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The Amazing Race 16: Elimination Station at Quinta Laura Puerto Vallarta

Have a look at the latest update posted on the CBS official website for this week’s Elimination Station Chapter at PVRPV’s Quinta Laura in Conchas Chinas Puerto Vallarta:

Check out the original story too:

The Amazing Race comes to Puerto Vallarta and PVRPV’s Quinta Laura

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Mexico’s children need your help: Let’s combat poverty in Puerto Vallarta

niño escasos recursos

More than 20 million people in Mexico live on less than two dollars a day? 60 million people, half the Mexican population, live in extreme poverty. 

Most of the time, garbage is their food, and some days, they don’t even eat anything. This critical situation in Mexico is caused by individual, geographic and political factors. 

The first and immediate cause of poverty in Mexico is the individual condition. This cause refers to circumstances and characteristics of poor people.  For example, the amount of education, skill, intelligence, health, and prejudice all have an influence on poverty. The lack of education is one of the most significant factors that contribute to poverty. There is no access to jobs for non-educated people. The second cause of poverty has to do with geography. For example, statistics show that people who live in rural areas far away from the cities are poorer. This is caused by the lack of communication and transportation in remote rural areas. Because of this, governments can’t provide essential services such as potable water, affordable food, primary health care, and education. People who live there are totally isolated from the rest of the society.  

Although the Bay of Banderas boasts some of world’s finest hotels, resorts, gourmet restaurants, award-winning spas, fine galleries and breathtaking villas, Puerto Vallarta is  just minutes away from some of the country’s poorest neighborhoods.  These people really need your help! 

Sometimes little things can make a world of difference, especially to people who are living on the edge financially. All babies need love and nourishment, but there’s something else they need, diapers, up to seven a day. And at the rate of 200 diapers per month, the expense really adds up.  The next time your travels take you to paradise or if you are involved with any service organizations, employee giving associations, church or youth groups that would like to lend a hand to assist these families; we hope you will consider contributing.  This small investment will pay tremendous dividends.

If you want to make any donations, one of the drop off points will be PVRPV’s main office on Pino Suárez #210 Colonia Emiliano Zapata or phone for more information: 222.0638. Deliveries will be made from our office to those organizations in need.

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Banderas Bay Hover Tours – Ameca River Adventure – Puerto Vallarta

Steve Snyder


I recently had the pleasure of going on the new and unique to Puerto Vallarta hovercraft tour that is operating out of Boca de Tomates on the Rio Ameca.


The tour started with the owner, Bob, giving a talk about the area and the importance of the Mangroves, and a detailed look at some of the birds we were going to see on the tour. Soon we were on our way with Chris piloting the hovercraft. Headsets are provided and 2-way communication is possible between Chris and all passengers, an excellent feature considering the relative noise of the hovercraft.


The hovercraft itself seemed very maneuverable and felt a bit like a car sliding on ice, not at all like a boat slicing through the water. Pilot Chris was able to point out several different birds, crocodiles, and turtles as we made our way up the Ameca River. We actually passed right under the two bridges that cross the state line from Jalisco to Nayarit. It was very interesting to see that perspective from the river instead of from up above on the bridge.


And I will guarantee that you will not get wet! Yeah, right! Actually, very little water spray made its way inside the open hovercraft. We saw many different types of birds, including a Blue Heron, and many crocodiles!


After some showing off by Chris, we made it back to the mouth of the river and seemingly effortlessly drove right out of the water onto the beach.


The next portion of our tour was a walk through the mangroves with guide Carlos, who is passionate about nature and its preservation and very knowledgeable as well. Mexico has 4 species of Mangroves, with a total of over 80 worldwide, and they emit nitrogen into the air to help balance our atmosphere. Obviously they are an important part of the planets eco-systems.


The tour finished off with a demonstration of how to throw a fishing net used by the local fishermen. Most of us have seen a local fisherman out on the beach or river mouth, throwing one of these nets. We all got a chance to try it and I am sure with some practice we could all throw the nets almost as well as our fisherman!


Banderas Bay Hover Tours, an adventure on the river and a lesson on our important local environment! Please contact the PVRPV Concierge Team for reservations at or at 222.0638.


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Away from the U.S. border, Mexico is peaceful, beautiful

Bud Kennedy

My heart sank last weekend when I turned on the radio after a beautiful weekend in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

“My family doesn’t go to Mexico anymore,” a morning-show host said just as I was unpacking a necktie from the Fabrica la Aurora design market.

“Absolutely not,” his sidekick chimed in. “No Mexico for us!” 

The hosts agreed that Mexico is just too dangerous and violent and that no sane person would go there.

I guess that leaves me.

True, last weekend was one of the most horrible in memory for violence in Ciudad Juarez and along the border. The 50 people killed included two Americans in Juarez tied to the U.S. Consulate. One was pregnant. 

But 800 miles south in San Miguel, it was a peaceful weekend. Mariachis sang Las Mananitas at midnight in the garden outside the cathedral. More than 200 wedding guests enjoyed a ceremony and fireworks show where the only threat came from a few falling embers. 

Look, no matter what you hear, the U.S. has not warned citizens to stay out of Mexico. 

The State Department warning says to stay out of Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango — particularly Juarez. 

At any given time, about 500,000 Americans are visiting Mexico. According to the State Department, 79 Americans were killed there last year, 23 of them in Juarez. 

Mathematically, that means the rest of Mexico is safer than Dallas or Houston. It’s four times safer than New Orleans. 

Just stay away from the border. 

Juan Hernandez, the Fort Worth Republican who served in former Mexican President Vicente Fox’s Cabinet and later in Arizona Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, said Friday that Mexico is heartbroken over the killings. 

“All over the country, newspapers are saying this has brought a level of outrage that had not existed before,” Hernandez said by phone from Washington, D.C., where he will speak today at the March for America immigration protest. 

He said it’s “not fair” to blame crime on Mexico: “These are international organizations.” 

President “Felipe Calderon is risking his own life fighting the drug dealers,” he said. “Mexico is in a great battle to stop this from spilling over into the United States.” 

He and his family also love San Miguel. 

But his brother Francisco Hernandez, a Fort Worth lawyer, said friends are now warned not to visit neighboring San Luis Potosi. 

“Nothing about this is new,” Francisco Hernandez said. 

“The criminal element is not new. The drug dealing and the violence are not new. All that’s new is the level of attention.” 

Juan Hernandez said he’s glad that Gov. Rick Perry enacted a border safety plan last week, sending helicopters and improving communication between county sheriffs and state law officers. 

“Gov. Perry is a great friend to Mexico,” Juan Hernandez said.

“Mexico needs friends in this war.”

That, too, is nothing new.

Have a look at the original posting:

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Latest update Elimination Station Amazing Race at Quinta Laura Puerto Vallarta

Have a look at this week’s Elimination Station Video here at PVRPV’s Quinta Laura Puerto Vallarta, posted in the CBS official website:

Check out the original story too:

The Amazing Race comes to Puerto Vallarta and PVRPV’s Quinta Laura

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5th Edition of the Wixaritari Indigenous Festival 2010 – Plaza Caracol – Pto. Vallarta

The Indigenous Wixarika Community have been presenting the fifth annual Wixaritari Indigenous Festival 2010 at Plaza Caracol since March 7th and will be there until the 21st where they will have various activities like dances, ceremonies, music, lectures, and for the very first time they’ll be projecting the movie “Venado” (Deer), a documentary  about the pilgrimage of over 3 thousand kilometers that the Wirraritarie people do in order to show the importance and the presence of the youth in their communities, in addition to achieve compliance with the Western world.

Guadalupe Flores Flores, Officer of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) in Jalisco also lets us know that this same group has just returned from a trip to Europe where they visited 6 countries and 18 cities and they have chosen our beautiful Puerto Vallarta to present to the world they culture and way of living.

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Old Town Farmers’ Market – Opening in Puerto Vallarta


Old Town Farmers’ Market

Opening in Vallarta

Every Saturday, starting March 27

 Select from agricultural, horticultural, artisanal foods and crafts.

P R E S S  R E L E A S E



Press Contact: Charlotte Semple – or 322-133-9673


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico All of the great cities of the world have a celebrated Farmers’ Market where locals and tourists can find the freshest of vegetables, hand-crafted artisanal foods and handicrafts: London has Covent Garden, Seattle has Pike Place Market, Vancouver has Granville Island, New Orleans has the French Market and now, Puerto Vallarta, has the Old Town Farmers’ Market.  Every Saturday, starting March 27, from 10 am to 1 pm, the new Paradise Community Center located at Pulpito #127 (across from Coco’s Restaurant) will come alive with the sites and smells of a good old-fashioned Farmers’ Market.

Only the freshest and finest fruits and vegetables, herbs and plants, preserves, coffee, organic products, baked goods (including diabetic and gluten free) and crafts will be available for sale.  Come browse the colorful tables showcasing unique homemade products all fresh from the oven or field.  Just imagine the rich aromas from the lavish displays: warm baked goods, tangy fruit, freshly roasted coffees and fragrant herbs.  Now you can experience this blend of fresh shopping and entertainment every Saturday in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.

If you have a product that you would like to sell and are interested in becoming a vendor, please e-mail  Please include your contact information and details about your product.

Join us every Saturday, starting March 27, from 10 am to 1 pm at the new Paradise Community Center located at Pulpito #127 (across from Coco’s Restaurant) for Puerto Vallarta’s own Old Town Farmers’ Market — a true thrill for the senses.       

#   #   #

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This week’s Elimination Station at Quinta Laura Puerto Vallarta!

Have a look at the latest update posted on the CBS official website of this week’s Amazing Race eliminated team:

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Studio Leno Morfin Welcome Wixarika Elders – Pto. Vallarta Centro

Maris Kilk 

huicholid stuudios

This Friday, March 12th at 9pm you are welcome to Studio Leno Morfin to meet the huichol elders don Custodio Rivera and mama Chali. For the joy of having them around we will bless the good moment and call Studio Leno Morfin now also opened to public. Cultural events coming soon. Studio visits and workshops with previous registration. 
This time cosy night with special guests. Will be art, will be fire, will be traditional huichol healing. You can bring some snacks to share. We will offer a hot fruit ponch. This time no alcohol.

For a cleansing with don Custodio registrate by mail or by phone 322 1751629 (appointments possible til Monday 15th).

             Studio Leno Morfin – Emiliano Carranza 588, Centro – Puerto Vallarta, México – Tel: (+52) 322 222-2864  skype: marisskypes – e-mail: - website:

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Amazing Race goes to Los Muertos Gay Beach to find good looking men!!!

Amazing Race leaves the villa Quinta Laura to go to the Gay Beach on Los Muertos, to find good looking men for the youngest elimination contestant.

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