Puerto Vallarta’s The Dog House to Open on November 1st

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We take a bite out of your hunger!

Puerto Vallarta’s The Dog House to Open on November 1st

Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco) — Let’s talk about hypothetical situations. You’re in Old Town Puerto Vallarta craving a hot dog. Something you would expect from a baseball stadium. You see a place called The Dog House and immediately think, “they must mean serious business.” They do. “Whether it’s the next food trend in the city or the correction of a hole in our culinary repertoire, this might end up being the year of the hot dog.” noted business partners, Agustin Rocha, Tim Longpre and Gary Green.

The Dog House, slated to open on Tuesday night, November 1st at Pacos Ranch on Ignacio L Vallarta, is a unique restaurant concept offering customers a variety of artisan sausage meats. Choose from char-grilled, Polish and Italian sausage, brats, chorizo and chicken specialties tucked in a fresh baked roll and topped with an array of condiments.  Less adventurous eaters will find comfort in the traditional bacon-wrapped all-beef hot dog available with all the trimmings.

Besides sumptuous sausage, our friendly staff — Ana and Francisco — and hard-to-beat prices, one of the major driving factors behind the anticipated success of The Dog House is the way that they’ve taken advantage of social media, in particular Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, to engage customers and the community.

The Dog House will be open from 10:00pm to 6am Tuesday through Sunday.

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