Charity Bingo #2 for Casa Hogar Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie

Charity Bingo Night  for Casa Hogar

Most of the tables were full of eager Bingo players and once we were fed and beveraged by the able staff of Nacho Daddy, we were indeed ready to get started. The still unsticky beads were distributed by Lori, Tim was selling cards, you know, of the Bingo variety, and Robin and Carole were selling Big Raffle and 50/50 raffle tickets. Oscar was back and taking pictures. Glad to see you doing better, Oscar.

It looked like a pretty good crowd. There were several visitors from Portland, Oregon this evening. It’s c-o-o-o-l-d in Oregon. Many familiar faces and many new faces as well. I expect we will be seeing new faces all the way into the season. Good. That way, we can make new friends.

The main event of the evening began practically the same way as the last time we played. Our dandy guest caller was, once again, Sean Moore of Nacho Daddy. And we were ready to BINGO-O-O-O-o-o-o, paying strict attention to the letters and numbers called


Game #1 was won quickly but it was a fake bingo. The player thought B-13 had been called. It hadn’t been. However, it soon was called and the same person, Jessie Gedary, was the winner. Yaaay! We moved on to Game #2 and three winners shouted out with enthusiasm…”BINGO!!”. Tim was busy confirming that all bingos were good bingos. The winners, Rob Morris, Jay Mortensen and Peg Egan, were thrilled with their prizes. Jay was seated at the Portland table. Game #3 was a quiet fake bingo, then a fake-out bingo because it was a good bingo after all. Silly people. Roger Mallett was the lucky winner. Game #4, took forever. I don’t know why, but it was finally won by Ross Shapiro.

Half time gave me the opportunity to check out who was in attendance. Gil Gevins and his wife Lucy, attending for the first time, were at a table behind me. Gil was named “Jalisco’s Funniest Human Being” a while back. He has written several books, “Refried Brains” among them. All are available on Let’s see…Lary and his daughter, Nicole, were playing nearby. Bill Kelly was playing, too. A female impersonator/lip-sinker by the name of Dixie, another newbie, was at a table behind me. Quite a star studded night.

Halftime also gave everyone the opportunity to unfuel and refuel and purchase more raffle tickets. Sales were brisk for both raffles. Then, we were off to the Bingo Races again.

Game #5 was won by Ross Shapiro, our double-dipper of the evening. He was quick to point out that a different card won. Lucky guy. Lucky cards. Then, we had a bead spill on aisle one. Oh, no! Tim was on it immediately but, apparently the spill was quite serious as it spread to aisle two. Don’t lose any beads, guys!

Game #6 was won by a street person. Well, not really. Juliana Montagano  actually won the game. I love it when people holler “Bingo!” when they pass by the restaurant. We all sit up and take notice. I was within one of winning…B-1 to be precise. Bingo is a game of chance, you know. Chances are you don’t have the number. That’s been my experience this season.

At last, it was time for the raffle drawings. Roger Mallett (the winner of Game #3) won the 50/50 raffle. When you’re hot, you’re hot. The prize came to a total of $1,825! Roger generously donated his winnings to Casa Hogar. What a lovely gesture. Thank you Roger. Mary Jacobs won the Big Raffle…the basket included a one night stay at Casa Isabel and two beautiful still-life paintings donated by the artist, Alex Sanchez. Congratulations, Mary!

Once all the photographs were taken, we began Game #7, which was won by Jeff Bemge who was sitting at the same table as Jessie Gedary, the winner of Game #1. Lucky table.

Just before Game #8 (black-out) began, I thought I heard rain. Nope. Just the sizzle of the famous Nacho Daddy fajitas cooking in the hot juices. Mmmmm. My mouth began to water. No way did it smell like rain.

Quite a ways into Game #8, my pen rolled across one of my cards pushing the beads to one side. Awwwww. No way to recover from a roll-over accident like that. Shoot! We had another accident near the front of the restaurant. I don’t know if beads and cards were involved or just drinks. Either way, bummer. It was an accident prone evening.

After a surprisingly short game, Adam Manthei was declared the winner.


Gift Bags

No Way Jose

Tino’s Restaurant
Papelería Limón Cristalex
Los Veranos Canopy tour Vallarta Shores
Nacho Daddy Deja New Consignment
Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates PVRPV
Fishing with Carolina Cassandra Shaw
Daiquiri Dicks Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
The Coffee Cup America Cruise
El Andariego Gold’s Gym
Las Palomas Restaurant Sirloin Stokade
Apaches Martini Bar Barra Bar
The Dog House Hotel Tropicana
Diamonds International Curvas Peligrosas
Bubba Gump Greeting Cards by Helen
JB Dancing Club Café DesArtistes
Novelties Karina Canto del Mar
Tropical Adventures

Congratulations! To all our winners. Thank you for coming out and playing Bingo for Casa Hogar, our local orphanage. Many items from the wish list were donated, too earning the bringer an extra card…FREE! For the evening, $12,700 pesos were raised for the children. Thank you all so much.

Many thanks to the staff of Nacho Daddy and Sean for volunteering to call for us. You did a splendid job…all of you.

Once again, our sponsors: Tim of PVRPV, Lori of Rio Amapas-Private Luxury Residences and the lovely ladies from Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates, Charlotte and Carole, have worked very hard to make each charity bingo night a roaring success. Thanks to all of you. Additional thanks are in order for all of the amazing businesses that have donated to the prize bags. My goodness. It’s so fabulous to see the community pull together for these events.

Our next Bingo night is Tuesday, December 6th. I hope to see many more people in attendance when we play Charity Bingo for Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia/Help for Blind People. Signing off until then.