Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie    


Week 12 of Bingo for Pasitos de Luz has come and gone. What a wonderful, generous bunch of players we had last Tuesday night. Fifty-eight players, many volunteers (where was Lina?) and scads of Nacho Daddy staff were all in their places with bright, shining faces, avidly awaiting the evening’s promise of fun and excitement. As usual, we weren’t disappointed.    

Before getting started, there were, of course, a few housekeeping chores. Tim had the floor and the mike and announced that the last bingo night would be April 19th. BUT, on April 26th, a Bingo Pajama Party would be held at Nacho Daddy to officially close the season. I’m guessing all participants would be required to dress in nightclothes or PJ’s or like that. I’m sure that more information will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.  Tim also announced that, at the end of the prior Bingo night, a total of $168,896 pesos had been raised to benefit our friends at Pasitos de Luz. The total jumped to $171,846 pesos when Rita Hoff generously donated $2,950 pesos to the worthy cause. Thank you, Rita, for your kindness.    

Tim also announced that sales of the 2011 Bomberos calendar are up. The price has been reduced to $100 pesos. All monies from sales go directly to the Bomberos as their need for supplies is ongoing. By the way, the naked version costs a little more. Just kidding.    

Tim finally turned the mike over to Juan Carlos who was anxious to call the first letter and number of the night. Within minutes, “Bingo, I think” was heard from one of the front tables. Well, it was a mistake bingo. That was okay. Sometimes players get over-exuberant. But, one number later, the mistaken bingo was a good bingo. Perseverance pays off once again.    

During the break between games, I noticed that several players use one color of beads per card. So, that requires some time separating the blues, greens, reds or yellows from the rest of the bowl. I tried that once but it took too much time and effort. I finally went back to the random bead method. Whatever works.    

Prize package delivered and picture taken of game #1 winner, we were off again to game #2.  It happened again. A ways into the game, Josh was sure he had a bingo and said so. It was not. And, then a few numbers later, it was good. Weird. Did you realize that Juan Carlos can say “Yes” in at least eight languages? Listen and learn.    

Throughout the evening, Carol sold the 50-50 raffle tickets, Robin sold tickets for the big prize raffle, and the rest of us concentrated on our cards. I had an extra card because I brought a new player, my friend Mary. She’ll be back I hope.    

Mikki Prost of Encore was in attendance. Mikki always donates to the prize pool and tonight was no exception. Thank you Mikki, for your generosity and participation. Also in the house was Liana Turner of cinnamon bun fame. It’s been awhile, Liana. Welcome back. Liana’s Paradise Bakery vends the cinnamon buns at the weekly Farmers’ Market across from Coco’s Kitchen. Oh, I think that the Bomberos calendars are also available at the Market.    



During the half-time activities, Cindy DuChateau won the 50-50 raffle. Big-hearted lady that she is, Cindy donated her winnings to the children at Pasitos de Luz. Thank you, Cindy. Then, Tim drew the winning raffle ticket. The prize…a gift certificate for two for a one night’s stay at the beautiful Casa de Angel, including breakfast. Instead of announcingthe name, Tim simply said the winner was wearing a hat! The winner had to be another tablemate, Ginger Carpenter, cause she was wearing a hat. Ginger was pretty excited about her win. Don’t forget to hang on to your raffle ticket stubs for the grand prize drawing at the end of the season.   


Another evening of fun, laughs, good food, good drink and camaraderie. What a wonderful group of people. Many thanks to all who make this a fun event.    

Okay. There are only two bingo nights left. I know I am not alone in the hope that we will raise more than our goal of $200,000 pesos. At the end of the night, the total stood at $181,746. Do the math, folks. We can do this.    



#1 Gary Brown    

Bar FridaCassandra Shaw Jewelry -El Andariego -Estetica Susy – Fishing with Carolina -Mikey’s Delicatessen @ Los MercadosPEACE MEXICO -Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro -Rest. Dianita – Teatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#2 Lisbet Jones    

Apaches Bar -Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – D’Martha’s Salon -Dental Montero -Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los MercadosMarina Coffee CupPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa -Rancho CharroTeatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#3 June Thompson    

Alberto Gomez Salon – Cassandra Shaw JewelryEncore boutiqueFishing with Carolina -Hotel Villa del MarLos Veranos Canopy TourPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa -Susana Ochoa – Teatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#4 Monique D’Anjou    

Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los MercadosPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rancho CharroTeatro LimonYoga VallartaRest. Andales – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#5 Mary Jones    

Cheeky Monkey – Encore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los Mercados – La Escondida sports Bar – MarantinaPEACE MEXICO- Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Rest. Los Dephines – Teatro Limon – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#6 Mikki Prost    

PEACE MEXICOBar Anonimo – Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw JewelryEl Andariego- Estetica Susy – Fishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los MercadosMarina Coffee Cup – Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Rest. Dianita – Victor’s Bar & GrillYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#7 Patricia Hoffman    

PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Fishing with Carolina – Bolerama Vallarta – Olas Altas Coffee Cup – Alberto Gomez Salon – Yoga VallartaRest. AndalesHotel Villa del MarRancho CharroTeatro LimonEl AndariegoMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#8 Judy Shatney & Michael Hammond    

Café Bohemia – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Cheeky Monkey – Deja New ConsignmentEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaHacienda JaliscoMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados- Pure Life Spa – Rancho CharroTeatro LimonEl AndariegoBar Fuego – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    



But, I’ve noticed that our numbers have dwindled as the season draws to a close. The first Bingo night found over 100 like-minded people participating in this bi-weekly event. Many have returned home, others have, no doubt had other obligations the past few occasions. This is an invitation for all of you who used play, to join us on April 5 at 6:30 pm at Nacho Daddy. Please, come back, visit with old friends and perhaps make new ones, share some laughs, nachos, a margarita or two and play BINGO. Let’s do it for the children. I’ll be making a personal appeal to some of you in the coming days.    

Also, please don’t forget…bring a newbie and get a free card. Bring something from the wish list and get a free card. A person could end up with five cards! Remember: wish list and thrift store items can also be dropped off at the PVRPV office at 210 Pino Suarez in Old Town.    


See you Tuesday, April 5th. I’m not going to say “Be there or be square” because someone else has already used that tag-line.  


Charity Bingo in benefit of Pasitos de Luz presents its first: PAJAMA Party!!!