Mexico’s children need your help: Let’s combat poverty in Puerto Vallarta

niño escasos recursos

More than 20 million people in Mexico live on less than two dollars a day? 60 million people, half the Mexican population, live in extreme poverty. 

Most of the time, garbage is their food, and some days, they don’t even eat anything. This critical situation in Mexico is caused by individual, geographic and political factors. 

The first and immediate cause of poverty in Mexico is the individual condition. This cause refers to circumstances and characteristics of poor people.  For example, the amount of education, skill, intelligence, health, and prejudice all have an influence on poverty. The lack of education is one of the most significant factors that contribute to poverty. There is no access to jobs for non-educated people. The second cause of poverty has to do with geography. For example, statistics show that people who live in rural areas far away from the cities are poorer. This is caused by the lack of communication and transportation in remote rural areas. Because of this, governments can’t provide essential services such as potable water, affordable food, primary health care, and education. People who live there are totally isolated from the rest of the society.  

Although the Bay of Banderas boasts some of world’s finest hotels, resorts, gourmet restaurants, award-winning spas, fine galleries and breathtaking villas, Puerto Vallarta is  just minutes away from some of the country’s poorest neighborhoods.  These people really need your help! 

Sometimes little things can make a world of difference, especially to people who are living on the edge financially. All babies need love and nourishment, but there’s something else they need, diapers, up to seven a day. And at the rate of 200 diapers per month, the expense really adds up.  The next time your travels take you to paradise or if you are involved with any service organizations, employee giving associations, church or youth groups that would like to lend a hand to assist these families; we hope you will consider contributing.  This small investment will pay tremendous dividends.

If you want to make any donations, one of the drop off points will be PVRPV’s main office on Pino Suárez #210 Colonia Emiliano Zapata or phone for more information: 222.0638. Deliveries will be made from our office to those organizations in need.