MY DAY OF TAKING PART – The movement towards the “Mob”

Written by Sylvie Scopazzo

Last week I received a message/announcement asking to participate in something “big” for Puerto Vallarta.  An Event with a goal to attract more tourism, the same time, helps combat the bad publicity we’re getting from the “other side” of the border.  Many people were getting this message and word was getting out fast.

Wanting more information, I went directly to the source of the hype.   The response I was given was, “It’s a secret, just show up 12pm on Sunday, April 3 at Collage Club”.  So that’s what I did and when I arrived at the location, I was greeted with a smile, a few donuts and bottled water.   I was asked to sign a form giving my name and email and I still didn’t know what to expect.

As I walked further into the place, I saw a crowd of people standing around looking at a woman on stage.   She was dressed for a workout dance and it became obvious that that was what we were going to do also.  We were going to dance and she was going to teach us how.

At this time, the big secret was out.  We were going to be a part of a FLASH MOB.  “Flash mobs are “spontaneous” gatherings that are organized by emails and text messages. Everyone from celebrities to schools have created them.” – You Tube.  If you haven’t seen or know what a flash mob is, check out this link:

By showing up and taking part, I committed myself to a couple of hours for the next two Sundays.  It really isn’t much to ask from someone who is equally concerned about Puerto Vallarta and having it be known that our paradise is still a safe place to vacation.

So there we all were, 118 of us trying to learn the intricate steps from our dance leader, Kim La Rue.  Who by the way owns a dance studio in New York City called Bridge for Dance.  Kim is here to donate her time and expertise in making this Flash Mob event work.

The music blasted, Kim La Rue showed her moves and we the people followed.  During some of the dance moves, I looked around the room and began to feel I was part of the old TV series, Fame. I got goose bumps watching all the participants, some with two left feet and some showing off their hidden talent.  We became one entity and maybe not all of us can be considered dancers.  However, we all had one thing in common and that was to be a part of “something big”.

It was truly a fun filled day.  There were people from all different walks of life, work and business.  There were young children and teenagers with some being incredible dancers.  The dance instructions were given in both languages and everyone worked towards one goal.  That goal is to bring the people, the vacationers, to Puerto Vallarta.

Tim Longpré of PVRPV, Donna Davies, real estate specialist, Cindy Bendik DuChateau and Gary Green of Andales on the Bay, are the three masterminds behind this great project.   The goal is to reach out to the thousands of people who live in Vallarta, adults and children alike, to take part in promoting Puerto Vallarta, our beautiful, beach paradise.  The next rehearsal is Sunday, April 10 at Collage Club.  Everyone is welcome to participate whether you can dance or not.  The more people the better, children included.  They are hoping to have at least 500 people to make this event work.  Video of the dance steps were sent to all participants via email and F.B.  This is just an example of the motivation behind this FLASH MOB project.  Don’t stand on the sidelines and watch other people make it happen.  You too can make a change.

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Sylvie Scopazzo is part of Power Walking Puerto Vallarta.  See her facebook page at for more information and also a recent Youtube video: