PVRPV is 4!…on March 1, 2009.

above artwork created by Octavio Fregoso, PVRPV employee

On March 1, 2009 (that’s tomorrow!) Tim Longpre and his staff will celebrate the 4th Anniversary of PVRPV. Five years ago, Tim Longpre began his career in the town he fell in love with after vacationing here a few times (sound familiar?). After a few days as a waiter at the PALM Cabaret bar and a year or so in real estate, Tim decided he knew what Vallarta needed….and PVRPV was born! You’re invited to stop by when you’re in town to check out all the changes in PVRPV’s new offices and meet members of the expanded staff (like the wonderful Octavio, artwork above).

“I can’t believe I’ve been in Mexico for five years!” Tim said this morning to his staff. “It’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life. It certainly says something about the Mexican people.” Tim has been very busy with milestones the last few weeks. He’s been entertaining friends, family members and his parents, who are still in town helping him to celebrate his 40th birthday a few weeks ago and now the anniversary of PVRPV.

Congratulations to Tim and his staff on their success. When your travel takes you to Puerto Vallarta, you can always count on PVRPV to take great care of you.