Off the beaten path….

Puerto Vallarta tourists tend to return time and time again. That means they are always seeking to explore new areas of Puerto Vallarta to find restaurants and shops that the average first-time visitor might not make it to or hear about. So, we’ll fill you in, from time to time, on what’s new and what’s hot among the locals and expats “in the know”.

One very happening spot is on Lazaro Cardenas about 8 blocks from the beach. It’s called El Colera and it offers some of the best priced, best tasting ceviche, shrimp tostadas and seafood soups you’ll ever taste. The atmosphere is old Mexico, with a jukebox (still 1 peso per song) and friendly customers. Many of the customers on a recent visit were construction workers who dropped their tool belts next to their chairs and ordered up a Michelada (iced beer with lime and spices). YUM! Here are a few pics of El Colera.

El Colera is at Lázaro Cárdenas #542 on the southside of Puerto Vallarta.