Puerto Vallarta Mob Flash Dance on You Tube

PVRPV.com and their staff were involved in the first Puerto Vallarta Mob Flash Dance done on April 17, 2011 at 2:35pm.  We are asking all of our owners, customers, family and friends of PVRPV to help promote the You Tube Video.  

In order to be successful with the You Tube Flash Mob Dance,  we need all of our friends and people who love Puerto Vallarta to set up a You Tube Account, to help promote the Video.  Just having views of the video will not accomplish anything for us, but reading the following questions and answers will explain why you need to have the account. 

 Why do you need an account with You Tube?  Because once it is up on YouTube- we need you to rank it (5 stars) and to post comments. The more” conversation” and higher rank will help it to go viral. 

Why is going VIRAL important? It means that millions (we hope!) of people will see the video and get a feel of how AWESOME Puerto Vallarta is! We need some GOOD press and more people discovering the place we love. 

 Also, once the video is ready, please SHARE it with your Facebook Friends. Tweet it on Twitter- send out an email to your contact list. Sharing is caring, Peeps! 

Let’s spread the Love! 

Thanks PVRPV Team