off the beaten path….Restaurant Gilmar

(above) talented salsa chef and waiter extraordinaire Cesar will give you a history of salsa lesson with each meal you order…and if you’re a repeat diner, he’ll find new facts to throw in each time. A real treat!

So you think you’ve tried them all? Really? One of the things we try to do here on the PVRPV blog is to let you know about restaurants that we’ve found that may be off the regularly beaten tourist path but are definitely worth a try. Sometimes you want to go where the more “local” crowd goes too. After all, once you’ve decided to stay in Vallarta more than just a week or two, you’ll need to know where to go for reasonable values that are still offering great cuisine. Here is one of our favorites: Restaurant Gilmar at 418 Madero in Zona Romantica offers a wide range of options from delicious flaming fajitas to fresh seafood to spaghetti. One of the unique things about this restaurant is that shortly after your order is taken (unless its busy and then you’ll have to wait a bit longer) they bring a molcajete (lava stone bowl) to your table with an assortment of chiles, roasted tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro to prepare the freshest salsa you’ll ever taste. Many say its the best they’ve ever tasted. This is complimentary with your entree.

Gilmar also offers a complete dinner with national drink (beer or soda, etc), soup, entree and dessert for 159 pesos. Very hard to beat the taste or value in Vallarta, if you ask us!

They also offer wireless internet aceess and a computer at the front window near the bar if you don’t have your laptop. They also take credit cards, unique among some of the more local spots.

Owner Benajmin and his family will soon celebrate their 30th year operating this restaurant. If you haven’t tried it, go!

A word of warning: Restauarant Gilmar is not a place to go if you are in a huge hurry. The service is great but it takes a while to make salsa at at each table and you may find youself waiting a while if you hit them at prime”dinner hour” (730 to 830P usually). Go a bit earlier, we do.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 11pm at 418 Madero, Zona Romantica.