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Happy New Year from PVRPV!

As several of us from PVRPV get ready to head over to Olas Altas Street here on the southside of Puerto Vallarta, we are thinking of all of our friends, customers, colleagues, loved ones and our families and we must admit, we’re getting ready for a rollicking good time tonight. Olas Altas street is closed to traffic, a DJ is set up and everyone has a great time! If you are in town, we’ll see you tonight I’m sure. If not, get here soon! The fireworks in the bay are amazing on New Year’s Eve. We’ll try to have some photos soon!

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More Spanish Classes slated for January at PVRPV

Please help spread the word!

From Tim Longpre, PVRPV:

We’re doing it again!

As you know, we started English classes in November and our first 6 weeks have been wonderful. The PV Mirror as well as the Tribune have or will be advertising our classes. Many people have called the office and are interested. A few of the glitches in the first six weeks were due to students coming in during the middle of the courses, so please help us get the word out NOW about the next session to start Jan. 7, 2009.

The cost is $20.00 pesos per class but the students need to pay 8 classes in advance for a total of $160.00 pesos. The students are not required to come with anything as it will be supplied by us.

The new classes will begin January 7th:

Ø Wednesday and Friday from 830 am to 930am or 6:00pm and 7:00pm

We already have some volunteer teachers and we have a couple of students who have already paid in full.

Remember that all monies are donated to different organization every single month. If you have a Mexican friend or family that might be interested kindly have them contact our office at 222.0638 or Tim direct cell number 044.322.135.6677.

Too see more information please see our Blog under English classes:

Also we have had some interest in the “GRINGOS” learning Spanish, please let me know if you would be interested in doing classes. Once I get enough people then I can also schedule new classes with a Spanish teacher.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Years

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Above: Polly Vicars (center) in PVRPV’s offices today, December 30, 2008 with Lina and Tim Longpre. Polly received the donation of calculators on behalf of

PVRPV’s offices receive lots of emails and phone calls from guests and homeowners asking what they can bring down with them to Vallarta for charity organizations. To help out, we have established a list of organizations that are very active in Puerto Vallarta and do amazing work for those in need. We’ve listed them on the right column on the this blog for you. So check those links and contact the organizations to see what they may need before you pack for PV. We hope it helps you to understand the different ways you can help out.
So, knowing this, Melanie and Mehdi from California (above photo with Tina Longpre), homeowners in Vallarta, recently delivered to our office a box of very nice HP Scientific Calculators for use by the The foundations directors will have them in their hands very soon. Thank you!!

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Good Prices! Great art!

Lazaro Cardenas has been the site of many new store, restaurant and bar openings over the last six months. One of the most interesting is a new gallery/store called Lalo Morales Art Gallery. If you are in Vallarta shopping for unique gifts for back home or for your own home or rental here in Vallarta, this is a great place to stop. Unique handmade flowers for 25 pesos are made by a family friend. In fact, Lalo and partner Hector, have built relationships with many local artisans and feature their work in the store, and at very fair prices. Lalo (Edward Patton, owner) lived and worked in Palm Beach Florida in high profile design projects for many years. Though very successful there, he longed for something simpler and fell in love with the Mexican people in Vallarta. His handbag portraits are one of a kind pieces of art. In fact, the Four Seasons in Punta Mita was so impressed with Lalo’s handbags that they are selling them in their own gift shop. Needless to say, you’ll save a bundle by visiting Lalo at his southside gallery/store. If not to buy, just to chat with Lalo and his staff is a real treat. His unique flare for design and detail will impress you but its really his personality and interest in the Mexican culture that will keep you wanting more…

A welcome addition to our neighborhood (PVRPV is just down and around the block).

Lalo Morales Art Gallery

Furniture and Paintings by Mexicanos

Lazaro Cardenas #245

Puerto Vallarta

322 113 0413

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Holiday Greetings from PVRPV!

As PVRPV prepares to greet thousands of clients due to arrive in Puerto Vallarta this Christmas and New Year’s, they took time out Thursday morning to gather for a holiday photo.

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Banana Cantina restaurant (along with Choco Banana downstairs) has always been a major part of the community life on Amapas and Pulipito with their now famous Wednesday Charity Nights that help causes and individuals all around the Puerto Vallarta area. This holiday season is no exception. The photo above shows a small tree on the counter at Choco Banana. The cards on the tree list a different child’s clothing item or toy. If you’d like to provide a gift for a local child, just stop in to Choco Banana and select your card. The staff will take care of the rest.

And a special bit of news from Banana Cantina….word is that local musicians are working on a special Sunday event at the restaurant that will be a first of its kind for Vallarta. A hint: you may have been to one of these “feel good” events at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, Texas or at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis. More soon on this very exciting project.

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English classes are a hit upstairs at PVRPV’s offices…

From Tim Longpre, owner of PVRPV:

I’d like to update you on the wonderful response we’re getting for PVRPV’s English classes offered each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 to 9:30 am and Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

We have had anywhere from 16 to 25 Mexican students in our each of our 8 classes completed thus far. The excitement is building among our students and volunteers! If students with some basic English skills still want to join the December classes we encourage them to show up 15 mins early to be tested. If they are able to jump in at our current skill level great! If not, we’ll sign them up for the entire class in January.

If we get enough interest and a minimum of 10 students we will offer new classes in January on Mondays and Wednesdays at the same times as above. We currently have 4 retired teachers who are volunteering their time and we are in need for more volunteer teachers for the classes in January.

During our first month we have raised just over $4200 pesos! Once December classes are complete, we will have raised enough money to buy a Medical Kit for The Tia Foundation Organization. For more information on this organization please see our blog under “Get Involved! Community Organizations” I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, Tia Foundation founder, this past week in Puerto Vallarta. Once you view her website I am positive you will feel the same way we do about this organization.

So if you know any teachers who are here for the winter and looking for something to do for 2 hours a week it would be wonderful to hear from them. Email or visit our office at Pino Suarez #210 (Corner of Francisco I. Madero and Pino Suarez in Vallarta’s Romantic Zone/Southside).

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PVRPV Team Enjoys its annual posada on a fantastic sunset boat cruise…

On Saturday, December 6, 2008, PVRPV’s employees enjoyed a wonderful sunset cruise in the bay for its annual Posada, one of the most colorful traditions in Mexico.

Aboard the Isis, a spectacular 60 foot sailboat built in the 1930′s and lovingly refurbished, we enjoyed music, tacos, tamales, drinks and a gift exchange as our sails and the ample wind pushed us past Mismaloya then to Boca Tomatlan. A contest was held where all the employees were to learn how many siblings each of the other employees had in their family. This really helped to open up interesting conversations and we all got to know each other much better. At the end of the contest, one very detail oriented member of the PVRPV staff, James, was able to recall the most correct sibling numbers, winning a weekend getaway for he and his wife, Betty.

Later as the crew sailed back to shore and watched the festivities along the malecon downtown, impromptu karaoke and dancing broke. Everyone enjoyed the spectacular view of Vallarta at night from the water, something not many of the staff had ever seen. It was a great time and the PVRPV staff would like to thank owner, Tim Longpre, for such a wonderful treat. Happy Holidays!

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More photos from our friends, clients, homeowners….

Thanks to all of you who are sending in your photos. We want more. You do not know how nice it is for someone who can’t be in Vallarta at the moment to be able to catch a fresh photo of what others find interesting and beautiful about her. Each photo tells a story. We love them. Keep them coming!

above 3 photos by Ben Green

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A must see this season is Los Bambinos’ Santa Barbara Theater Concert. They have always been good, but this year their voices have matured, their stage presence turned awesome and their songs, old favorites in English and Spanish as well original tunes written by the boys themselves, fantastic. This group of street singers have turned into a tight group of stage professionals. Call 223-2048 or stop by the Santa Barbara Theater at Olas Altas 351 for your tickets for one of the Monday night concerts that starts at 8:00 pm. Tickets are the same price as last year, $220 pesos. (from Polly Vicars,

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