A little Canadian Charity goes a long way…

While planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta, I searched Google and stumbled across a company called PVRPV.  This company, www.pvrpv.com, which is based out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, specializes in Vacation Rentals and Property Management.  While browsing their  website,  I soon realized that the President, Tim Longpré, who is  Canadian,  was also much involved in this community by helping out those in need, from visiting the orphanages and spending hours with the children, to doing fundraising activities.  Their blog, www.pvrpv.com/blog which has amazing stories of activities they have been involved in over the past years, gave me an idea of my own.

While serving my clients, I spread the word about my upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta, and how I wanted to help and bring with me items which would be donated to a local orphanage.   From that moment, the word spread quickly amongst the community and by the time I was ready to board, I had a 60 lb duffle bag, which was filled with items such as toys, clothing, school supplies and so much more.  The Valley Beaver Outreach program quickly stepped up to the plate and with their contacts, helped me by visiting local businesses, contacting their family and friends and allowed me to bring the items with me onboard. This would not have been possible to accomplish on my own and had it not been for everyone who was involved.

Normally, one would have to pay for the excess pounds in a luggage; however, the airline that I flew with Canjet, allowed me to bring this duffle bag for free as it was for humanitarian reasons.  This is the case for most airlines if it is for humanitarian reasons.

Tim and his PVRPV staff were so pleased with the donations that they decided to give it to Pasitos de Luz a local day care for children with special needs.

Alison McGuire

Total Body Esthetics
Thornbury, Ontario