The Real Puerto Vallarta Heroes

December 17, 2010 — Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) — Superman, Spiderman, and Batman – they are whom many consider heroes. But its firefighters and lifeguards who come to our rescue and save the lives of our loved ones day in and day out; all in all, they are the real-life heroes.

Back in October, over 200 caring residents and visitors throughout Puerto Vallarta enjoyed food, fun and fundraising at the inaugural Spaghetti Friend-Raiser to support our first-responders, the 90 men and women of the Puerto Vallarta Fire Department.  Over $36,000 pesos was generated thanks to the support of the attendees and sponsors in addition to the 250 kilos of donated Bring-a-Thing items including medical supplies, food and equipment.

With the funds raised, committee members purchased 15 mattresses, 15 bed frames, 15 pillows, 15 mattress pads, three bee suits and a much-needed kitchen custom storage cabinet.  Items were delivered to the Department this past week.

Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa, Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa, Daiquiri Dicks, Playa Los Arcos Hotel, Andale’s Restaurant/Andales on the Bay, Holiday Inn Puerto Vallarta, Howard Johnsons, Westin Resort and Spa, No Way Jose, Colleen’s Breakfast Café, Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery,, Margaret Souder, Judith St Gaudens, Apache’s Martini Bar and Bistro, Jill and Al Forster, Sheraton Buganvilias Resort and Convention Center, OXXO, COSTCO, Pasteleria Celebrations, Tsunami Restaurant, Instituto Franco Mexicano, Casserole Instituto, Dr. Max Greig, Bill Wortzel, Ed Alejandre Hospital Versalles and Fruteria de Billar generously sponsored the early-October event and joined committee members Pam Thompson, Kelly Trainor, Cindy DuChateau, Bert Ramirez and Gary Green.

The Spaghetti Friend-Raiser served as the catalyst to launch the 2011 Heroes calendar which will be available in just a few days throughout the City with funds raised earmarked for training and life-saving equipment.

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