Xiutla Folkloric Ballet

Though they’ve been performing in Vallarta for years, with the recent renovation of Parque Cardenas on the southside, tourists and locals alike are packing the new amphitheatre for these Friday night performances (they start at 730pm but front row seat grabbers get their 30 mins or more early to get close to the action). Sol beer company provides extra chairs down front and those fill up fast. It’s standing room only after 730pm.

Why? These dancers are magnificent! Founder Professor Enrique Barrios Limón still narrates each performance with commentary on each different dance style and the region from which it is known. I think the dances from Jalisco (Vallarta’s state) get the most attention. In the video above (which take hours to upload to “blogger”) you’ll see what I mean. I hope to have another video or two uploaded soon.

Over the more than 15 years of their existance, these dancers have performed all over Mexico the US and Canada. In my opinion, they are a “must see” event during a trip to PV. If you miss the Friday performance they are performing Sunday nights at Los Arcos on the south end of the malecon, just across the pedestrian bridge at the beach from the southside.

These performances are free. Audience members, however, dashed to the donation hat at the conclusion of the performances to contribute. Superb!

For more information see Rick Hepting’s story HERE. There are links to even more information from his story.