Guadalupe Church Crown – The Heart of Puerto Vallarta

Recently the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Javier Bravo donated a total sum of one million pesos in order to support the finishing phases of the remodeling that is taking place at the Guadalupe church crown. This structural remodeling is an integral part of the revitalization program of the downtown area. The Mayor stated that it was essential to remodel this church because it served as an iconic monument of Puerto Vallarta. The church has been a distinguishable monument of Puerto Vallarta which has also been recognized internationally. For this venture Javier Bravo had the collaborated efforts of the government officials and also the members of local tourist associations.

The Mayor also reported that the Guadalupe Church has served as one of the main tourist attractions for years. Not only has this church gained monumental popularity over the years, it is also one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Puerto Vallarta. Hence, it has been both the timeless beauty and also the momentous popularity of the church that has propelled the government to take active steps in remodeling it.

Carlos Terres is in charge of the entire revitalization program and often mentions details of his work. He has made the reconstruction of the Church carefully and beautifully. He has also used a base made of synthetic stone which is now applied to the stainless steel structure of the Church.