Banderas Bay Hover Tours – Ameca River Adventure – Puerto Vallarta

Steve Snyder


I recently had the pleasure of going on the new and unique to Puerto Vallarta hovercraft tour that is operating out of Boca de Tomates on the Rio Ameca.


The tour started with the owner, Bob, giving a talk about the area and the importance of the Mangroves, and a detailed look at some of the birds we were going to see on the tour. Soon we were on our way with Chris piloting the hovercraft. Headsets are provided and 2-way communication is possible between Chris and all passengers, an excellent feature considering the relative noise of the hovercraft.


The hovercraft itself seemed very maneuverable and felt a bit like a car sliding on ice, not at all like a boat slicing through the water. Pilot Chris was able to point out several different birds, crocodiles, and turtles as we made our way up the Ameca River. We actually passed right under the two bridges that cross the state line from Jalisco to Nayarit. It was very interesting to see that perspective from the river instead of from up above on the bridge.


And I will guarantee that you will not get wet! Yeah, right! Actually, very little water spray made its way inside the open hovercraft. We saw many different types of birds, including a Blue Heron, and many crocodiles!


After some showing off by Chris, we made it back to the mouth of the river and seemingly effortlessly drove right out of the water onto the beach.


The next portion of our tour was a walk through the mangroves with guide Carlos, who is passionate about nature and its preservation and very knowledgeable as well. Mexico has 4 species of Mangroves, with a total of over 80 worldwide, and they emit nitrogen into the air to help balance our atmosphere. Obviously they are an important part of the planets eco-systems.


The tour finished off with a demonstration of how to throw a fishing net used by the local fishermen. Most of us have seen a local fisherman out on the beach or river mouth, throwing one of these nets. We all got a chance to try it and I am sure with some practice we could all throw the nets almost as well as our fisherman!


Banderas Bay Hover Tours, an adventure on the river and a lesson on our important local environment! Please contact the PVRPV Concierge Team for reservations at or at 222.0638.