Good Prices! Great art!

Lazaro Cardenas has been the site of many new store, restaurant and bar openings over the last six months. One of the most interesting is a new gallery/store called Lalo Morales Art Gallery. If you are in Vallarta shopping for unique gifts for back home or for your own home or rental here in Vallarta, this is a great place to stop. Unique handmade flowers for 25 pesos are made by a family friend. In fact, Lalo and partner Hector, have built relationships with many local artisans and feature their work in the store, and at very fair prices. Lalo (Edward Patton, owner) lived and worked in Palm Beach Florida in high profile design projects for many years. Though very successful there, he longed for something simpler and fell in love with the Mexican people in Vallarta. His handbag portraits are one of a kind pieces of art. In fact, the Four Seasons in Punta Mita was so impressed with Lalo’s handbags that they are selling them in their own gift shop. Needless to say, you’ll save a bundle by visiting Lalo at his southside gallery/store. If not to buy, just to chat with Lalo and his staff is a real treat. His unique flare for design and detail will impress you but its really his personality and interest in the Mexican culture that will keep you wanting more…

A welcome addition to our neighborhood (PVRPV is just down and around the block).

Lalo Morales Art Gallery

Furniture and Paintings by Mexicanos

Lazaro Cardenas #245

Puerto Vallarta

322 113 0413