Facebook: a virtual drug?

Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of the website Facebook: A free social network that began as a project to group the students at Harvard University. It soon spread worldwide and soon attracted all sorts of criticism due to the creator’s alarming privacy policies as well as for the reach among minors and its psychological effects.

Following this in November 2009 the first clinic opened its doors specializing in treating patients with an addiction to social networking. By January 2010 a second clinic was opened. Both clinics are located in Italy (Rome and Turin, respectively). Listed as an Internet Dependence (Internet Addiction Disorder), the disorder’s symptoms being similar to those of people addicted to drugs and suffering withdrawal symptoms. In a study done by the University of Perugia it reveals that Facebook has contributed to Internet Addiction because of the close interrelationship between the real and virtual world; because when connecting to this network, in addition to becoming “popular”, existential loneliness is defeated.

Whether time recognizes this as a sickness or not, it would be worthwhile to observe how much time we spend in this Social Network. Express your opinion at trescientosuno.com

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