“Don’t Sweat It… Be Cool in Puerto Vallarta Mexico”

PVRPV.com owner Tim Longpré decided to buy gifts for his staff at his last staff meeting to help them stay cool during the hot months. Perfect for the sultry summers, local residents, Bill Kelly & Alejandro Ramirez, have brought the “coolest’ invention to the Banderas Bay area!   Beautiful, fabric scarves [ties] that contain embedded crystals  which magically expand into a comforting, cool gel when immersed in cold water [or pool,ocean.]  Ideal for both indoors  and outdoors and  for all activities from sleeping, to strolling, to sports. They may be worn in a variety of ways, and for a variety of reasons!   Make superb gifts too!  As well, there are special ones that are designed for your doggie! The scarves are  created with loving attention to quality and detail.



They may be obtained by either e-mailing unonumerobomb@gmail.com

or phoning  [322] 137 1804   Delivery Available!

Cost is: $150 pesos.

That said there are MANY Health Care Benefits for the product

(1) Prevention of heat stroke

(2) The Multiple Sclerosos Society endorses them for all MS pts as the “cooling” effect reduces the symptoms of MS and therefore,pts can be more active with exercise and outdoor activities


(3) Pregnant Women (they do not call it a bun in the oven for nada) and Women in Labour

(4) Hot Flashes (huge market en SMA…many repeat customers :) and Night Sweats (HIV+ pts etc)

(5) Reduces Headache Pain and Neck Discomfort (basically like an ice pack but can be worn outside so pts can be more comfortable outside during their day or at work etc)

(6) Stress Relief while city or long distance driving and airline travel (we had one customer tell us she did not turn on her AC during travel from SMA to USA as she just wore her tie)

(7) Helps relieve swelling due to sprains of the ankles and wrists (like ice pack but easier to transport)

(8) Improves Work Productivity and Comfort- surgeons are wearing in the OR remain cooler and more comfortable

Neck Wrap cools the blood flowing to the brain to keep the body comforted and focused for maximum performance. Doctors working in extreme temperatures experience tremendous thermal stress that affects their focus at work and even causes accidents and deaths on duty. Reducing this stress can enable doctors to maintain diligence in formidable temperatures and perform to the best of their capacity with the best of their health