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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie

Once again, a bunch of us got together at Nacho Daddy to play Bingo to benefit Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia—Help to Blind People. Gosh, folks. Isn’t the weather fabulous? I arrived early after spending a splendid afternoon on the beach. I recommend it.

After finding my preferred table, I discovered that I had forgotten paper for notes. Had a pen, just no paper. And, Nacho Daddy recently laminated the special Bingo menus. What to do? Napkins just don’t work for note taking. Tammy to the rescue. Thanks Tammy for providing some really nice paper. Tammy told me that she really loves paper. Who knew? By the way, she loves tires, too. She recently had a birthday. I wonder which she got … paper or tires.

Showing up at the venue early gave me the opportunity to watch the all the avid, excited Bingo players find their favorite tables and place orders for their favorite food and drink with the A-1, top drawer Nacho Daddy Staff.

Carole, our nifty 50/50 raffle chica, was all decked out in a fur trimmed Santa hat. The white fur pom-pom bounced atop her head on a red springy thingy. Words fail me from time to time. Like now. Certainly a festive hat.

The room slowly filled. Carole peddled her tickets; Tim sold the cards (I’d like a lucky one, please). The beautiful Lori was in the house doing whatever else was required to get ready for the games. Lina, Tim’s lovely sister, worked the room selling BIG Raffle tickets for an unidentified but gigantic gift basket. The 411 will follow, I promise. As soon as I learned that chocolate was involved, (Charlotte was spotted bringing in the basket) I purchased three tickets. One stop shopping for Christmas gifts was my thinking.

Oh, by the way, Charlotte had a Santa hat identical to Carole’s. Thought I was seeing double. Ka-boing, ka-boing.

Stuff from the wish-list was piling up on the stage. Good news for our cause, to be sure, but, the room was only half-full. We couldn’t wait any longer. Our now regular guest caller, Sean Moore, was ready to Bingo. Check one, check two, check, check. N-45 started us off, in English and espanol. Sean’s espanol just gets better each time we play.

Gosh the restaurant was dark tonight. But, no holiday decorations. Awwww, shucks.

Happened to notice a beautiful young couple dressed in traditional clothing strolling through the restaurant. How lovely they were. I hoped they would dance during halftime, whenever that happened. One never knows anymore. The lovely couple was our prize delivery system for the evening.

Game 1 was won by Ron Springer, Marlene Rosenberg won Game 2. Whooo hoooo! Carol Clarke walked away with the prize bag for Game 3 and Judy Raad (a winner from our last event) won Game 4.

Tim called halftime after the (gasp) fourth game. Once again, we were treated to spectacular entertainment provided by members of Discapacitados Visuales de la Bahia. First, dancing by the young couple: Luis Enrique Mendez, who is the nephew of the charity founder, Rebeca and his partner Erendira Meza. They danced to La Negra and Guadalajara. What talent! Then, we were treated to a musical serenade by Edgar Gil on guitar and Antonio Morales on accordion. They played and sang Cielito Lindo and Caminos de Guanajuato. The charity has hugely participated in the events. It has not only been entertaining but gratifying as well. No blindfolds this week—just beautiful music. Many thanks to all the entertainers. Help for the Blind is truly a worthy cause.

Something nice happened during halftime … more folks started showing up. Can’t stay away. The festive music drew them in. Welcome newbies. Hope you played with us.

No matter where I turned, there were bobbing pom-poms. Ka-boing, ka-boing. Love those hats.

The first bingo of Game 5 was not a good bingo. Instead of a right-side up “T”, the player made an upside-down “T”. Ohhhhhh! Jan Saridakis (she was at my table) and Barbara Sandino were the eventual winners. Game 6 was won by Janet Seigneuret. Wheeeee!

The raffle girls were ready to raffle after Game 7, which was won by Joann Cain and Dennis Smith. Mr. Smith was at my table. Anyway, the 50/50 ticket was drawn and $900 was won by Margaret Souder! She generously donated her winnings back to the charity. What a wonderful gesture, Margaret. Thank you. The BIG Raffle was won by our own Lori Lorenzen! Lots of chocolate compliments of Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates and a gift certificate from for $1,000 US off interior design services! WOW!

Before we could get underway again with blackout bingo, we had our traditional bead spill near the stage. OH,NO! As usual, it was handled quickly and quietly. I love Bingo, don’t you?

A couple of street bingos during the final game. No one paid any attention because we were only a few numbers into the game. Anyway, we’re used to it. Game 8 was won by Dennis Schram. He won the same game the last time we played! What are the odds of that happening? Wow!

Congratulations to all the winners. You guys rock!

In spite of the holidays, we did well. 48 people came out and we collected a total of $7,190 for the evening. Thank you all for coming.

A big round of applause for all of our volunteers, especially Tim of PVRPV, Lina of PVRPV, Lori of Rio Amapas-Private Luxury Residences, Carole and Charlotte of Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates. Without you, Charity Bingo would not be a reality. I would be remiss if I didn’t extend warm thanks to Sean and the Nacho Daddy staff. And to all the prize donators, we’re very grateful for your participation.

Our next Bingo event will be held at Nacho Daddy at 6:30 on Tuesday, January 10, 2012. It will benefit Canica—Ninos con Cancer (Children with Cancer). Please join us and help to raise funds for another worthy cause. Watch for the wish list. Signing off until then.

Happy Holidays to all!!

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