Southside Shuffle – Puerto Vallarta

Basilio Badillo

Friday November 12th

6 – 10 pm

In 1988, Basilio Badillo was known for three restaurants, Roberto’s Puerto Nuevo, Pizza Joe, El Tucan. These restaurants were so successful that more restaurants and other businesses started to relocate to this area.  In the mid-90’s there were 12 restaurants on the 200 block of Basilio Badillo and for years it was known as Calle de los Café’s (Restaurant Row)  Most of the restaurants have closed, and fine shops started to take over.  The area has been known for some years as “a one stop shopping center” the finest area in town to find quality items, from folk art to fine art, home furnishings to jewelry and clothing.

So this fall, the following businesses decided  to  move forward with “The Southside Shuffle” – a street party of sorts, a shindig, open house, fun times. Friday evenings (6 -10 pm) twice a month will be a social gathering with music and drinks to rejuvenate the South side. The participating businesses are as follows, but there are also many other wonderful shops, restaurants and galleries in the vicinity that we also hope will benefit from our event.

The “people” will stroll (shuffle) from business to business. Drinks will be provided at all the establishments and musicians will stroll up and down the street.

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