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Charity Bingo #1 for Casa Hogar – Puerto Vallarta

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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie


That’s how guest caller, Sean Moore of Nacho Daddy, started Charity Bingo for Casa Hogar, the local children’s orphanage, once the crowd had settled in. Sean called in English and Spanish, much to everyone’s delight. It took a while for him to get the hang of the Spanish, but I shouldn’t make fun. My Spanish is horrible. Anyway, Sean began to sound more and more like a wrestling match announcer as the evening progressed. It didn’t matter as everyone loved him. Thank you, Sean.

I gotta tell ya, our wonderful sponsors are doing an awesome job of gift procurement; the prize bags are chock full of fabulous certificates for discounted meals, merchandise and services. The list of contributors grows with each event. It’s almost too long to include here, but, how wonderful to have so much interest in Charity Bingo generated in the community. A big round of applause for Charlotte and Carole, the sweet ladies of Xocodiva, Artisan Chocolates, Lori of Rio Amapas-Private Luxury Residences, and, of course, Tim from PVRPV for their efforts. Take a bow, people. Oh, and a shout out to Oscar who is suffering from knee issues. Get well soon, Oscar. You were missed. Many thanks to Lina for selling cards and snapping pics of the evening, to Robin and Carole for volunteering to sell the raffle tickets and to Tammy of Nacho Daddy for running around and making certain that everything was going smoothly.

It should be mentioned that we were playing with clean beads this week. Yours truly carted them home after our last event. I left them in the mesh basket, plunked the whole thing into the pool, swooshed the beads around (call it the spin cycle), let them soak for a few minutes (the soak cycle), then pulled them out to drain. Once most of the water was gone, with the help of my friend Gayle, the beads were placed on a nice fluffy towel to complete the drain cycle. We patted them dry and let them sit outside to dry completely before returning them to the container. Just before leaving home, I personally shook Johnson’s Baby Powder all over them puppies (the powder cycle). What a difference. I propose we do this at the end of each month. Our beads smelled as fresh as a newly powdered baby’s behind. We’ll take pictures of the process next time.

On with the games! Jack Stone was a double-dipper this week winning Game 1 and Game 6. Game 2 was won by Nicole Wallace, the Bingo Queen. Game 3 went to Keith Smith. Keith was very quiet about his win and it might have gone unnoticed except for the person near him who pointed it out. We have some shy players. Game 4 was won by Bernice Rone. Jeff Moumce took care of Game 5. Games 7 and 8 were won by Roger Mallet and Tim Upton respectively. Congratulations to all our winners! By the way, not one fake bingo this week. Practice, practice, practice. That’s what I always say. Well, not really.

I noticed during the evening that a couple playing near the front of Nacho Daddy was playing by flashlight. Rather romantic don’t you think? It’s getting dark earlier now. Break out the candles!

Mr. Sean made the decision to take the halftime break after Game 5. Game 5 – The Big T – took forever. It just went on and on and on. We needed a break at that point. Hmmm. I wonder how he knew. Anyway, the not so halftime conversations seemed to be about beads…someone should invent a bead dispenser was one suggestion. We tried a fork but that didn’t work so good. Someone else wondered if one could get carpal tunnel from Bingo. Maybe using a dauber but not with beads. We like our beads but we are not bead obsessed. Honest. Oh, I noticed that one of my tablemates designed a line of Bingo wear. Bernd had cards and beads stuck to his head. What is up with that? Can’t be boredom. Our Bingo games are anything but boring.

Before we continued, the lovely lady from Casa Hogar spoke to the 74 kind people in attendance. She explained that the orphanage is home to 65 children and that they are so honored to have been selected as one of Charity Bingo’s special causes this season. By the way, the wish list has been published on Facebook on the Bingo Event page. Please check it out. Our special group’s generosity raised $10,775!

Someone won the 50/50 raffle. $1,475 went to the lucky winner. Someone always wins the 50/50 raffle. I didn’t catch the name this time. So sorry. The Big Raffle was won by Pam Thompson. I wish I’d found out what was in the basket. I think I heard something about a bottle of tequila. Anyway, a big Woo Hoo! to both winners.

By the way, Pam’s handsome date for the evening was her grandson, Nicholas. He had a great time. Heather Wilson was also in the house. Thanks for coming by and playing with us.  What a wonderful venue to see old friends and meet and make new ones from all over the world. It’s a splendid way to spend an evening. I had the pleasure of meeting Damian and Bernd who are visiting from Vancouver. Hope to see them again soon.

As usual, the amazing Nacho Daddy staff was spot on. Beverages just miraculously appeared along with delicious chips, salsa and guacamole. And, the award winning chili was spicy, just the way some folks like it. Me, not so much. Tender tummy.


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Okay, folks. Remember that the next Bingo Night for Casa Hogar will be on Tuesday, November 22. Don’t forget that items from the wish list brought to Bingo Night will earn the bringer a free card. That’s a cool deal. So, friends, neighbors and fellow bingo lovers, let’s come out on the 22nd in record breaking numbers and raise more funds for a very worthy cause. Yaaaaay Bingo!

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