condo and we cannot find any wrongdoing in the management of our property. Agustin Lara has gone out of his way to make sure our guests have a pleasant stay and they will book their next vacation at our condo soon. Tim has gathered a great group of colleges that have formed a very solid team effort. Thank you Tim for being the best you can be. And thanks to the Team Mario & John

Mario And John
Property Owner

Dearest Tim, Eli, and Agustin, Your knowledge,kindness,efforts, and hospitality are the most we've ever experienced in PV! We could not have completed all the things we wanted to get acomplished without your assitance. We look forward to doing business and your ongoing friendships. Anyone who asks for information about the best Puerto Vallarta properties,we feel very confident in referring you and your team, we know they will have the best experience! Thank you again!

Jeff Stanton & James Hutt
Property Owner

Tim, It was good to see you while I was in Puerto Vallarta for the holidays. Your new office space is very impressive. I'm sure you and your staff will be very comfortable there. It was especially nice to meet some of your employeess and say hello to the people I deal with over the e-mail and, sometimes,the phone. I know you are the top guy, but I also know your people that work for you are the ones that make you successful. You have a professional and friendly group of people working with you and it is a pleasure for me to deal with them. They do a fine job! Best wishes for a great new year! Rick Gooch

Rick Gooch
Property Owner

Tim, Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays to you and all the staff at PVRPV. I am very pleased with the service your company provides for my property. All the staff are always very helpful, both in the office and onsite. The individuals you employ are a pleasure to work with, and see at my property. The maid does an excellent job, the gardener is a great person, and the office staff are very responsive to any of my concerns. Thanks for a great year. I feel like I am in great hands.......especially in my absence from the property. Thanks again. TD

Property Owner

PVRPV has been just super. They have and continue to address my every concern, not to mention all the little picayune issues one seems to encounter endlessly in Mexico. Competent, thoughtful, and most gracious in their efforts and demeanor, along with a great sense of humor. Ron, property owner.

Property Owner

I arrived to my unit on Sunday and found the condo very inviting. The place was clean and everything was in order. When I walked into the bathrooms the towels and toilet paper were displayed in a very professional and inviting way. When I walked into the kitchen I noticed that some of the clear glasses were arranged in one of the glass cabinets along with pots and pans in places that made sense. My thanks to you and your staff for providing a organized, clean and inviting condo to arrive to. We look forward to our visits in the future. THANKS.

Greg And Julie
Property Owner

Tim and I met quite a while ago and I watched him develop his new biz into a thriving service for Bay Area rentals. He rented my condo very quickly and I hope to continue a long, good working relationship with him, Augustin and Mike!!! Gary San Francisco,

Property Owner