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PVRPV Celebrates their 7th year in business in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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One of Puerto Vallarta’s premier vacation rental agencies has just celebrated its 7th anniversary. PVRPV first opened its doors for business on March 1, 2005. Tim Longpré, who is originally from Toronto, and his staff of 3, represented 50 properties out of their small office located at 152 Francisca Rodriguez.

In 2008, the business moved to its present location, at 210 Pino Suarez. Tim and his able staff of 24, boasting collectively 500 years of experience in the rental industry, currently represent over 500 properties located throughout the area.

PVRPV is pro-active in the community co-sponsoring events such as Charity Bingo for four years. The first three seasons of Charity Bingo raised over $360,000 pesos for Pasitos de Luz, the local daycare center for handicapped children.

During the swine flu outbreak in the summer of 2009, the PVRPV offices became the staging area for a huge food drive, organized to assist those in need.

In 2011, PVRPV co-sponsored the first annual Mob Flash Dance to promote tourism in Puerto Vallarta.

Additionally, the company took an active role in organizing the 2012 Mardi Gras Parade.

The list of community service projects is long and will continue into the future.

The PVRPV office is also the local drop off spot for all donations for all charitable organizations in the community. The PVRPV team is tireless, multi-talented and is adept at multi-tasking. Tim depends heavily on his loyal staff for community service projects and they always deliver 110%.

Even with all the extra-curricular activities, the agency has served thousands of satisfied vacationers over the years. Below is a small sample of how customers have rated their Puerto Vallarta experiences:

“Overall we were very impressed with PVRPV. When making reservations we found you polite, friendly and prompt. The transfer and meet at the apartment was totally perfect—very impressed. Will recommend you to our friends—great service.

“Everything was wonderful. Thank you so much for the great holiday. Wayne

“This was our 4th consecutive year booking with you and we have already booked for next year. We are all quite satisfied with PVRPV and have recommended you to numerous friends.

“Always a great job. No worries. Kirk.

Customer service is an extremely important commodity, one that often falls by the wayside in far too many businesses. PVRPV’s continued success in a very competitive market prompted Tim to develop and heavily rely on a 5* rating system, especially designed to pinpoint customer service weaknesses. The agency continuously rates, on average, 4.5*. Their reputation is renowned and well deserved.

The innovative creation of an automated booking system for owners and customers, has streamlined reservations coordination.

Tim’s sister, Lina, joined the team 4 years ago and recently became a partner, making PVRPV even more of a family concern.

PVRPV will soon be moving their offices to 130 Ignacio L. Vallarta, the Riviera Molino Building. Watch for the grand opening of this beautiful space sometime in May 2012.

Congratulations, PVRPV and here’s wishing you many more successful years.


PVRPV – The largest and most popular site for Puerto Vallarta Vacation Services.

Pino Suarez 210 – Puerto Vallarta, Jal. – México 48380
Tel: (322) 222-0638 – Fax: (322) 222-9694
US or Canada: (206) 388-3703

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Charity Bingo #1 for The Food Bank

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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie

Welcome to another edition of Charity Bingo. We’ve called it everything from Bingo-Lation to Bingo-Rama to Speedy Gonzalez Bingo. It’s all the same game. And, always great fun. More and more wonderful people are turning out to play every other week. This is super and thank you very much for your participation.

I thought I would do something different with this article. Don’t know about you, but it seems to me that they all almost sound the same. Just the names are changed to promote the winners. So, this time, I’ve decided not to write an article at all. That will really be a change. Oscar will simply publish a list of winners. How about that?

NOT. Of course, I’ll write the article. Made ya look though, didn’t it?

I arrived at Nacho Daddy early. Had no choice. I was in charge of the beads. I stopped on Basilio Badillo in front of Nacho Daddy, flashers flashing, popped the hatch and Sean raced out to collect the basket of newly washed beads. Thanks for the assist, Sean. By the way, Gayle from Portland graciously provided the laundry service. I must have been napping so we didn’t get pics of the process. I don’t know how she did it but I do know that she separated a whole bunch of beans from the beads as they floated away in the pool. We’d run out of beads during an especially crowded Bingo event and Nacho Daddy supplemented with beans. Yay, Gayle! Anyway, I powdered the beads before delivery. Yay, me! Hey, we all do what we can, right?

Once parked, I got to the restaurant just in time to meet Gayle and Alex. Alex brought her neat Alaskan Eskimo doggie, Diva. She really is a diva and a very good dog. Then, Ron Biggs strolled in with his little dog, too. I wondered if the night was going to end up going to the dogs.

Our February events will benefit the local food bank—Banco de Alamientos. All of the volunteers, new and old finally arrived. Carole immediately began hawking the 50/50 raffle tickets. She may have started before she even came through the door for all I know. The woman is tireless. Moreover, she won’t take “no” or even “no, thank you” for an answer. Her success is legendary. Rock on, Carole. Robin was back, selling the BIG Raffle tickets. Three prizes were up for grabs—10 passes to Swimming With the Dolphins, valued at $3,000, 2 nights at Casa Isabel, worth $4,000 and 2 valuable clown paintings donated by Margaret Souder. The prize bags, each valued at over $1,500, were donated by dozens of restaurants, service providers and bars throughout Puerto Vallarta. We’ve got some great donors this year. Charlotte and Lori have done a splendid job.

By the way, Banco de Alamientos is a little known charity. However, they’ve been around awhile and they help feed over 5,000 people a month. Food donations will always be cheerfully accepted.

We were entertained by a pair of brand new callers this evening—Astrid van Dam of Superior Tours and another lady assisting. I didn’t catch her name. In any case, Tim introduced them as Laverne and Shirley. Well, being Dutch, they didn’t understand the humor. So, Tim re-introduced them as Thelma and Louise. The ladies were familiar with that pair. Yikes! Any case, Astrid had never called a bingo game before but, boy oh boy, she got down to it and we were off to the races again. Another Speedy Gonzalez night, Astrid style. In English AND in Spanish. Oh, and in Dutch a couple of times. Very amusing, very fun. Kudos, Astrid and thank you for joining us. Hope to see you again.

Let the games begin. Game 1 was won by Gerry White; Game 2 by Bob Turgeon. Game 3 was a double, with Gayle Adcock (my friend from Portland) and Marsha Germaise (remember this name) sharing the honors. Actually, it’s not a share. Each winner receives a whole bag of goodies. Game 4 was another double, with Fay Sloane and Marsha Germaise (remember her?) taking home the baggies.

Break time. Half time. Whatever. Time to replenish beverages and munchies. The Nacho Daddy staff was right on target as usual. I wasn’t feeling my very best so I was drinking mineral water (gasp) instead of cerveza or vino tinto. Hey! That’s okay once in awhile. I promise it won’t happen again. Couldn’t eat either but that didn’t stop the folks at my table and the tables around me. Gosh the food smelled delicious.

Back from the break, Astrid began again. We were going to blast all previous records for early dismissal. Whew! Faster than a speeding bullet. Well, Thelma and Louise, you know. Anyway, Alex Wassermann and Diva won Game 5. Then, Margaret Grimes won Game 6. Then, Karen Danielson and Alex Wassermann won Game 7. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was playing. I should add that Gayle, Karen and Alex were all sitting at my table. Lucky table, kind of.

Time for the raffle drawings. Okay. Guess who won the 50/50 raffle. If you said Marsha Germaise, you would be correct! $1,950 was the jackpot. I’m not kidding! Three bingo games and a raffle. Talk about luck. The BIG Raffle prizes went to Roger Leclare (Casa Isabel), Vina Vandervelde (paintings) and Gerry White (Swim with the Dolphins package).

Game 8 was won by a total stranger, namely Johanna Westhaver.

Congratulations to all our winners tonight. Well, there weren’t that many now were there. Anyway, 91 generous people played, had a bunch of fun and raised a whopping $11,050 for the food bank. How great is that! Thank you all for coming out and we hope to see you on Tuesday, February 21 at Nacho Daddy. Come early so you can get a good seat.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention as many of our sponsors and volunteers as possible. Tim and Lina of PVRPV, Lori of Rio Amapas-Private Luxury Residences, Charlotte and Carole of Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates, and Robert, Bryan and Tammy helping wherever needed.

Don’t forget, folks. Bring food items to the next event and collect your free bingo card. Bring someone we’ve never seen before, collect a free bingo card. See how that works?

Until then, this is me, signing off.


Alexander A Salon JB Dancing Club
Angelas Joe Jack’s Fish Shack
Apaches Bistro Las Palmas
Apaches Martini Bar Las Palomas
Archies Wok La Kuh
Artepil Spa Lola Covarrubias
Bella Napoli Los Alcatraces
Bellisima SPA Los Bambinos
Bills Sport Bar Los Veranos Canopy Tour
Bubba Gump Mail Boxes Etc.
Bagu Spa Malecon Art
Café DesArtistes Mimis Pancake House
Canopy River Nacho Daddy
Canto del Mar Natural Essence
Carpaccio New beginnigs
Cassandra Shaw No Way Jose Restaurant
Centro University Ocho Tostadas
Cheeky Monkey Old Time Photo Studio
Coffee Cup Ontli Spa
Cooling Ties by Bill Kelly Outback
Cristelex Page in the Sun
Curvas Peligrosas Pam Thompson
Daiquiri Dicks Pegaso Tours
Deja New Consignment Provecho
Dental Estetic PVRPV
Diamonds International PV Sleep Well
Dr. Natalie Vargas River Café
El Andariego Sabrina Bar & Grill
Esther Sanchez Socorro Macias
Fishing with Carolina Starbucks
Flaveur City The Coffee Cup
Franc Gol The Dog House
Frida Un Bar The Palm Cabaret
Gabys Tropical Adventures
Gay Vallarta Bar Hopping Unnique ATV Tours
Gold’s Gym Vallarta Adventures
Hacienda Doña Engracia Vallarta Shorex
Hearthcare Resources Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates
Hotel Tropicana Yupi Lizazola

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