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The Dirty Bitches: From My Point Of View

by Frank Sekercak

The Dirty Bitches name was conceived by one of the drag queens, Diva about 8 years ago. Throughout those 8 years, there have been a series of Dirty Bitches. Hoping not to omit any of them thus far, there was Ida Slapter, Cassandra, Priscilla and now the current Dirty Bitches which include Angelica, Jaqueline, Diva and Marlen.

Angelica has been doing drag for awhile now.  She is a former Miss Paco Paco, and is the sultry, sexy portion of the Dirty Bitches.  Angelica makes a lot of her outfits and does many impressions, including Cher, Mariah Carey and Diana Ross.

             Jaqueline also is a former Miss Paco Paco. Jaqueline entered the Miss Paco Paco pageant with seasoned drag queens and took the title that year.  She is known for her 10 million dollar legs, with a face and body to match.  Among her triumphs are tributes to Tina Turner, Shania Twain and Whitney Houston.

             Diva has been with the Dirty Bitches the longest.  She has performed all over Mexico and in Europe. Known for her wild outfits and outrageous antics, she is always a crowd pleaser.

 Marlen is the newest little bitch on the block.  Marlen is also a former Miss Paco Paco.  She is in tune with the newer singers such as Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne.

             The “girls” have a huge and loyal following from not only Mexico, the United States and Canada but by people literally over most of the world, including, but not limited to France, England, Japan, China, the Netherlands and Africa.

 I am amazed at the number of people, when I travel and have on a Dirty Bitches tee shirt, stop me and let me know that they have seen the Dirty Bitches at one time or another.

  They have an equally huge following from the straight segment of not only locals in Puerto Vallarta, but again, from all over the world.  Everyone from grandmothers to ministers, former drag queens to TV and movie personalities have seen their shows.

             This latest move to Club Manana is a giant step for the girls. After many sleepless nights and countless conversations and meetings they felt it was time for them to move on………..and up to a venue more fitting to their talents and more in tune to their future.

             Peter Deep of Club Manana has stated that he is thrilled to have the Dirty Bitches on the Club Manana roster of talent that is showcased in this large, diversified complex in Puerto Vallarta.

 Their shows begin on Sunday, January 17th on the new rooftop of Club Manana…beginning at 8.30 p.m.  The shows will run on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, all at 8.30 p.m. with no cover charge.

             New dance routines, costumes and attitudes are promised to all the followers of the Dirty Bitches.

 As the MC of the Dirty Bitches show, I, Frank, have agreed to go along with the Dirty Bitches to Club Manana.


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Guadalupe Church Crown – The Heart of Puerto Vallarta

Recently the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Javier Bravo donated a total sum of one million pesos in order to support the finishing phases of the remodeling that is taking place at the Guadalupe church crown. This structural remodeling is an integral part of the revitalization program of the downtown area. The Mayor stated that it was essential to remodel this church because it served as an iconic monument of Puerto Vallarta. The church has been a distinguishable monument of Puerto Vallarta which has also been recognized internationally. For this venture Javier Bravo had the collaborated efforts of the government officials and also the members of local tourist associations.

The Mayor also reported that the Guadalupe Church has served as one of the main tourist attractions for years. Not only has this church gained monumental popularity over the years, it is also one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Puerto Vallarta. Hence, it has been both the timeless beauty and also the momentous popularity of the church that has propelled the government to take active steps in remodeling it.

Carlos Terres is in charge of the entire revitalization program and often mentions details of his work. He has made the reconstruction of the Church carefully and beautifully. He has also used a base made of synthetic stone which is now applied to the stainless steel structure of the Church.

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“El Pianito” Piano Bar – Romantic Zone, Puerto Vallarta

No stranger to the spotlight, Ron Pass has an extensive background as a performer.  After years of involvement in regional and community theater, Ron’s first “paying gig” surfaced when he performed weekly as a singer and pianist at a resort near his college campus in central New York State.  After graduation, Ron left New York for Washington, DC for graduate studies in Political Management.  Ron worked in the political field for a few years, the highlight of which was a staff position with the Clinton Administration in the East Wing of The White House.  Despite the thrill of the political world (which included the Clinton’s cat Socks taking daily naps on his fax machine). Ron’s love for music kept him busy moonlighting weekly as a piano man at neighborhood bars and clubs.  In January of 2000, Ron followed a job offer to “The Big Apple,” New York City.  In addition to working full-time as a Project Manager at a health insurance company in lower Manhattan, Ron serenaded crowds weekly as a singer and pianist at a neighborhood restaurant.

Piano Red

On his way to work on the morning of September 11, 2001, Ron was exiting the subway underneath the World Trade Center at the moment it was struck.  Spiritually moved after witnessing first-hand the horror of that day, Ron decided a life change was in order and abandoned his career in project management to pursue music full-time. (For a detailed account of Ron’s 9/11 experience, go to WWW.RONPASS.COM.)  On November 24, 2002 he began a new career as a piano man with Carnival Cruise Lines.  Ron has entertained thousands of vacationers in his piano bar ever since and has been honored with placement on the inaugural start-up teams on four of Carnival’s new ships.

 Pianito Sofa

A native of Geneva, New York, Ron obtained a BA from Hobart College and a MA in Political Management from George Washington University.  He studied voice with Mollie Steele and Meredith Hudson and piano from Zelia Dunbar, Joan Martin, and Michael Salimirs.  Ron lives in Las Vegas and maintains family roots in upstate New York.


Ron is currently here in our beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the winter season; working as a featured entertainer at the new “El Pianito” Piano Bar, part of the famous Club Mañana family of venues.  If you are in town, be sure to drop into El Pianito to sing, clap, and laugh along with Ron.  El Pianito is located in the “Old Town” Zona Romantica neighborhood at Basilio Badillo #284.  Ron’s at the 88’s from 9 pm until 1 am, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit for January!! COME AND JOIN US…

When? January 15th, 2010

09:00 A.M. (Jalisco Time) 

Where? VALLARTA YACHT CLUB – Paradise Village

Nuevo Vallarta

Call for directions: 297-2222

 Cost? $90.00 pesos includes full breakfast and tip!

 Why? The U.S. Consular Agency Community Network Breakfast is a place to network, make new friends, greet old ones, promote your business-charity & find out what’s going on in the Riviera Nayarit & Puerto Vallarta!

 What else? This month, we ask that you “Bring a Thing” to support The Bucerias Bilingual Cultural Center.  Needs include: bilingual dictionaries, English language workbooks, bond paper, glue sticks, pens, pencils, colored markers, highlighters, lined notebooks, toilet paper, soap, paper towels.

 Are you a newcomer to area? If so, we have a special group of people to meet you, chat with you and welcome you!


 Questions & Comments to Kelly Trainor:

 Everybody is Welcome…

Please pass this on to your friends!

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