The South Side Will Miss Don Keating: “The Candy Man”

by Tracy Parks

Many of you know Don Keating, who passed away this morning (December 26 2010) at his home in El Caloso.  I am lucky I got to talk to him and write this story about him a little over a year ago.  The photo was taken New Year’s Eve 2008 at Apaches.  You may want to read it again today.  I’m proud to have had the chance to capture a bit of the spirit of this man in writing.  Many years ago, Don suffered a stroke and had to go back to the states where his daughter, meaning well, placed him in a retirement home hoping he would recover there.  A few days later, Don called her from Vallarta.  He did all of his exercises here and returned to his normal life here, where he belonged.  I’m sure, to this day, that he lived longer for having come back to PV instead of staying where he didn’t want to be.