Tourism is YOU!

by Sylvie Laitre

No matter who you are or what your job is, if you live in Puerto Vallarta (or the surrounding areas) tourism affects YOU in some way, shape or form.

So what does this really mean? Simply, that each and every person who walks these streets has the potential to make someone’s PV experience great—or not. Pressure? Some. Opportunity? Oh, yes!

Pretty easy stuff when you think about it: An overall experience is based on a series of moments. WE, the citizens of Puerto Vallarta, play a role in these moments in so many different ways.

So what can you do as a single person to be part of the experience?

Consider yourself a Puerto Vallarta tourism ambassador! We all are. And here are 11 things I think make a difference. What else can we add on?

1. Smile. Important AND free. This is tried and true. Smile=good, accessible, kind, inviting. Don’t we want them to feel that about our destination?

2. When asked for information, stop, smile and give it. Or if you don’t have it, tell them who might. Don’t ever just say NO. Help in some way or at least make a true effort. And if you don’t speak the language, grab someone close-by and get a translator.

3. Drive slowly and politely. Allow people to cross the street. Don’t honk your horn or yell at other drivers. Visiting drivers don’t know where they’re going and they’re on holiday. Give them a chance. Give each other a chance.

4. Pick up a map and learn your street names, landmarks, etc…

5. Be aware of local events and promote them whenever possible

6. DO NOT litter—ever!

7. Respect people AND animals. At all times.

8. Support local charities in any way you can.

9. Be proud. Learn general stats about your destination and share them with visitors.

10. Be positive. When asked about your town, say good things. There are many!

11. Do not take advantage of visitors (aka do not steal or trick). Be honest, helpful and grateful. They are supporting your family, mine and many others.

We need happy visitors. What are you doing to make sure this happens?