Highly Anticipated Puerto Vallarta Flash Mob Video Hits The Web

Event Organizers Hope Video Goes Viral

There will come a day when we’ll look back on all these flash mobs that took place, and ask, “What was that all about?”  But that day’s not here yet.

Just over a week ago, a flash mob broke out at Los Arcos Amphitheater on Puerto Vallarta’s famed Malecón to send a message that Puerto Vallarta is safe and to encourage new vacationers to visit the beautiful Mexican Riviera Port City and to welcome back past travelers. Despite the economic downturn up North, 22 million foreigners safely visited Mexico last year. The highly anticipated video has been uploaded to the popular Dailymotion site at http://dai.ly/k2IQHD and event organizers are encouraging everyone to share the video, leave comments and help the video go viral. Organizers, pending music content approval, anticipate posting on YouTube shortly.

The carefully orchestrated dance was choreographed by Kimberly LaRue, co-owner/director of the Bridge for Dance Studios in New York City.  Organizers and sponsors of the successful event included Tim Longpré, Gary Green, Donna Davies, Kim LaRue, Antonia Lavender, Ray Dion, Willy Flores, Rocio Sanchez, Josef Kandoll, Diva Divine, Nacho Daddy, Collage Club, Ballet Xiutla, Paradise Community Center, Sal Fuentes, Bill Brooks, Cindy Ramirez, Margaret Souder and the H. Ayuntamiento de Puerto Vallarta.