The Dog House Opens to Praise

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The Dog House Opens to Praise

Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) — The Dog House opened up on Tuesday night with rave reviews.  The new venture pairs ambitious owners, a friendly staff, affordability and quality ingredients to bring a new food experience to Puerto Vallarta.

“These are the best hot dog and sausages that I have ever had…and I have had lots of sausages in my time” quipped Puerto Vallarta resident, Bert Ramirez. Cheryl Schrean, Margaret Souder, Cindy Du Chateaux and John Stewart echoed the positive comments as well as many others who quickly went online to post accolades on various social networking sites.

The Dog House, located in front of Paco’s Ranch on Ignacio L Vallarta, offers customers a variety of artisan sausage meats as well as traditional bacon-wrapped all-beef hot dogs.   The Dog House will be open from 10pm to 6am Tuesday through Sunday.  Check-in on Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter during your visit and receive a special treat.

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