Hot off the Press: Holiday Calendar Ignites Community Support

Known for fighting fires, not causing them, a group of Puerto Vallarta firefighters and lifeguards are threatening to set off some sparks on Wednesday, December 22nd.  That’s because their sizzling 2011 calendar, an impressive selection of smokin’ hot first-responders sporting ripped abs, spectacular pecs and bulging biceps will be on sale!  Details on the December Launch Party are under wraps but will be announced shortly.

Two dozen local firefighters and lifeguards posed for the calendar, which isn’t just about hunky bods, but serves as a reminder that we need to appreciate the real heroes –firefighters and emergency workers—who are busy saving lives and property 24-7.

The 2011 Heroes Calendar, featuring holidays in Mexico, Canada and the United States will soon be hot off the press, and for $200 pesos ($20 USD), a great way to support the Puerto Vallarta Bomberos and raise much-needed funds for on-going training and life-saving equipment.

“Our hope is to sell out and raise $200,000 pesos — nearly $20,000 USD — and show the community that our firefighters and lifeguards are truly committed to helping others,” said fundraiser organizers.

Special thanks to those who have graciously contributed to the production of the calendar in order that 100% of the funds raised support the men and women who bravely serve the Department with honor, dignity and compassion.  Sponsors and committee members include Adrian Elíseo Bobadilla García, Alma Salgado, Andale Restaurant & Bar/Andales on the Bay,, Casa Isabel, Cindy & Bert Ramirez, Coffee Cup, Gary Green, H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Vallarta, John McCloud, Josef Kandoll Photography, Julie Guerrero, Lic. Hiram Fernández Abundis, Macleod Whitney + Associates, Marcelo Mico Pilates, Margaret Souder, Nacho Daddy, Patronato de Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta, PVRPV, Rich Kaufman, Tim Longpré, Timothy Real Estate, Tropicasa Realty and Victors Bar & Grill.