Finally! a great story about Security and good police service in Puerto Vallarta

Shannon Beston


There has been a lot of very negative press about the corruption and just lack of good policing here in Vallarta. I want to tell my recent experience that which will leave you very impressed with the professionalism and good manners of the local police.

I was in a deep sleep at about 2:30 am on Wednesday when someone rang my door bell until I finally pulled on a bathrobe and staggered to the balcony to look down in the street to see who it might be.

I was thinking it would be an Easter vacation drunk who was at the wrong address. When I looked over the railing there were about 4 police trucks with lights blazing. I asked hesitantly if they needed help.

They stated my full name and asked it that was me. When someone knows your mother’s maiden name you know they have some serious documents, I hesitantly said yes that was me. 

They told me my car was stolen and described it and said I needed to go with them to confirm it was my car.

I have to confess for a moment I thought – is this for real? Should I go off alone with a group of policemen? Ultimately I got dressed and went with them. They drove me to a place on the Libramiento and sure enough there was my poor little Tsuro already loaded on the back of a flat deck truck to be processed. 

I confirmed it was my car and they asked for ID and gave me a piece of paper to present when I went to make the report.

I asked them how they knew and were able to catch the car thief.

I had left my car parked in front of my office and a very responsible neighbor had called the police and when they arrived he advised that the thief had just drove away and he described my car and told them to hurry. This is the other amazing part. The police radioed the office where they watch all the feed from the cameras at the intersections and they told them to look for my car. They quickly saw it being driven on the Libramiento and advised the police who were able to detain the thief.  

After I identified my car the police very courteously drove me back to my front door where they had picked me up. From the beginning to the end they were professional, polite and tried to speak English to me as I was obviously a foreigner. I really do not think that I could have been treated better or lucky enough to get back a stolen car anywhere in Canada or the US.