Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie

How gratifying to watch as tens of tens of avid Bingo players wandered, danced, skipped into Nacho Daddy on Tuesday to play Bingo for the children one last time this season. 112 to be precise. Hard to imagine that we’ve been enjoying all this food, drink and fun since October of last year. Many were in for the long haul, some were in for their stay in Paradise, but all were enthusiastic and generous to the cause. The goal to benefit the Pasitos de Luz Day Care Center was met and then surpassed. The final tally was $206,366 pesos! I never had a doubt. Great job, everyone!



We started off the evening welcoming back our intrepid caller, Juan Carlos. His trusty side-kick, Nina “Vanna White” Goodhope of Cork & Bottle, joined him. A perfect start to our last evening. Laurie was working the bead bin, making sure that all the tables had plenty of the little devils. Mary Jane Cleveland was in the house. She remarked to me that when she first saw the little bowl of beads, she thought they were mini M & M’s. I had to laugh because that’s what I thought when I first saw them, too. SNACKS! Not.


Looking around the room before we got started, I couldn’t help but notice that PVRPV was in the house, en masse. They took up two giant tables. Almost 25% of the crowd. Serious business. Also attending, were Kim LaRue and a whole bunch of Mob Flash Dancers from Sunday. Well, shoot. I’d say a good 50% of the crowd participated in that event. What a blast!


We finally got started. Lina won the first bingo very quickly and we were off to the races. That didn’t stop Carol of Xocodiva from selling her 50/50 raffle tickets. She was selling them like there would be no tomorrow. The second winner, didn’t catch the name, would accept the prize package only if anything from Cassandra Shaw was left out. I thought that was kind of rude until I realized that Cassandra Shaw was at the winner’s table. Just kidding, right? Cassandra has been extremely generous with her support of Bingo night. Thank you Cassandra!


Our third winner just shouted “Whoo!” The correct shout is BINGO! Good grief. Well, I guess I was becoming a little testy because my order of chicken fingers was very late in getting to me. And, I wasn’t the only one at our table. We decided that the chickens were really fast and tough to catch. I’ve never understood why the dish is called “chicken fingers”. Chickens don’t have fingers. And, buffalos don’t have wings made out of chicken, either. I’m confused.


Shortly before the fourth game, Tim announced that there were only 17 50/50 raffle tickets left! They were raffled off to the highest bidder…$205 pesos.


During half-time, one of my table mates confessed that she’d brought her pajamas, just in case. I can sure understand why. I’d hate to go to a pajama party without my pajamas. But, the pajama party is next Tuesday. See you then Tuesday, Mary.





Sometime after Patty won game #5, a guitar pick was auctioned off for $130 pesos. I must have been ordering more wine because, lousy reporter that I am, I missed the whole bit. Then, the 50/50 raffle winner was announced…Veronica Jurado of PVRPV was the big winner of $2,870! That’s a BIG winner. Congratulations, Veronica. There were three prizes available in the BIG raffle…a beautiful print on canvas with hand drawn details donated by Kevin Harney, the artist. Thank you, Kevin. A beautiful ring from Cassandra Shaw Jewelry. Thank you, Cassandra. And, a certificate for an intensive! Facial with Dr. Dhelma Becerra Medical Center. Many thanks for that prize. And, the winners were…Ross Shapiro won the art AND the ring. Ross was not available so his wife accepted the print on his behalf and accepted the ring on her own behalf. Congratulations to the Shapiros. The facial was won by Kathleen “the great” Palmer of Déjà Vu. She confided that she only put “the great” on her ticket because she’s never won anything. And, look what happened! Congratulations, Kathleen, the great.


Tim announced that Casa Connor, a Canadian concern, has been working as a partner with Pasitos de Luz. The group has raised $140,000+ Canadian for Yolanda’s day care center. Kudos and many thanks to Casa Connor.


Well, after the two black-out bingo winners were verified, everyone just jumped up and left it seemed like. But, we had a great time, good food and giant margaritas. And, we reached our goal.


Many thanks, again, to our prize donors, volunteers, Nacho Daddy staff and to all the generous bingo players throughout the season. The goal couldn’t have been reached without you. Special thanks to Tim Longpre because without his hard work the event might not have even happened. You are an awesome humanitarian, Tim.


#1 Lina Longpré

 Blue Massage – Bowlerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Deja New Consignment – Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los MercadosPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Rest. Andale – Rest. Fuego – Teatro LimonVictor’s Bar & Grill – Yoga Vallarta – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV




#2 Mark McCoy

 Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Dermatografista Profesional – Encore Boutique – Yoga Vallarta – Rancho Charro – Bowlerama Vallarta – El Andariego – Pure Life Spa – Fishing with CarolinaTeatro LimonPEACE MEXICOCassandra Shaw Jewelry – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV



#3 Natalie Gordon

 Archie’s Wok – Bowlerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Cheeky Monkey – Cork + Bottle @ Los Mercados – Dental Montero – El AndariegoFishing with Carolina – Joe Jack’s Fish Shack – K’Rico @ Los Mercados – Marilyn Kurtz – Marina Coffee Cup – Pure Life Spa – Teatro Limon – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV



#4 Donna Davies

 Bowlerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Dermatografista Profesional – Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina – La Escondida Sports Bar – Marantina Lounge – Mikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados – Sandwich Club Card – Olas Altas Coffee Cup – PEACE MEXICORancho Charro – Restaurante Andale 1 – Teatro Limon – Yoga Vallarta – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV


#5 Patty McLane

 Andale Restaurant – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- D’Martha Salon – Dental Montero – Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoEncore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina – Hotel Villa del Mar – K’Rico @ Los Mercados  - PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Restaurante Los Delfines – Restaurante Porto Novo – Susana Ochoa – Teatro Limon – Xocodiva – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV


#6 Gustavo Contreras

 Bowlerama Vallarta 1 free game – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Cork+Bottle @ Los Mercados 10% discount – Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina – Los Delfines Restaurant – Marantina – Mikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados – Sandwich Club card – Porto Novo Restaurant – Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Restaurante Rio Grande – Teatro LimonVictor’s Bar & Grill –  Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV


 #7 Alma Salgado

 Bowlerama Vallarta 1 free game – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry SILVER RING – Deja New Consignment 50 peso discount – Encore BoutiqueFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los Mercados – Pam Thompson – PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rest. Porto Novo – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV


#8 Wendy Feldmanis

 Bar Anonimo – Bowlerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Cheeky Monkey – Fishing with Carolina – Hotel Villa del Mar – Mikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados – Pure Life Spa – Rancho CharroEl Andariego  - Teatro Limon – Trattoria Michel – Tropicasa Realty – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV





Don’t forget the pajama party next Tuesday. Everyone should have the information, but if not, it goes from 7pm to 10pm at Nacho Daddy (where else?). Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative pajama ensemble. Good luck with that. It’s gonna be so darn much fun!! Don’t you think?

 Oh, and just because we aren’t playing Bingo anymore, doesn’t mean that Pasitos de Luz does not need those items on the wish list. Any donations can be dropped off at the PVRPV offices at 210 Pino Suarez in Old Town. Thanks so much.

 Signing off…

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