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PVRPV’s Featured Property of the Week: A Molino Residence – Casa Paradiso

Located on Los Muertos Beach next to the Rio Cuale, Casa Paradiso is just steps away from everything that Old Town Puerto Vallarta and the Zona Romantica have to offer. World class restaurants, galleries, shopping and nightlife are all at your doorstep.

This luxurious condominium features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master suite features a King bed and ensuite bath with jacuzzi tub and walk in shower. The 2nd suite features a King bed and ensuite bath with walk in shower. The 3rd guest bedroom features a Queen bed. All bedrooms have flat screen TV’s with satelite TV service and I-Pod stations and a safe.

In this Puerto Vallarta Vacation Condo, you will find: a full kitchen with all the devices you could need, such as, dishwasher, cook top, oven, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc. Since it is fully furnished it has a washing machine, a dryer, ceiling fans, beautiful furniture, CD player, alarm clock, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, linens, towels, a purified water system, and central air conditioning with individual room controls, just to make your Puerto Vallarta Vacation hassle free.

There is also a flat screen TV with satelite service and DVD in the living room, and a 4th I-pod station in the kitchen as well as a Vonage phone for unlimited long distance to the US and Canada, and high speed wireless internet service.

Accommodations of this Vallarta Vacation Condo include a heated pool surrounded by beautiful trees and lots of green areas, 24 hr gated security and private parking, among others. Daily Maid and Chef service for 2 meals daily are also included 6 days a week. Guests may request a menu in advance or upon arrival.

IMG 2361 CR16t

So, come and enjoy extraordinary views and gorgeous sunsets in this stunning Puerto Vallarta Vacation Rental!!!


Click here to see A Molino Residence – Casa Paradiso’s Complete Profile >>>

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Sixth Annual International Altruism Festival at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta

On Sunday May 2nd, starting at 6 pm, the 6th Annual International Altruism Festival will be held at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta.
It is an event of great significance and very delicious since a lot of restaurants, bakeries, ice cream stores, etc. (Over 50), will donate food and beverages (sampling rate) for 400 people each (we expect more than 1,500 people).
There will also be music and entertainment so that we can all enjoy ourselves and spend a great moment.
The money raised from the sale of tickets ($ 300 in pre-sale) is shared by 25 civic associations throughout the Bay of Banderas.
The group which I form part of is ESPERANZA, GRUPO DE APOYO PARA SOBREVIVIENTES DE CANCER DE PUERTO VALLARTA, A.C. (Support Group for Cancer Survivors) will participate for the first time and our mission is to sell 50 tickets.
Help us and enjoy this wonderful event.
For more information -

Telephone: (322) 356 5107

or via Internet at:


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Check out this week’s Amazing Race Elimination Station chapter!

Have a look at the latest update posted on the CBS official website for this week’s Elimination Station Chapter at PVRPV’s Quinta Laura in Conchas Chinas Puerto Vallarta:

Check out the original story too:

The Amazing Race comes to Puerto Vallarta and PVRPV’s Quinta Laura

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PVRPV’s Featured Property of the Week: Ababa


Right on the Los Muertos Beach, next to the Famous Blue Chairs Resort, there is no lack of daytime activity and nighttime entertainment.

Located in the Playa Bonita building, this second story, two bedrooms, with master bedroom facing the ocean, condominium offers many amenities.

DSC02045 023
This PVRPV vacation rental condo is tastefully decorated, featuring a fully equipped granite top kitchen, comfortable living room, dining area, large balcony, and two full size bedrooms with full bathrooms. Cable TV in both the living room and one bedroom, CD, DVD, internet, small library and a selection of games gives the guests an opportunity to spend some quality down time when the mood hits.

_MG_1225 066
This high end condo complex provides twice weekly maid service, 24 hr front desk, large heated pool and large pool deck, and an elevator. Just a few steps away from Olas Altas, Romantic Zone, the Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, bars, shopping, tour agencies and the best night life.

Note that the property is located directly on the beach and normal beach noise and activities are associated with properties on the beach. Unit is also next to a gay hotel with entertainment at night until no later than 11:30pm.


Click here to see Ababa’s Complete Profile >>>

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by Charles Simpson,


First: A reality check on Mexico

Mexico is in a unique position to reap many of the benefits of the decline of the US economy. In order to not violate NAFTA and other agreements the U.S.A. cannot use direct protectionism, so it is content to allow the media to play this protectionist role. The U.S. media – over the last year – has portrayed Mexico as being on the brink of economic collapse and civil war. The Mexican people are either beheaded, kidnapped, poor, corrupt, or narco-traffickers. The American news media was particularly aggressive in the weeks leading up to spring break. The main reason for this is money. During that two-week period, over 120,000 young American citizens poured into Mexico and left behind hundreds of millions of dollars.

Let’s look at the reality of the massive drug and corruption problem, kidnappings, murders and money. The U.S. Secretary of State Clinton was clear in her honest assessment of the problem. “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent the weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police officers, soldiers and civilians,” Clinton said. The other large illegal business that is smuggled into the U.S.A. that no one likes to talk about is Human Traffic for prostitution. This “business” is globally now competing with drugs in terms of profits.

It is critical to understand, however that the horrific violence in Mexico is over 95% confined to the three transshipping cities for these two businesses, Tijuana, Nogales, and Juarez. The Mexican government is so serious about fighting this, that they have committed over 30,000 soldiers to these borders towns. There was a thoughtful article written by a professor at the University of Juarez. He was reminded of the Prohibition years in the U.S.A. and compared Juarez to Chicago when Al Capone was conducting his reign of terror capped off with The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. During these years, just like Juarez today, 99% of the citizens went about their daily lives and attended classes, went to the movies, restaurants, and parks.

Is there corruption in Mexico? YES !!! Is there an equal amount of corruption related to this business in the U.S.A.? YES !!!. When you have a pair of illegal businesses that generate over $300,000,000,000 in sales you will find massive corruption. Make no mistake about the Mexican Drug Cartel; these “businessmen” are 100 times more sophisticated than the bumbling bootleggers during Prohibition. They form profitable alliances all over the U.S.A. They do cost benefit analysis of their business much better than the US automobile industry. They have found over the years that the cost of bribing U.S. and Mexican Border Guards and the transportation costs of moving marijuana from Sinaloa to California have cut significantly into profits. That is why over the past 5-7 years they have been growing marijuana in State and Federal Parks and BLM land all across America. From a business standpoint, this is a tremendous cost savings on several levels. Let’s look at California as an example as one of the largest consumers. When you have $14.2 billion of Marijuana grown and consumed in one state, there is savings on transportation, less loss of product due to confiscation and an overall reduction cost of bribery with law enforcement and parks service people. Another great savings is the benefit to their employees. The penalties in Mexico for growing range from 5-15 years. The penalties in California, on average are 18 months, and out in 8 months. The same economic principles are now being applied to the methamphetamine factories.

FOX News continues to scare people with its focus on kidnapping. There are kidnappings in Mexico. The concentration of kidnappings has been in Mexico City, among the very rich and the three aforementioned border Cities. With the exception of Mexico City, the number one city for kidnappings among NAFTA countries is Phoenix, Arizona with over 359 in 2008. The Phoenix Police estimate that twice that number of kidnappings goes unreported, because like Mexico 99% of these crimes were directly related to drug and human traffic. Phoenix, unfortunately, is geographically profitable transshipping location. Mexicans, just like 99% of U.S. Citizens during prohibition, go about their daily lives all over the country. They get up, go to school or work and live their lives untouched by the border town violence.

These same protectionist news sources have misled the public as to the real danger from the swine flu in Mexico and temporary devastated the tourism business. As of May 27 2009 there have been 87 deaths in Mexico from the swine flu. During those same five months there have been 36 murdered school children in Chicago. By their logic, if 87 deaths from the swine flu in Mexico warrants canceling flights and cruise ships to Mexico, then close all roads and highways in the USA because of record 43,359 automobile related deaths in the USA in 2008.

What is just getting underway is what many are calling the “Largest southern migration to Mexico of people and real estate assets since the Civil War” A significant percentage of the Baby Boomers have been doing the research and are making the life changing decision to move out of the U.S.A. The number one retirement destination in the world is Mexico. There are already over 2,000,000 US and Canadian property owners in Mexico. The most conservative number of American and Canadian Baby Boomers who are on their way to owning property in Mexico for full or part time living in the next 15 years is over 6,000,000. Do the math on 6,000,000 people buying a $300,000 house or condo and you will understand why the U.S. Government is trying to tax this massive shift of money to Mexico through H.R. 3056. The U.S. government calls this “The Tax Collection Responsibility Act of 2007”. Those who will have to pay it are calling this the EXIT TAX.


Mexico: A better economic choice than China

Another large exodus from the U.S.A is high paying skilled jobs. The job shift in automobile sector, both car and parts manufacturing, is already known by most investors. In the last few months as John Deere and Caterpillar have been laying off thousands of workers in the U.S.A., and hiring equal numbers in Mexico. The most recent industry that is making the shift is the aerospace manufacturers. In the city of Zacatecas there is currently a $210 million aerospace facility being built. With the 11 U.S. companies moving there, it is estimated to provide over 200,000 new high paying jobs in the coming years. One of the main factors for the shift in job south to Mexico instead of China is realistic analysis of total production, labor and delivery costs. While the labor costs in China are 40% less on average, the overall transportation costs and inherent risks of a long distance supply chain, and quality control issues, gives Mexico a distinct financial advantage.


Mexico’s real economic future

Mexico has avoided completely the subprime problem that has devastated the U.S. banking industry. The Mexican banks are healthy and profitable. Mexico has a growing and very healthy middle and upper middle class. The very recent introduction of residential financing has Mexico in a unique position of having over 90% of current homeowners owning their house outright. U.S. banks are competing for the Mexican, Canadian and American cross border loan business. It is and will continue to be a very safe and very profitable business. These same banks that were loaning in a reckless manner have learned their lesson and are loaning here the old fashioned way. They require a minimum of a 680 credit score, 30% down payment, and verifiable income that can support the loan. In most areas of Mexico where Baby Boomers are moving to, with the exception of Puerto Penasco (which did not have a national and international base of buyers), there is no real estate bubble. The higher end markets ($2-20 million) in many of these destinations are going through a modest correction. The Baby Boomers market here is between $200,000 and $600,000. With the continuing demand inside the Bay of Banderas, that price point, in the coming years, will disappear. This is the reason the Mexican government is spending billions of dollars on more infrastructure north along the coast all the way up to Mazatlan.

The other major area where America has become overpriced is in the field of health care. This massive shift of revenues is estimated to add 5-7% to Mexico’s GDP. The name for this “business” is Medical Tourism. The two biggest competitors for Mexico were Thailand and India. Thailand and India’s biggest drawback is geography. Also recent events, Thailand’s inability to keep a government in place and the recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, have helped Mexico capture close to half of this growth industry. In Mexico today there are over 56 world class hospitals being built to keep up with this business.

Mexico is currently sitting on a cash surplus and an almost balanced budget. Most Americans have never heard of Carlos Slim until he loaned the New York Times $250 million. After that it became clear to many investors around the world what Mexicans already knew: that Mexico had been able to avoid the worst of the U.S. economic devastation. Mexico’s resilience is to be admired. When the U.S. Federal Reserve granted a $30 billion loan to each of the following countries Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and Brazil, Mexico reinvested the money in Treasury bonds in an account in New York City.

According to oil traders, Mexico’s Pemex wisely as the price of oil shot to $147 a barrel put in place an investment strategy that hinged on oil trading in the range of $38-$60 a barrel. Since the beginning of 2009 Mexico has been collecting revenues on hedged positions that give them $90-$110 per barrel today. Mexico’s recent and under reported oil discovery in the Palaeo Channels of Chicontepec has placed it third in the world for oil reserves, right behind Canada and Saudi Arabia.

The following is a quote from Rosalind Wilson, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on March 19, 2009. “The strength of the Mexican economic system makes the country a favorite destination for Canadian investment”.



The answer is simple and old fashioned: SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

The area of Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit inside the Bay of Banderas is an investor’s dream. This area has the comprehensive infrastructure in place, world class hospitals and dental care, natural investment protection from the Sierra Madre Mountains, endless future water supply, low to nonexistent crime, international airport, and limited supply inside the Bay, first class private bilingual schools and higher than average appreciation potential. Like many areas in Mexico there is large demand for full and part time retirement living and a lot of construction underway to meet this demand. Pre construction of course is where the best bargains are available.

I would offer a word of caution for investors in Mexico. Do not be seduced by the endless natural beauty that is everywhere, both inland in colonial towns and along thousands of miles of beach. Apply conservative medium and long term investment strategies without emotion. The demand for full and part time living by American and Canadian Baby Boomers is evident throughout the country. The top two choice locations are ocean front, and ocean view. The third overall choice, which is less expensive, is inland in one of the many beautiful colonial towns or small cities.


Mexico, with the world’s 13th largest GDP, is no longer a “Third World Country”, but rather a fast growing, economically secure state, as the most recent five-year history of its financial markets when compared to the U.S.A.’s financial markets suggests.

DOW JONES AVERAGES MAY 2004 10,200 MAY 2009 8,200 20% LOSS IN 5 YEARS

MEXICAN BOLSA MAY 2004 10,000 MAY 2009 23,000 130% GAIN IN 5 YEARS

I am glad to share all of my research with investors.

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So you want to drive to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

A while back we met a most interesting person by the name of Tim Longpre, president of PVRPV, a major vacation rentals company in Puerto Vallarta. He was sharing with us, with great pride, about the 5th anniversary of his company. We shared with him that it was also our fifth year (an anniversary of sorts) of coming to wonderful, charming Puerto Vallarta. Each year we have stayed for about two months to get away from the Canadian winter. When Tim found out that we had been driving to Mexico from Toronto, Canada for three years he was most intrigued for not many Canadians do. Listening to our stories he thought that it was quite an adventure. Would we be interested in sharing our story for his blog?


Well, driving to Mexico can be an adventure and there are many issues to consider before you do this. Our family and friends were very concerned that we would even think of such an undertaking. Some even thought that we were losing it! Seniors and all that. Didn’t we realize the dangers of driving because of crime in Mexico? Yes, it is still a common question; the safety issues. We thought about it, discussed it at length and concluded that the danger and safety concerns really stem from a long standing war between drug gangs and law enforcement in the Mexican/ U.S. border areas. Would these “bad guys” really be interested in an elderly couple driving on toll roads in Mexico? We think not.


 Any country has crime and the U.S. and Canada are not exempt from this. Should one innocent be affected by crime it would most likely be because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where ever you are. Folks, unfortunately, most bad things happen in your own neighborhood where you are familiar with everything.


So are we going to stop living and hide? Not.


Once we had dealt with this important concern we agreed to drive and add to the excitement. And why not! We are retired and we have the time. From here on it became a matter of planning. Get out the maps, when to start the trip, where to drive, where to cross borders, what paper work was needed, extra car insurance, health insurance, where to stay etc., etc. The better the planning and preparation, the smoother the trip. It is the unknown that will make things interesting. Generally, we found the Mexicans warm and friendly who will do anything for you. With good cheer, a smile and a “propina” (tip) at the appropriate moment most of your problems will be solved.


Coming from Toronto, Canada, there are two ways to drive. One is via the west through the Phoenix, Arizona – Nogales crossing. This route takes 6 days. The other is via the east through Dallas and the San Antonio – Laredo crossing, taking 5 days. The west route is indeed one day longer but much more scenic especially in the states of New Mexico and Arizona. Driving through Canada and the U.S. is uneventful, no surprises, good roads, lots of motels and gas stations. It is at the Mexican border that the fun starts.


Yes, there is a customs check-point to cross into Mexico but, if indeed there is customs staff, they just wave you through; it seems as if they are not interested at all to check anything. Unlike the U.S. customs, waltz right in. What a relief. No nasty customs officials expecting a hand out etc. The mind games we play. But what about all these papers. Where do we go for them! Well, for instance, if you cross at Nogales, you get through the check-point and you are driving on a nice highway for about twenty minutes and then you come upon a low white building. Aha, customs again! This is where it all starts. The paper work that is.


The process is somewhat bureaucratic, time consuming and can tie you up for almost two hours. There are line-ups. Go to wicket 1 – go to wicket 2 – go to wicket 3, then go back to wicket 2 for photo copies of all the important papers i.e. passports, car ownership, plates, tourist cards etc., etc. What is this! Raised eyebrows on our part. We would never be that inefficient in Canada. Our customs are so clever.


But eh, this is Mexico. Remember the first order of the day! Good cheer. We are troopers. Follow the process, the system. In essence, the Mexican government requires only two documents: one paid up tourist card and a paid up temporary car import license. For this they issue a decal with a unique number which must be prominently displayed in the upper centre of the inside of your car window. More on this later in my story. A cautionary note! Drivers in Mexico must carry Mexican car insurance issued and carried by a Mexican insurance company. Valid Canadian or American car insurance is not valid in Mexico. This insurance can be purchased from the internet (cheaper) or at the Mexican border. Here is the funny part. The Mexican customs do not ask or verify if you have such insurance. You are on your own. Don’t take chances.


Well, all is now in order and we are legally in Mexico. In most instances there are two types of roads in Mexico: the “Libre”    (free) or “Cuota” (toll). Where available we always take the toll roads even though it costs more but it is worth it. These toll roads are far superior then the libres and are certainly as good as any in North America with lots of stops for washrooms, a major plus for seniors. The smart traveler does not travel at night in Mexico. So around five o’clock you plan to be in a town with a choice of motels, hotels etc. Take some time to plan your overnight stays and even find out where the motels are located. The internet is a wonderful tool for this. If you have not planned for a motel you can have some funny surprises.


This is what happened to us.  Around five o’clock we were near a medium sized town, off the toll road, looking for a motel. Drove into town. Where were the hotels! Drove up and down. Asked. Nothing. By now it is getting dark and the city lights are on. We were tired and really wanted to get of the road. Finally we found a hotel. A big sigh of relief. The much needed rum and coke started to look good. All we need is the cost of the room, the key and we are settled. Life starts to look good again. The man says “that will be 750 pesos for the night señor.” This appeared to be sort of high for rural Mexico. My wife says that is probably for your best room, we would like the room that you advertise for 390 pesos. “Ah,” the man smiles, “but that is only for two hours however drinks are included!” With drinks! Only for two hours. We’re puzzled. It slowly dawns on us, we were in one of Mexico’s infamous “love” hotels. I don’t really know why we bee-lined out of there but we did. In retrospect, we should have stayed and taken the room. I mean, come on, and free drinks!  It even had a mirror in the ceiling.


Life is bad again. Where are we going to stay? We returned to the highway, the libre this time, and finally we found a motel (say dive.) This is a place where the Mexican truck drivers stay overnight. Quick check-in though. Amazing. No papers, no signatures. No anything. Just pay 200 pesos and you get a key. That’s it. Find your room. There was a toilet and a shower. Praise the Lord. Unable to lock the door with the key. Shoved the dresser in front of the door and there we were, safe, and as snug as a bug in a rug. The rum and coke never tasted better. For dinner we had corn chips. Our first taste of Mexican cuisine.


We have forgiven them for the fact that the old, old, T.V. high up in the corner near the ceiling, mysteriously came on very loud at five in the morning. Well, time to get up eh! The dresser was still in place. Bags and wallets were still there. We felt secure. But then we needed the dresser to stand on to turn off the god awful noise of the T.V. Tranquility had returned.


We checked out as soon as we could and carried on with our journey to Vallarta. The more we thought and talked about the previous day and night’s experience, the more we started to giggle and actually laughed out loud. Life can be a bummer and fun at the same time. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta late in the afternoon where we were welcomed by the friendly PVRPV concierge who looked after all our needs. He probably is still wondering why we had those smirks on our face. I mentioned before about the window decal for the car. On our second day in Mexico, a small stone hit our front window and caused a tiny little star. Nothing to worry about. Cost of doing business. Right! Well, this tiny little star soon turned into a major crack all along the front window and we really needed to replace the window. We found a car-window place in Vallarta and the fun started explaining about the import license sticker.


You could not take it off without destroying this decal. What to do! You cannot leave the country without it. They did not speak English and our Spanish is not adequate for a situation like this. We sure were glad that we had hands and feet. The best language in the world. With raised eyebrows on the part of the service guy it was decided to cut the old window in half. Then two more cuts and we ended up with a piece of glass the size 4 x 7 inches with the temporary import license nicely preserved. This will make fine paper weight some day. It was strongly suggested that we tape this piece on the window when we got to the Mexican customs. Really? From our experience, the Mexican “aduana” (customs) is very bureaucratic and how would they know for sure that we were not trying to sneak a car over the border! We insisted that the glass place prepare a “factura” (official receipt) indicating when and why the window was replaced. Once they understood the reasons they became very cooperative and created a very important looking document which would explain everything. We’ll keep our fingers crossed until we are back in Canada again.


So, still wanna drive to Mexico? Well folks, this will be added to our travel stories and experiences. Priceless.  Look at it this way, life is a roller coaster; just make sure you are in the front seat. Scream!!! We have enjoyed P.V. very much this year.  Our condo was great and fulfilled all our needs. In fact we have already renewed for next year. Will we drive again! Probably. We now really know how to do this and what to expect.


 We hope that some of the information and stories were helpful. Go for it folks. You only live once. Enjoy.

 Best regards and happy motoring – Feliz Viaje

Johannes and Maureen van Pinxteren

Toronto, Canada.

PVRPV – Puerto Vallarta Rentals Premier Vacations

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PVRPV presents the “Summer Bowling League” here in Puerto Vallarta


bowling pics 

Do you get bored during the long, hot summer months here in Vallarta? Do you want to get together with friends and co-workers? Do you want to have some fun?  Want to laugh? Want to be in air conditioning? This might be the sport for you… 


I am in the starting stage of planning a Summer Bowling League and looking for fun people to join the league.  No you do not have to be a pro, matter of fact we do not even care if you are good – the only requirement is that you want to have fun!


Bowling night will take place at Collage Club on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm until around 9:00pm.  The cost will be approximately $120 pesos per week, which will include your games and rental shoes.  We will not be assigning a handicap or anything professional, this is about having fun!


What I need is for you to send me an email at with the full name and email address of each person interested in joining.  We require teams of 4 so get 3 of your friends or co-workers together and send me the list.  If you are not able to get enough people interested do not worry… we will assign you to a team.   Remember this is about a night out and having fun!


I will be ready to go with a starting date and further information once I receive all the emails back.  Please respond no later than this coming Friday, April 16th.





Tim Longpré
PVRPV Puerto Vallarta

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New Research Shows that Maple Syrup is Effective against Cancer and Diabetes

Written by Sandy Harris


Did you know that your favorite maple syrup is effective in fighting cancer and diabetes?  According to the studies conducted by US researchers, there are strong evidences showing that maple syrup can substantially slow down the growth of cancer cells and can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes. 

The new research shows that your favorite maple syrup has thirteen active compounds that serve as antioxidants.  These thirteen compounds were previously unknown.  The discovery proved that maple syrup could be very effective in fighting bacterial infection, diabetes and cancer.

Maple Syrup as an Anti Diabetic Food

Maple syrup contains high levels of phytohormone and abscisic acid.  According to research, this type of acid is a natural defense in controlling diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.  The acid is effective because it has the potential to encourage the release of insulin through the pancreatic cells.  It can also enhance the fat cell’s sensitivity to insulin. 

The studies on maple syrup and its effects on diabetes have been reviewed by experts.  The results of these studies were revealed before the American Chemical Society in San Francisco. 

Maple Syrup as the Best Anti Cancer Food

Quebec researchers, on the other hand, conducted a study to probe the impact of maple syrup on cancer cell growth.  The results of this study were published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. 

According to the researchers, your favorite maple syrup can significantly slow down the growth of cancerous cells.  It has been found that the syrup is effective in inhibiting the growth of brain, prostate, and lung cancer.  However, the efficacy of the syrup on breast cancer growth was less significant. 

The Best Anti Cancer and Anti Diabetes Food

You probably know already that broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes are effective anti cancer foods.  However, new research shows that maple syrup is better and more effective in fighting cancer cell growth. 

The syrup of maple is also more potent than the maple sap.  The studies also showed that darker syrup is more effective in inhibiting cancer growth compared to light colored syrup.  Color oxidation is seen as the reason why dark maple syrup is more potent against cancer. 

So if you want the best food that can fight cancer and diabetes, then maple syrup is your best option.  It is also effective against bacterial infection and other degenerative diseases.  With maple syrup, you will have a tasty alternative in fighting cancer, diabetes, and infections.

Reference: Journal of medicinal food. 01/02/2010; ISSN: 1557-7600, OI: 10.1089/jmf.2009.0029

About the Author – Sandy Harris writes for the diabetic snack recipes blog, her personal hobby blog focused on tips to prevent, cure and manage diabetes using healthy snacks and recipes.

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Elimination Station goes to “La Lucha Libre” at “La Paloma” Bullring!

This week Amazing Race Elimination Station visits “La Paloma” Bullring here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, posted on the CBS official website: 

Check out the original story too:

The Amazing Race comes to Puerto Vallarta and PVRPV’s Quinta Laura

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Finally! a great story about Security and good police service in Puerto Vallarta

Shannon Beston


There has been a lot of very negative press about the corruption and just lack of good policing here in Vallarta. I want to tell my recent experience that which will leave you very impressed with the professionalism and good manners of the local police.

I was in a deep sleep at about 2:30 am on Wednesday when someone rang my door bell until I finally pulled on a bathrobe and staggered to the balcony to look down in the street to see who it might be.

I was thinking it would be an Easter vacation drunk who was at the wrong address. When I looked over the railing there were about 4 police trucks with lights blazing. I asked hesitantly if they needed help.

They stated my full name and asked it that was me. When someone knows your mother’s maiden name you know they have some serious documents, I hesitantly said yes that was me. 

They told me my car was stolen and described it and said I needed to go with them to confirm it was my car.

I have to confess for a moment I thought – is this for real? Should I go off alone with a group of policemen? Ultimately I got dressed and went with them. They drove me to a place on the Libramiento and sure enough there was my poor little Tsuro already loaded on the back of a flat deck truck to be processed. 

I confirmed it was my car and they asked for ID and gave me a piece of paper to present when I went to make the report.

I asked them how they knew and were able to catch the car thief.

I had left my car parked in front of my office and a very responsible neighbor had called the police and when they arrived he advised that the thief had just drove away and he described my car and told them to hurry. This is the other amazing part. The police radioed the office where they watch all the feed from the cameras at the intersections and they told them to look for my car. They quickly saw it being driven on the Libramiento and advised the police who were able to detain the thief.  

After I identified my car the police very courteously drove me back to my front door where they had picked me up. From the beginning to the end they were professional, polite and tried to speak English to me as I was obviously a foreigner. I really do not think that I could have been treated better or lucky enough to get back a stolen car anywhere in Canada or the US.

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