Banderas Beat’s Update on Food Drive

Laura Gelazunas, a video journalist shows us that everything continues here in Puerto Vallarta, from the beans to the lentils, to the donations, to our “Packaging Parties”, all the way from the sweat and the smiles… to the kids at risk.

Due to the affect that the swine flu caused to our tourism industry, the local community pulled together and started “The Food Drive of the Banderas Bay” in the beginning of May. This negative publicity greatly affected our economy in Puerto Vallarta, therefore affecting the local community.

As you will see in this video, it recaps all the activities that we have been doing during these last few months, and we wanted to take this opportunity and extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped the local community either by donating food, money, time or sweat!

To see the original video/full episode of August 1st 2009 Banderas Beat on Banderas News, click on the following link: Banderas Beat’s Update on Food Drive.