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Everyone!!!! We’re giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball World Tour on Tuesday, May 3rd at Estadio 3 de Marzo in Guadalajara.   This is the must-see show of the year.  The lucky winner will receive transportation from Puerto Vallarta and two front row box seat tickets.  ‘The Fame Monster’ was just named the best-selling album of 2010! The eccentric singer’s album beat out Eminem and Canadian teen singing sensation, Justin Bieber, to claim the honor.  Gaga also will be making an announcement about her new album ‘Born This Way’ at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

To be eligible to win, you’ll need to turn up your charm and crank up your sales pitch to help sell our inaugural 2011 Heroes Calendar featuring 24 of Puerto Vallarta’s firemen and lifeguards.  If you can sell the most calendars in the month of January, you and a friend will enjoy the Queen of Pop up close and personal.

Sign up today.  Send your name, email and phone number to and we will quickly send you details on how to get started.  For more information about the calendar, now available for sale in the US and Canada as well as here in Puerto Vallarta, visit

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The South Side Will Miss Don Keating: “The Candy Man”

by Tracy Parks

Many of you know Don Keating, who passed away this morning (December 26 2010) at his home in El Caloso.  I am lucky I got to talk to him and write this story about him a little over a year ago.  The photo was taken New Year’s Eve 2008 at Apaches.  You may want to read it again today.  I’m proud to have had the chance to capture a bit of the spirit of this man in writing.  Many years ago, Don suffered a stroke and had to go back to the states where his daughter, meaning well, placed him in a retirement home hoping he would recover there.  A few days later, Don called her from Vallarta.  He did all of his exercises here and returned to his normal life here, where he belonged.  I’m sure, to this day, that he lived longer for having come back to PV instead of staying where he didn’t want to be.

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2011 Heroes Calendar Launch Party at Nacho Daddy – Old Town PV

Check out how the inaugural 2011 Heroes Calendar Launch & Autograph Party went this last Wednesday December 22nd at Nacho Daddy on Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone.

embedded by Embedded Video

For more information in regards to the Puerto Vallarta 2011 Heroes Calendar and sale points check out the official calendar website or email

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Burning desire: Vallarta Firefighters and Lifeguards Roll Out Fundraising Calendar

by Gary Green

December 24, 2010 — Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) — It’s a tradition as old as the Rockefeller Christmas Tree… well not really, but over the last few weeks we’ve come to expect and anticipate it just the same. That’s right; it’s the official release of the Puerto Vallarta Firemen and Lifeguards Calendar.  After Wednesday night’s launch at Nacho Daddy’s, you may need a fire hose to cool down.

Award-winning singer and songwriter, Kim Kuzma, kicked off the festivities with a crowd-pleasing performance of “It’s Raining Men” and the official introduction of the 24 Fire Fighters and Lifeguards featured in the inaugural fundraising calendar.  Chiseled abs, sculpted pecs and they put their lives on the line for a living.  Wouldn’t you know it – they’re also pretty nice guys, too.  Over 100 people were on hand and the beefcake was selling like hotcakes.  Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, 100% of the 200 peso ($20 USD) calendars will benefit the Department’s training program and go to purchase state-of-art lifesaving equipment.

In addition to live music, tasty appetizers and refreshing beverages, a 50/50 raffle added to the kick-off festivities.  Vallarta newcomers and Maine transplants, Brad and Mary Jones, won the drawing and eagerly donated their $3,500 peso winnings back to the Department in which Fire Chief Hiram Fernández Abundis graciously accepted on behalf of his 90-member team of first-responders.

The 2011 limited edition calendar, featuring Mexican, US and Canadian holidays, was shot by award-winning  photographer, Josef Kandoll, and currently available at Andale Restaurant & Bar, Andales on the Bay, Anónimo, Apache’s Martini Bar & Bistro, Coffee Cup, Nacho Daddy’s Restaurant and Bar, PVRPV, Timothy Real Estate, Tropicasa Realty and Victors Bar & Grill.  For those in the US or Canada, log on to or email for availability.

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Tourism is YOU!

by Sylvie Laitre

No matter who you are or what your job is, if you live in Puerto Vallarta (or the surrounding areas) tourism affects YOU in some way, shape or form.

So what does this really mean? Simply, that each and every person who walks these streets has the potential to make someone’s PV experience great—or not. Pressure? Some. Opportunity? Oh, yes!

Pretty easy stuff when you think about it: An overall experience is based on a series of moments. WE, the citizens of Puerto Vallarta, play a role in these moments in so many different ways.

So what can you do as a single person to be part of the experience?

Consider yourself a Puerto Vallarta tourism ambassador! We all are. And here are 11 things I think make a difference. What else can we add on?

1. Smile. Important AND free. This is tried and true. Smile=good, accessible, kind, inviting. Don’t we want them to feel that about our destination?

2. When asked for information, stop, smile and give it. Or if you don’t have it, tell them who might. Don’t ever just say NO. Help in some way or at least make a true effort. And if you don’t speak the language, grab someone close-by and get a translator.

3. Drive slowly and politely. Allow people to cross the street. Don’t honk your horn or yell at other drivers. Visiting drivers don’t know where they’re going and they’re on holiday. Give them a chance. Give each other a chance.

4. Pick up a map and learn your street names, landmarks, etc…

5. Be aware of local events and promote them whenever possible

6. DO NOT litter—ever!

7. Respect people AND animals. At all times.

8. Support local charities in any way you can.

9. Be proud. Learn general stats about your destination and share them with visitors.

10. Be positive. When asked about your town, say good things. There are many!

11. Do not take advantage of visitors (aka do not steal or trick). Be honest, helpful and grateful. They are supporting your family, mine and many others.

We need happy visitors. What are you doing to make sure this happens?


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What If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot? Some Thoughts On Violent Crime And Tourism

by Lola

What if CNN headlines blared “Drug Violence Claims 4 Lives In Popular Vacation Destination” every time a gang-banger (any color, any race) shot up a rival gang’s sidewalk in Los Angeles? What if Fox News ran a constant ticker that read “Murder Chose Chicago 131 Times This Year” and held forms discussing why the city should be boycotted? (In fact, September in that city ended last week with 30 homicides. Nearly 20% of the victims wereteens.) Should travel warnings be issued for the Windy City? Should we close up California because, according to the LAPD, even though overall gang crimes fell 12.2 percent, 31 more people were shot [this year] in suspected gang crimes, an increase of 4.9 percent?

I wouldn’t be lying if I said the US has more violence than other first-world countries—and that’s been a fact even before drug use in this country escalated to the point where every enterprising dealer south of the border wanted a piece of the action. We have more robberies, rapes and assaults here. We glorify violence in our movies and our TV shows. We breed serial killers. Meth labs are popping up like daisies in the suburbs (and we all know how sweet and mellow meth-heads can be). We are now even venturing into suicide promotion with the sudden spike of bullying in our schools.

So… honestly. Where are our travel warnings?

Are you mad yet? You should be. This is a great country. It’s a beautiful country. And if you stay away from the scary section of town, if you don’t deal drugs, if you aren’t a hooker and you steer clear of shady bars, chances are you’ll have a ball and be safe as houses in every city, coast to coast. It’s not a guarantee, though, because even in this great nation of ours, innocent lives have been claimed in crossfire. But the police scanners certainly won’t keep me from enjoying the fall weather along the Navy Pier in Chicago or spending a weekend of pure fun in Los Angeles.

So why should I cancel my visit to Puerto Vallarta? Or forget my plans to visit Mexico City for a week?

I shouldn’t. And neither should you.

Yes, be careful. Yes, take normal precautions. No, don’t go to the locus of the cartels for a drive or a drink.

I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this way. I’m not a lone voice in the wilderness, but sometimes it sure feels that way. So, I’m doing what I can with the tools I have.

Here are just a couple of links from like-minded people. I know there are many more of you out there. Raise your voice. Let it be heard. Thousands upon thousands of people in Mexico depend on tourism for their livelihood. People who can’t feed their children become desperate. And we all know about desperate people. Please help reverse this desperation by looking beyond the headlines.

Thanks for your time.


Click here to view the original story:

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Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%

by Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times

In a surprising turnabout, international tourism to Mexico showed a sharp increase this summer — a sign that tourists may be putting aside worries about the economy and fears of drug-related violence, analysts say.

Foreign visitors arriving by air to Mexico jumped to 7.1 million in the first eight months of the year — up nearly 20% from the same period in 2009 — with most visitors coming from the U.S. and Canada, according to Mexican tourism officials.

The biggest rise came in July, when tourist numbers grew 27.5% over the same month last year.

The increase came in spite of a rash of drug-related violence and kidnappings, primarily along the border, and the August bankruptcy of Mexicana Airlines, the nation’s largest air carrier.

The growth in tourism has been focused primarily in Mexican beach resort towns that have not experienced much of the violence.

In the first eight months of 2010, 7.1 million foreign travelers flew to Mexico, up 19.2% from the same period last year. Of those visitors, 4.33 million were from the U.S., 1.3 million from Canada and 200,513 from Spain, according to Mexican tourism officials.

The latest numbers are a significant increase from 2009, when international tourism to Mexico dropped dramatically after the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, or swine flu. But compared with 2008, international travel to Mexico is up only 6%.

Still, analysts say, the latest jump in visitors suggests that U.S. travelers feel more confident about spending on travel again and see Mexico as a good bargain for vacations.

“Memories of last year have started to fade,” said Anthony Concil, a spokesman for the International Air Transport Assn., a trade group for the world’s airlines.

The sharp increase in visitors to Mexico is also significant because Concil and other analysts have predicted only modest growth in travel worldwide. International air travel, for example, was up 6% in August compared with a year earlier, according to the International Air Transport Assn.

Hawaii has also seen tourism begin to rebound lately, but not enough to overcome the steep drop-off it suffered in 2009. In August, total arrivals by air to Hawaii were up about 11% from the same month last year, marking the ninth consecutive month of growth.

Mexican tourism officials attribute Mexico’s tourist increase to a marketing campaign that kicked off in July, with the tagline “Mexico, the place you thought you knew.”

“We have had all of these challenges, but we are in the right track,” said Alfonso Sumano, regional director for the Mexico Tourism Board for the Americas.

Local travel agents say the growth in tourists’ interest in Mexico comes from a pent-up demand to travel.

“I think there’s a perception is that it’s a good deal,” said Carol McConnell, founder of Around the Globe Travel in Huntington Beach. “But it’s mostly about being where the water and the weather is really nice.”

Jack E. Richards, president of Pleasant Holidays, a Westlake Village travel agency that specializes in vacations to Mexico, agrees. “The all-inclusive resorts offer exceptional value for the vacation dollar, which is still important to American travelers as they emerge from the economic recession,” he said.

While reports of drug-related killings and kidnappings continue along the border, most international tourists are staying clear of that area, visiting beach resort towns instead, Sumano said.

The number of visitors to Cancun, the easternmost coastal city, jumped nearly 31% in August compared with a year earlier; tourism to Los Cabos, on the southern tip of Baja California, increased 30%, according to Mexico tourism officials.

Southern California travel agents say U.S. tourists don’t seem too concerned about drug violence because they know to stay far from the border. “As long as you stay in the resort areas, you’ll have no problem,” McConnell said.

And several Mexican and U.S. airlines have stepped in to fill in the void left by Mexicana Airlines, Sumano said.

“We would like to spread the word,” he said. “The resorts are ready for the visitors.”

Click here to view the original story:

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A little Canadian Charity goes a long way…

While planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta, I searched Google and stumbled across a company called PVRPV.  This company,, which is based out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, specializes in Vacation Rentals and Property Management.  While browsing their  website,  I soon realized that the President, Tim Longpré, who is  Canadian,  was also much involved in this community by helping out those in need, from visiting the orphanages and spending hours with the children, to doing fundraising activities.  Their blog, which has amazing stories of activities they have been involved in over the past years, gave me an idea of my own.

While serving my clients, I spread the word about my upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta, and how I wanted to help and bring with me items which would be donated to a local orphanage.   From that moment, the word spread quickly amongst the community and by the time I was ready to board, I had a 60 lb duffle bag, which was filled with items such as toys, clothing, school supplies and so much more.  The Valley Beaver Outreach program quickly stepped up to the plate and with their contacts, helped me by visiting local businesses, contacting their family and friends and allowed me to bring the items with me onboard. This would not have been possible to accomplish on my own and had it not been for everyone who was involved.

Normally, one would have to pay for the excess pounds in a luggage; however, the airline that I flew with Canjet, allowed me to bring this duffle bag for free as it was for humanitarian reasons.  This is the case for most airlines if it is for humanitarian reasons.

Tim and his PVRPV staff were so pleased with the donations that they decided to give it to Pasitos de Luz a local day care for children with special needs.

Alison McGuire

Total Body Esthetics
Thornbury, Ontario

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Happy Holidays from!

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The Real Puerto Vallarta Heroes

December 17, 2010 — Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) — Superman, Spiderman, and Batman – they are whom many consider heroes. But its firefighters and lifeguards who come to our rescue and save the lives of our loved ones day in and day out; all in all, they are the real-life heroes.

Back in October, over 200 caring residents and visitors throughout Puerto Vallarta enjoyed food, fun and fundraising at the inaugural Spaghetti Friend-Raiser to support our first-responders, the 90 men and women of the Puerto Vallarta Fire Department.  Over $36,000 pesos was generated thanks to the support of the attendees and sponsors in addition to the 250 kilos of donated Bring-a-Thing items including medical supplies, food and equipment.

With the funds raised, committee members purchased 15 mattresses, 15 bed frames, 15 pillows, 15 mattress pads, three bee suits and a much-needed kitchen custom storage cabinet.  Items were delivered to the Department this past week.

Villa Premiere Hotel and Spa, Buenaventura Grand Hotel and Spa, Daiquiri Dicks, Playa Los Arcos Hotel, Andale’s Restaurant/Andales on the Bay, Holiday Inn Puerto Vallarta, Howard Johnsons, Westin Resort and Spa, No Way Jose, Colleen’s Breakfast Café, Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery,, Margaret Souder, Judith St Gaudens, Apache’s Martini Bar and Bistro, Jill and Al Forster, Sheraton Buganvilias Resort and Convention Center, OXXO, COSTCO, Pasteleria Celebrations, Tsunami Restaurant, Instituto Franco Mexicano, Casserole Instituto, Dr. Max Greig, Bill Wortzel, Ed Alejandre Hospital Versalles and Fruteria de Billar generously sponsored the early-October event and joined committee members Pam Thompson, Kelly Trainor, Cindy DuChateau, Bert Ramirez and Gary Green.

The Spaghetti Friend-Raiser served as the catalyst to launch the 2011 Heroes calendar which will be available in just a few days throughout the City with funds raised earmarked for training and life-saving equipment.

# # #



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