Cat Lovers!!!

The following blog entry is from PVRPV Staff Member Paloma Bartz

Pet Heaven in Puerto Vallarta is an altruistic partnership led by two cat lovers: Gary Phillips & Bob Lloyd. They have built a shelter for animals which bears about 150 cats; it is noteworthy that only during spring-summer 50 were housed. The refuge is a ranch of approximately ½ acre. They not only give them shelter, but a better life. They feed and nurture them, as well as, pamper and love them.

The kittens they take care of aren’t currently in physical adoption, but rather virtual, since they’ve created a program called “Virtual Adoption Program.” Where you can virtually support your cat with a donation of $ 100.00 USD for a year and its name and photo, along with your name and your home town or country will be displayed on the wall called “Heaven’s Keepers.”

So if you’re one of the many cat lovers, help contribute the cause.

For more information, please visit their website: