Teatro Limon Supports Pasitos de Luz through Charity Bingo

I’m so glad Teatro Limon supports your charity or I may not have experienced one of the best evenings ever in my numerous visits to PV over the years.

Bruce the owner and chef extraordinaire greeted my guest and myself as we entered where he was busily directing and preparing a gourmet delight for the fortunate diners yet to come.  Being from Vancouver we are still having supper at 6pm rather than dining at 8pm. In this case it gave us an opportunity to tour the establishment and relish in the decor and ambiance. After a very animated and informative conversation with Bruce about ingredients and food allergies we decided to not even look at a menu and gave the chef carte Blanche.  This decision was a wise one as we had a four course dinner that would have tantalized the most educated of pallets.

Julia, the hostess, attended to our every need, we learned as the evening progressed that Julia is Bruce’s wife and that we were dining in their house (they live upstairs). Being a smoker we adjourned to the torch lit terrace for coffee and cognac and to make the evening even more interesting as other guests did the same at Bruce’s encouragement our table grew with a most interesting conglomerate of expats and tourists. As the evening wound down Julia and Bruce joined us and turned it into a complete family affair… (Including Bruno, their dog). To top the evening off we were treated to Julia’s Crème Brûlée and being from Great Britain where sweets are a high priority I’ll leave the results to your imagination.

This evening turned into a most interesting and memorable adventure.

I highly recommend that you give Teatro Limon a most deserved plug at your next Bingo. I know your supporters will certainly reap the benefits if you do…

Hasta Luego. Bernardo

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