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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie    


Week 12 of Bingo for Pasitos de Luz has come and gone. What a wonderful, generous bunch of players we had last Tuesday night. Fifty-eight players, many volunteers (where was Lina?) and scads of Nacho Daddy staff were all in their places with bright, shining faces, avidly awaiting the evening’s promise of fun and excitement. As usual, we weren’t disappointed.    

Before getting started, there were, of course, a few housekeeping chores. Tim had the floor and the mike and announced that the last bingo night would be April 19th. BUT, on April 26th, a Bingo Pajama Party would be held at Nacho Daddy to officially close the season. I’m guessing all participants would be required to dress in nightclothes or PJ’s or like that. I’m sure that more information will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.  Tim also announced that, at the end of the prior Bingo night, a total of $168,896 pesos had been raised to benefit our friends at Pasitos de Luz. The total jumped to $171,846 pesos when Rita Hoff generously donated $2,950 pesos to the worthy cause. Thank you, Rita, for your kindness.    

Tim also announced that sales of the 2011 Bomberos calendar are up. The price has been reduced to $100 pesos. All monies from sales go directly to the Bomberos as their need for supplies is ongoing. By the way, the naked version costs a little more. Just kidding.    

Tim finally turned the mike over to Juan Carlos who was anxious to call the first letter and number of the night. Within minutes, “Bingo, I think” was heard from one of the front tables. Well, it was a mistake bingo. That was okay. Sometimes players get over-exuberant. But, one number later, the mistaken bingo was a good bingo. Perseverance pays off once again.    

During the break between games, I noticed that several players use one color of beads per card. So, that requires some time separating the blues, greens, reds or yellows from the rest of the bowl. I tried that once but it took too much time and effort. I finally went back to the random bead method. Whatever works.    

Prize package delivered and picture taken of game #1 winner, we were off again to game #2.  It happened again. A ways into the game, Josh was sure he had a bingo and said so. It was not. And, then a few numbers later, it was good. Weird. Did you realize that Juan Carlos can say “Yes” in at least eight languages? Listen and learn.    

Throughout the evening, Carol sold the 50-50 raffle tickets, Robin sold tickets for the big prize raffle, and the rest of us concentrated on our cards. I had an extra card because I brought a new player, my friend Mary. She’ll be back I hope.    

Mikki Prost of Encore was in attendance. Mikki always donates to the prize pool and tonight was no exception. Thank you Mikki, for your generosity and participation. Also in the house was Liana Turner of cinnamon bun fame. It’s been awhile, Liana. Welcome back. Liana’s Paradise Bakery vends the cinnamon buns at the weekly Farmers’ Market across from Coco’s Kitchen. Oh, I think that the Bomberos calendars are also available at the Market.    



During the half-time activities, Cindy DuChateau won the 50-50 raffle. Big-hearted lady that she is, Cindy donated her winnings to the children at Pasitos de Luz. Thank you, Cindy. Then, Tim drew the winning raffle ticket. The prize…a gift certificate for two for a one night’s stay at the beautiful Casa de Angel, including breakfast. Instead of announcingthe name, Tim simply said the winner was wearing a hat! The winner had to be another tablemate, Ginger Carpenter, cause she was wearing a hat. Ginger was pretty excited about her win. Don’t forget to hang on to your raffle ticket stubs for the grand prize drawing at the end of the season.   


Another evening of fun, laughs, good food, good drink and camaraderie. What a wonderful group of people. Many thanks to all who make this a fun event.    

Okay. There are only two bingo nights left. I know I am not alone in the hope that we will raise more than our goal of $200,000 pesos. At the end of the night, the total stood at $181,746. Do the math, folks. We can do this.    



#1 Gary Brown    

Bar FridaCassandra Shaw Jewelry -El Andariego -Estetica Susy – Fishing with Carolina -Mikey’s Delicatessen @ Los MercadosPEACE MEXICO -Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro -Rest. Dianita – Teatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#2 Lisbet Jones    

Apaches Bar -Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – D’Martha’s Salon -Dental Montero -Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los MercadosMarina Coffee CupPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa -Rancho CharroTeatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#3 June Thompson    

Alberto Gomez Salon – Cassandra Shaw JewelryEncore boutiqueFishing with Carolina -Hotel Villa del MarLos Veranos Canopy TourPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa -Susana Ochoa – Teatro LimonYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#4 Monique D’Anjou    

Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Dermatografista Profesional – El AndariegoEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los MercadosPEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rancho CharroTeatro LimonYoga VallartaRest. Andales – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#5 Mary Jones    

Cheeky Monkey – Encore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los Mercados – La Escondida sports Bar – MarantinaPEACE MEXICO- Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Rest. Los Dephines – Teatro Limon – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#6 Mikki Prost    

PEACE MEXICOBar Anonimo – Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw JewelryEl Andariego- Estetica Susy – Fishing with CarolinaK’Rico @ Los MercadosMarina Coffee Cup – Pure Life Spa – Rancho Charro – Rest. Dianita – Victor’s Bar & GrillYoga Vallarta – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#7 Patricia Hoffman    

PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Fishing with Carolina – Bolerama Vallarta – Olas Altas Coffee Cup – Alberto Gomez Salon – Yoga VallartaRest. AndalesHotel Villa del MarRancho CharroTeatro LimonEl AndariegoMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    

#8 Judy Shatney & Michael Hammond    

Café Bohemia – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry – Cheeky Monkey – Deja New ConsignmentEncore boutiqueFishing with CarolinaHacienda JaliscoMikey’s Delicatessen @ Los Mercados- Pure Life Spa – Rancho CharroTeatro LimonEl AndariegoBar Fuego – Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.    



But, I’ve noticed that our numbers have dwindled as the season draws to a close. The first Bingo night found over 100 like-minded people participating in this bi-weekly event. Many have returned home, others have, no doubt had other obligations the past few occasions. This is an invitation for all of you who used play, to join us on April 5 at 6:30 pm at Nacho Daddy. Please, come back, visit with old friends and perhaps make new ones, share some laughs, nachos, a margarita or two and play BINGO. Let’s do it for the children. I’ll be making a personal appeal to some of you in the coming days.    

Also, please don’t forget…bring a newbie and get a free card. Bring something from the wish list and get a free card. A person could end up with five cards! Remember: wish list and thrift store items can also be dropped off at the PVRPV office at 210 Pino Suarez in Old Town.    


See you Tuesday, April 5th. I’m not going to say “Be there or be square” because someone else has already used that tag-line.  


Charity Bingo in benefit of Pasitos de Luz presents its first: PAJAMA Party!!!



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Charity Bingo in benefit of Pasitos de Luz presents its first: PAJAMA Party!!!

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM , Tim Longre of PVRPV along with Nina Goodhope from Cork & Bottle will be hosting a ¨¨PAJAMA PARTY¨ to celebrate the goals reached and the funds raised at the Charity Bingo held every second Tuesday from October 5 through the 12th of April 2011  to help support  Pasitos de Luz.  The proceeds will benefit Pasitos de Luz, which treats children with disabilities.

The festive and charitable evening, will be held at Nacho Daddy´s Mex Tex Restaurant & Bar.  Located on 180 Basilio Badillo.  The event will offer guests a chance to win a bevy of prizes including getaways, dining vouchers, artwork, wine and much more.  The raffle tickets purchased throughout the entire Charity Bingo term will be awarded.

For a $50 peso entrance fee, guests will enjoy live music, a complimentary margarita, and a Pajama contest.  1st – 2nd & 3rd place prize will be awarded to the best PAJAMA!  Guaranteed to be lots of fun and filled with laughter.

ABOUT PASITO´S DE LUZ . . . We are a Civil Association Vallarta, formed by a group of Moms who have children with special needs such as:  Cerebral Palsy ▪ Down Syndrome ▪ Sequelae of Meningitis ▪ Microcephaly ▪ Muscular Dystrophy ▪ Hydrocephalus ▪ And other syndromes. To date, we have no financial support from the authorities, only the DIF’s pantry provides a hot school breakfast program each month. Occasionally we process permits for a social event to raise funds, as the operating cost of the stay is covered by different events, made by ourselves, or cash donations, in kind and supported by professional services People of good will.  However, this still is not enough, treatment for the comprehensive rehabilitation of our children is very expensive in addition to long and not always have the resources to cover all operating expenses that our stay required.

We extend a cordial invitation to know us personally.

Exiquio Corona # 545 CP 48295 Col. Bobadilla ▪ Tel / Fax: + 52 (322) 299-3605 • ▪ Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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Casting Call to Join PV’s – Puerto Vallarta Social Movement


March 28, 2011Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco — Puerto Vallarta boasts glorious beaches, colonial architecture, exciting nightlife and an array of quality restaurants to please even the most discriminating palette.  Unfortunately a triple whammy of incidents in the country has captured recent international headlines and tourism, an industry that affects each and every person here, has taken a mortal body blow.

The fact is about 23 million people visit Mexico each year and enjoys a carefree and safe vacation.  Puerto Vallarta — our home — remains one of the safest tourist destinations in the world and we want you, your family, friends and business associates to help share that message as we ignite the tourism flame.

An international viral social media campaign will soon be launched to inspire past visitors to re-explore our great city and welcome new friends to experience the magic we enjoy each day.  We are looking for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes that live, work or visit this wonderful City.  Participants must commit to three non-physical rehearsals at Collage Club on Francisco Medina Ascencio on Sunday, April 3, and 10 from 12 noon to 2pm.  Filming will take place on Sunday morning April 17th at a location to be announced.  If you have a positive attitude, outgoing friendly personality, can commit to the schedule and love Puerto Vallarta, join us at our first rehearsal on Sunday, April 3rd and bring your friends.!/event.php?eid=199746696714636

Sponsored by: PVRPV –, Discover Puerto Vallarta –, Cindy DuChateau, Kim LaRue, Diva, Gary Green, DJ Hoolio Kmacho, PromovisionPV and Collage Club

# # #

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Memorial Service for Elizabeth Taylor in Puerto Vallarta

Rosy Sánchez – PVNN
March 25, 2011
To see the original article click HERE
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Ignacio Guzmán García, President of Tourism in Puerto Vallarta, and Monica Venegas, Assistant Director of Municipal Art & Culture, have announced the Memorial Service dedicated to pay tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.
They extend an invitation to all citizens and visitors to join them on Sunday evening, March 27, to help celebrate the great contribution that Liz Taylor made to our community in establishing Vallarta as such a popular tourist destination worldwide.
The Memorial Service will be presented at the open air theater at Los Arcos (Aquiles Serdán Theater), downtown on the Malecon by the town square, beginning at 7:00 pm.
Also involved in organizing and performing the Memorial are: Humberto Famanía Ortega, Coastal Center University; María José Zorrilla, the “Vallarta Center” Group and President of the Los Mangos Library; and renowned photographer Sergio Toledano, Godson of Elizabeth Taylor, who will be first on the program.
The University of Guadalajara has prepared a documentary which will be included in the services, along with presentations by musicians and local poets, screened images of the actress during her residence in Puerto Vallarta, and white balloons will be flown during the moment of silence.
Ignacio Guzmán García invites everybody to attend this tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and to sign the condolence book that will be available in the front hall of the Municipal Presidency in the town square.

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JORGE JIMENEZ – Benefit Concert at Teatro Vallarta

2 March 2011

Puerto Vallarta

PRESS RELEASE — for immediate release

Questions–Contact Laura Gelezunas, Video Diva Productions, 299 6907

Running With A Dream

From the cantinas of Guadalajara, to the opera houses of Europe, Jorge Jiménez is riding the wave to success.

“The last six months of my music career have been fabulous,” exclaims Jorge Jiménez, tenor, “Fabulous is the best word to describe it, it was wonderful.”

 He spent the summer of 2010 mesmerizing audiences, conductors, directors and voice coaches in Germany, Italy, France and New York City’s Metropolitan Opera.

 ”It was an incredible experience in my life,” says Jorge, “To travel to those cities in Europe was magic.  I have no words to describe it.”

Jorge’s fast track really kicked off when he visited Puerto Vallarta in May 2010.  He performed at a gala fund raising dinner held at Hacienda Palo Maria.  His music enthralled the audience.  He also caught the attention of local impresario Phil Stewart, the event’s host, and his close friend the legendary, Vicki Carr, who made a cameo appearance during the evening.  Both encouraged and assisted Jorge with performances in the United States.  This included another large charity event, where he sang a duet with Vicki.  He also starred at the wedding of MGM Studios’ CEO.

His family played a large part in his life long musical journey.  As a small child, Jorge always listened to opera with his grandfather and later his parents encouraged him to sing.  His “big break” came during his sister’s wedding.

“I jumped to sing with the mariachi,” laughs Jorge, “And after that I sang in cantinas as I was there as a customer and I became the piano player’s friend and I made rehearsals to help lose my stage fright and after that I decided to take one year of my life and get serious about music.”

During this time, Jorge was studying medicine and doing his internship.  He has no formal music education and claims his schooling came from singing in cantinas and even on the bus.  His appreciation of music soon eclipsed his devotion to medicine.

“I started to organize my own concerts and sell tickets to my friends,” says Jorge, “I began with 100 people in little places and then I was selling 400 tickets, it was amazing how the singing has opened big doors for me in my life, like having a golden key.”

Jorge trains with some of the best opera voice coaches in the world.  His exceptional talent and range  continue to attract professionals, who wish to bring out his best.

Jorge’s exceptional talent as a tenor with a voice full of color and richness has been compared to several legendary performers.  Now is your chance to experience his magic, Running With a Dream at Teatro Vallarta on March 25, 2011.  The performance begins at 8pm and tickets range in price from $200 to $500 pesos.  Proceeds will benefit Asilo San Juan Diego and the SPCA de PV.  Tickets can be purchased at Teatro Vallarta ( Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, Hacienda San Angel and Tropicasa Realty.

“I love to sing,” says Jorge, “I think it is the most candid way to express myself to other human beings, so when I sing, I can throw my problems to the wind.  I want to sing for more people, and I want to share my emotions with them.  I want to make them happy, and make them cry sometimes, make them nostalgic, that’s my future in singing.”

As implied by his Puerto Vallarta debut performance’s name, Jorge is certainly Running With a Dream.  A new Mexican national treasure and a voice to be recognized, Jorge Jiménez will capture the imagination of the world.

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Fashion Show at Casa Isabel, Puerto Vallarta



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FAMILIES AT THE DUMP Celebrates 5 Years in Puerto Vallarta

by Brenda Power

March 21, 2011 marks the 5th year anniversary of FAMILIES AT THE DUMP.  Winnie Giesbrecht, Graziano Sovernigo and a group of volunteers created a mission designed to help the families living in the Puerto Vallarta City Dump in 2006.  With full accountability of finances and information, the mission began to walk along with the families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Since 1998 vacationers to Vallarta were becoming aware of a well-kept secret.   There were families living amongst the garbage in the city dump.  A small group of people met with Graziano Sovernigo, the developer of PARADISE VILLAGE RESORT in Nuevo Vallarta and formed a partnership.  This “little engine that could”, has grown to a full-fledged community center servicing 200+ families Monday to Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm.

With all the information being printed in the media and on the internet, FAMILIES AT THE DUMP feels it is time to let the public know who we are and that we have been working with these families.   If you believe what you have read lately, it indicates that these families have no support or that their lives have not improved.   This simply is not true.

A group of dedicated volunteers give their time, energy and heart to these people daily.  For the past 5 years, we have been quietly supporting these families and moving them forward.  If

you want to know more about the mission, please visit the website    Not one to toot our own horn, we have been supported by word of mouth and the vacationers who cross our path at Paradise Village Resort, or the Church service offered there.   The visitors to the mission have shared their personal experiences with family, friends, their churches and local community service groups.

The mission was formed with the objective to provide the physical, educational, medical, spiritual and emotional support to the families living in the landfill or garbage dump in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas.  Programs have been developed to meet these 5 areas of need.

In 2007 as we created the data base for IJAS, the adults were asked how the mission could best serve the families.  The answer was EDUCATION AND A HOME.  The mission set out to do just that.

Becoming a CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION here in Vallarta took 1 ½ years.  It was worth the wait.   The mission is able to tax receipt in Canada, United States and Mexico.   FAMILIES AT THE DUMP has been recognized twice by IJAS (Instituto Jalisciense de Asistencia Social). Once in 2009 and then again in 2010 at their 50th Anniversary celebration.

With the recyclers in the city dump creating their own Sindicato(Union) in the City Dump, they have achieved a safer work environment, minor health care for injuries sustained while working and established rules to ensure that no one is living on the dump site, no child under the age of 14 yrs. is working there and that everyone is registered to control the number of people working.  All of this is positive change for the workers.

The families and this mission have been advocating on their behalf for 5 years and are now working alongside the government in power to lift these families to self-sufficiency through Education and better living conditions. 

Monday to Friday 150 children are fed lunch, 25-30 children attend Daycare at no charge, 30 children attend English and Computer classes, 12-15 children attend a Pre School class, an activity room is open daily, 2 nights a week 30 children attend a Homework Club, one night a week 20+ children attend a Reading Comprehension Class and Saturday morning 20+ adolescents are participating in a Teen Mentoring Program.

Medical assistance is being provided by filling prescriptions and assisting with Diagnostic and Lab tests.  The mission has been providing food assistance weekly to 220+ families regularly for the past 5 years.  A Food Bank is available for those needing extra assistance.

70 families will have the opportunity of a life time.   The visual poverty along the base of the dump will soon be gone as a housing complex is built and managed by FAMILIES AT THE DUMP.

All of the programs in the mission are provided by Mission Moms.  They work in the Daycare, the Food Service, cleaning the building and the Coop Store (discounted prices for mission families).  These women are compensated for their time assisting the mission.

3 families living behind the dump on Madre Selba are currently receiving assistance to complete their homes.

For the past 2 years the mission and its donors have assisted 250 children into the schools in Majesterio and surrounding villages.  BURSARIES/SCHOLARSHIPS are now available to children meeting specific criteria.  3 young adults are receiving assistance with their University Education.

The mission is providing assistance for home based businesses.

The mission believes that EDUCATION is the key to ending the cycle of dependency on the City Dump.  The adults may not be able to move on from this lifestyle; but there is no reason for this generation of children to follow in their footsteps



Should you have any questions regarding the mission or the programs please contact a mission volunteer. 

Mission Director 

Program Coordinator

If you wish to visit the mission when you are in Vallarta, drop by our Information Center at Paradise Plaza (upper level).  Tours/visits of the Community Center can be arranged for up to 10 people Monday to Friday mornings.

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Written by Judith St. Gaudens author of Lilacs For Carrie         

We’re coming down the home stretch, folks. We have now completed week 11 of the fund raising drive to benefit Pasitos de Luz day care center. To date, the generous bingo players of Puerto Vallarta have raised over $168,896 pesos toward our goal of $200,000! That means, friends, that with just three bingo nights to go, we should go OVER the goal. And wouldn’t that be fabulous? I think so. Congratulations are in order. So, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!         


As usual, we had a fun night at Nacho Daddy. Good food, good drink, (holy moly, those margaritas are huge), good friends and good Bingos. Oh, except those called in from the street. AGAIN. Wish we had a way to get those folks into Nacho Daddy to play. I knew we were going to have an enthusiastic evening when I heard the shrieking laughter coming from one of the tables near the street. Wild by any other name is…Crazy! Our own Linda Ellerbee, well known, best selling author of “And So It Goes” and “Take Big Bites” among others, graciously offered to buy the table a round of drinks if they would kind of hold it down and maybe play a little bingo with us. They accepted and did both. Not sure if anyone won, but I think they had a good time. So, that started us off and running.         



And, also as usual, the volunteers were doing what they do…Juan Carlos and Nina (aka Vanna White) on letters and numbers, Tim and Lina on cards, Robin on raffle tickets, Carol on 50-50 tickets, Laurie on gift bags, Lina on pics (she’s a double dipper) and the whole Nacho Daddy staff on food and drink and an occasional pat on the back for a winner. We had quite a jam session happening.         

 By the way, Robin raffled off a certificate for one night for two at Casa Isabel…thank you, Casa Isabel…and a 1-year ad in the Banderas News…thank you Banderas News. Yogi won the 50-50 drawing and the ad in Banderas News. He was having so much fun, he didn’t hear his name called for either prize. So, Tim called his cell number and got his wife. That was pretty funny. Doreen won the Casa Isabel prize.         

 So, the games progressed over the course of the evening. While working on the “Big X” bingo, someone shouted “Bingo!” kind of early on. The people at my table figured it was just half an “X”. We were right. Heh heh. One “I got it!” got Tim’s attention. It was a good Bingo. Interesting that many folks didn’t realize that one yells “Bingo!” when one has a Bingo. Odd. But, squealing seems to work, too.         

 Oh. Deborah Brady was at our table. Jams made from local fruits are her specialty. She donated to the prize pool for the evening but also sells at the weekly Farmers’ Market held every Saturday across from Coco’s Kitchen. ‘Mami’ Jam is the name of her product. She keeps it as organic as possible and doesn’t use a lot of sugar.  Very nice speaking with her.         



We learned from Yolanda that the first brick for the new day care facility has been laid. And, I learned from speaking with Ginger Carpenter that Pasitos de Luz has a thrift store located right next door to the facility. The shop has one paid employee but the balance of sales goes right into the day care center coffers. All gently used clothing, working small appliances and just about any other saleable items would be greatly appreciated. You can drop off your donations at the PVRPV offices on…. Along with any other item on the wish list. 201 Pino Suarez in Old Town. The store hours are currently limited because they don’t have much in the way of merchandise. Spring is coming…time to clean out those closets and further help the children.         




Game 1: Gayle         

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- D’Martha’s Salon – Deja New Consignment – Fishing with Carolina charter- K’Rico @ Los Mercados- Mark Alan Smith Live at Paco’s Ranch- Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Pam Thompson – Rest. AndalesRest. River CaféTeatro Limon- Yoga Vallarta – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         


Game 1: Lary         

Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Deja New Consignment – Rest. El Andariego- Fishing with Carolina charterK’Rico @ Los MercadosMikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Susana Ochoa – Teatro Limon- Victor’s Bar & Grill – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         





Game 2: Phil         

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Encore Boutique- Fishing with Carolina charter- K’Rico @ Los Mercados- Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados – Pam Thompson – Rest. El Andariego- Teatro Limon- Unique ATV tours – Victor’s Bar & Grill – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         





Game 3: Bryan         

Archie’s WokCassandra Shaw Jewelry- Cork + Bottle @ Los Mercados – La Escondida Sports Bar – Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Pure Life Spa – Rest. El Andariego- Susana Ochoa – Teatro Limon- Xocodiva – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         


Game 3: Marsha         

Archie’s WokCassandra Shaw Jewelry- Cork + Bottle @ Los Mercados- K’Rico @ Los Mercados- La Escondida Sports Bar – Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados – Pure Life Spa – Rest. El Andariego- Susana Ochoa – Teatro Limon- Xocodiva – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         




Game 4: Cynthia         

Apaches Martini Bar – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- K’Rico @ Los MercadosMikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Pam Thompson – Pure Life Spa – Rancho El Charro - Rest. El Andariego- Teatro Limon- Trattoria Michel – Tropicasa Realty – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         







     Game 5: Doreen        

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Deja New Consignment – Fishing with Carolina charterJoe Jack’s Fish ShackMikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rest. El Andariego- Rest. Encanto – Rest. Marantina – Teatro Limon- Victor’s Bar & Grill – Xocodiva – Yoga Vallarta – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.      

Game 5: Jim and Family         

AT V-Rio Cuale – Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Dental Montero – Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina charter- K’Rico @ Los Mercados- Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Olas Altas Coffee Cup – Pure Life Spa – Rancho El Charro - Teatro Limon- The Pancake House – Yoga Vallarta- Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         







Game 6: Sudy         

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Dermatografista Profesional – Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina charter- K’Rico @ Los Mercados- Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados – Miriam Chavarin Rodriguez – PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rancho El Charro Rest. El Andariego- Victor’s Bar & Grill – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         







Game 7: Greg         

Bar FridaCassandra Shaw Jewelry- Cork + Bottle @ Los Mercados- Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina charter- La Escondida Sports Bar – Los Veranos Canopy – Master goldsmith – Mikey’s Deli @ Los Mercados- Olas Altas Coffee CupPEACE MEXICO –  Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         









Game 8: Diane         

Bar Anonimo – Bolerama Vallarta – Cassandra Shaw Jewelry- Encore BoutiqueFishing with Carolina charter- Fuego Bar – K’Rico @ Los Mercados – Marantina Lounge – PEACE MEXICO – Pure Life Spa – Rest. El Andariego- Rest. Los Delphines – Susana Ochoa – Teatro Limon – Rest Nacho Daddy – La Bodega de NinaPVRPV.         






Many thanks to all who helped to make this event a success yet again. And, don’t forget…bring a newbie to bingo night or an item from the Wish List and receive a free, that’s gratis, Bingo card. With four chances to win a game, you might just get lucky. Hope so.  

See you all on March 22, 6pm at Nacho Daddy.  







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Violent Deaths in Mexico: Everything Is Not as it Seems


Click here to read Original Article:

In recent months the debate about violence in Mexico has heated up significantly. Most news channels and newspapers have been giving a broad coverage on the facts of crime, which are usually focused on the issue of combating organized crime.

When it comes to human lives, it is always difficult to speak coldly about figures. But when we need to know what really is going on, in terms of crime, we can do nothing but refer to them.

The indicator which measures the violence in a country is the number of violent deaths per 100,000 people. This indicator has the advantage of allowing us to compare figures between countries with different population sizes.

This indicator is highly reliable and comparable between countries of the world, since in all countries it is necessary to produce death certificates to account for a death caused for any reason whatsoever. In the case of violent deaths, there is no possibility that this indicator, unlike others, observe significant levels of sub report because violent deaths are registred by law in all countries.

According to available indicators, Mexico as a country has a general level of 13.3 violent deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, making it one of the safest countries in Latin America. Levels in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela surprised us since they are at high as 16.8, 36.7 and 44.9 deaths per 100,000 population, respectively. Brazil and Venezuela are two and almost three times more violent than Mexico, respectively.

Moreover, if we compare this indicator with some U.S. cities we will see that our country is much better than we would expect to imagine. Comparing Mexico to Washington DC, New Orleans or Detroit the difference is very big, violence is a tangible problem in those cities. And without going too far, Mexico City has 9.8 violent deaths per 100,000 people, far below of other major cities like Houston, with 12.5, Phoenix, witn 12.6, and Los Angeles, with 17.1. It is true that there is a big problem in Ciudad Juarez and three other municipalities, which altogether sum up to more than 50% of violent deaths in Mexico. The rest of the 2,396 municipalities which form the country have relatively low violence levels.

According to figures provided by the Mexican Government, the battle against organized crime has caused 24,826 violent deaths in the last four years. As it is continuosly said, inside and outside the country, it has turned Mexico in an extremely dangerous country to live. A country that sadly some have said is in “civil war” and that is a “failed state.” This is definitely not true.

Although a number like 24,826 seems pretty high, it is time to put it in context. This number represents a little over 6,000 deaths per year on average. Each year, 20,000 people die in Mexico in road accidents and more than 50,000 because of diabetes. If we look at violent deaths to compare, in the U.S. 6,000 veterans commit suicide every year. So, during the same period, the same amount of persons have died as a consecuence of the U.S. post-war trauma, as the war on drugs in Mexico.

And while there is some exposure about this phenomenon in the U.S. media, it does not reach the same exposure as in Mexico. Here we are in a frenzy of daily information that the only thing it communicates is the presence of violence. Our conversations with family, friends, at office, in restaurants, are all about violence. We enroll ourselves and enroll others, including foreigners, in the idea that violence in Mexico has reached unsuspected levels. And there’s no evidence to support that. It is only our perception. We find ourselves filtering and searching all events and news, looking for those that speak of violence. And likewise, those are the news we speak about. It is a conversation, just a conversation.

This has affected the levels of tourism, investment and economic prospects for the country, and it is not supported by real figures, data and facts, it is only a perception. The good news is that we have the power to change that perception. It just takes to take a look at the data and facts.

Ultimately, the best way to combat any violence is to leave the fear that is generating this behind and doing something that makes us confident. Enroll ourselves and enrol others with the fact that violence stops us, it paralyzes us. What would be possible if we focus on facts anda data to make us and others see that we can be responsible for creating an environment to grow and prosper instead of creating a violent space with our everyday conversations? You have this power, do it for north America and in the end you will be doing something positive for yourself and for others.

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Firefighters & Lifeguards Take Fundraising to New Heights: Calendar prices slashed.

  March 7, 2011 

Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) 


— THEIR job is to fight fires, not start them but these volunteer pin-up boys just can’t help it – their smoldering good looks are setting many hearts fluttering as we near our goal to raise $100,000 pesos to provide life-saving equipment and state-of-the-art training.

It’s March Madness and we’re slashing calendar prices by 50%.

Pick up your limited edition calendar today for just 100 pesos or $10 US. To purchase online or for a list of locations, visit:


 The 2011 Heroes Calendar features 24 of Puerto Vallarta’s finest — our firefighters and lifeguards — like Roberto and Miguel.    




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