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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie

Anticipation was running high when I arrived at Nacho Daddy to participate in the second and final Bingo game benefiting Asilo San Juan Diego, Puerto Vallarta’s home for seniors. Once again, the restaurant was filled with eager faces. Once again, many were unfamiliar to me but that’s a good thing. The word is out. The exceptional Nacho Daddy wait staff was serving drinks and food with alacrity. I and my guest took a seat at Tom’s table.

It was a treat to learn that Juan Carlos would be calling Bingo, assisted by the lovely Lina of PVRPV. Carole, our capable 50/50 raffle chica was working the room, but she wasn’t as exuberant as usual. No matter, everyone bought tickets. San Juan is such a worthy cause and everyone involved was determined to raise as much money as possible.

A gentleman from New Zealand carried in the cutest little dog. He was hoping to adopt the poor thing out as he was unable to return to New Zealand with an animal. I don’t know if our friend was successful. I hope so. Another dog was present in the room, though I doubt the owner would have given this beautiful Samoyed up for all the tortillas in Mexico. What an amazingly well trained animal. The brightest white fur and the sweetest face I’ve ever seen on a Samoyed. What a treat. Yes, folks. One can bring one’s well-behaved dog into many restaurants in Mexico.

Enough about dogs. Last week I promised to tell you the history of Bingo. I went to Wikipedia for the information. It’s pretty boring so I’m not going to expound on it much except to say Bingo is usually played as a gambling game or as a way to raise funds for worthy causes, churches, etc … just like we’re doing … and has been around, in the US, at least, since 1920. It actually originated as a lottery game in Italy around 1530. So, that’s kind of interesting but I think it’s the players who make our games exciting. There are very serious Bingo players out there, some playing as many as 30 cards at a time! This usually occurs in Casino Bingo where the players use daubers, not beads. Anyway, I’m never bored at our Bingo nights and I like using beads. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine using beads on 30 cards? One bump of the table and …

Robin was selling the Big Raffle tickets. What an exciting gift this time. A “Romance Basket.” Oooo, lah, lah. My whole table bought tickets…the basket contained a bottle of fine champagne and two flutes compliments of Trattoria Michel, a gift certificate for a visit for two to Metamorfosis Day Spa, delicious chocolates compliments of  Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates and a gift of 2 dozen roses from Eden Flores. Many thanks to those businesses who donated their products to this beautiful prize package.

Well, after purchasing our cards, 50/50 raffle tickets, Big Raffle tickets, food and beverages we were ready to get underway. When Juan Carlos had the group’s attention (90 in number!), he called the first letter/number…N-41. Suddenly, a parade started up the street. Music, noise-makers, marchers all in bright pink shirts. The march was to bring awareness to breast cancer. The small group only took around 60 seconds to get past us and we were able to continue. The first game was won by a rather shy person…Laarle Spiess, who raised his hand to signify his bingo. Tim almost missed it. Liz Miller won game 2 and shared the win of game 3 with Lili Velazquez. Game 4 was won by Larry Wright. Once underway, the first half went very quickly. Before we knew it, it was half-time. We all know the drill: more food and drink orders, the other break, the stretch and walk outside to check out the sunset, final raffle ticket purchases.

We began anew with game 5, won by Toby Morris. Game 6 was won by a professional Bingo player … Cheryl Sellers brought her own buttons to use as markers. That raised the discussion about our colorful beads. Over the months, they’ve gotten sticky. Yours truly volunteered to take them home and give them a good bath. I’ll probably just stick them in the pool and swoosh them around a bit. One of my table mates suggested that I grind them into squares so they won’t roll. I had another suggestion for him. Anyway, the beads are currently in my possession. Don’t worry. They’ll be back for our first game on November 8th.

The 50/50 raffle jackpot came in at $3,900 pesos with $1,950 going to Wendy Feldman, the holder of the winning ticket. Congratulations Wendy! Thank you for making the trip from Xtapa to join us. Dennis Smith was the lucky winner of the Big Raffle “Romance Basket”, valued at $4,500 pesos. Congratulations to you, Dennis! Enjoy.

Game 7 was won by Pierre Paquette and game 8, Blackout, was won by Drew Baldridge.

Congratulations to all our game winners and thank you for coming out and helping to make the event a success. Your generosity helped to raise a whopping $11,240 pesos, bringing the combined total to $22,287 for Asilo San Juan Diego. Give yourselves a big round of applause!


Gift Bags

No Way Jose

Margaret Souder
Coolling Ties by Bill Kelly Malcom Art
Cheeky Monkey Franc Gole
Artepil SPA Deja New Consignment
Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates PVRPV
Fishing with Carolina Cassandra Shaw
Cupo City Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
Coffe Cup Lola Covarrubias
Esther Sánchez Socorro Macías
Los Alcatraces Restaurant Flaveur City
Mail Boxes Etc. Gay Vallarta Bar Hopping
Health Care Resources Apaches Bar


Trattoria Michel Metamorfosis Day Spa
Eden Flores Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates

None of this would be possible without the hardworking administrative committee of Charity Bingo, namely Tim of PVRPV, Lori of Rio Amapas-Private Luxury Residences, and Charlotte and Carole of Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates. Our other volunteers include Robin, Lina, Juan Carlos and Oscar. Many thanks to all of you for your generosity. Charity Bingo wouldn’t happen without your tireless efforts.

Don’t forget that in November we will play Bingo for Casa Hogar, the local children’s orphanage. A wish list will be published soon. Donations for all of our causes can be made anytime at the PVRPV office, Pino Suarez #210 in Old Town, but, if you bring something from the wish list on Bingo night, you qualify for an extra card, FREE! Doesn’t get much better than that.

See you Tuesday, November 8 at 6:30 for another exciting evening of Charity Bingo!